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Friday, December 31, 2010

Tears won't solve anything.

''Tears don't help anything'' they say.

''Even if you cry, it wouldn't change anything''

I know that. Don't you think I know that?

But they won't stop coming.

I have bargained. I have begged. I have promised. I have yelled. I have done everything I can think of, save curse.

I didn't want this to be my last post of the year. I didn't.

My vision is blurry from them. I can't really see what I'm typing.

I feel terrible. This isn't how my year should have ended. It wasn't that great a year but it shouldn't have ended this way.


''Tears won't solve anything'' they say.

Shut up. What do you know?

What do you do when you've tried everything, and there's nothing else to do but weep?

I'll tell you. You pray. You weep. You pray some more. And you weep.

I'm confused.

I shouldn't be crying, but they won't stop coming, the tears.

Please beg them for me? Tell them I don't want them.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Do you know what a furuncle is?

Are you raising your brows?

No i won't tell you what it is but i'll show you. Here

I'm promoting reading amongst young people :)

Ok that was... lame.

This thing is otherwise called a....(I'd rather not...say it). Oh you know what i'm talking about, you read the link...didn't you?? didn't you?? you did right?

Anyway, to the matter, we now proceed.

Some years back, I started to notice some funny things on my body. They weren't...furuncles per say. They were itty bitty things on my body that turned black and disappeared.

My mom told me the reason, but I didnt believe her, after all the things didn't really harm anyone, right?

Fast forward a few years, and here I am. There are no itty bitty things this time. There is one huge, monstrous...furuncle beloew my belly button. Actually it's like a second belly button, only bigger. and uglier. and more painful.

so painful in fact, that i can't sit down without the fly of my jeans slightly open..
yes it is that bad.

So ladies and gentlemen, after searching far and wide for what i am allergic to, i have finally found it.

Guess what it is? you can't.

wait for it...

waait for it...


p.s forgive the gbagauns, i was half asleep when i wrote this. sorry.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


''Dear friends, you may have read in the papers some persons virulent attacks on my person, calling me a disloyal person. I would only urge you to objectively look at my past and the past of those making these allegations and let your conscience guide you. As I said, the only difference we need to make in Nigeria is between good and bad not North and South.''

---Goodluck Jonathan.

I posted this because i think he's right. This is one of our major problems.

I also think he's our best candidate. Nuff said.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's got to be boredom...right?

I'm bored.
Maybe that's why I'm noticing many things,
Many funny things.
Like the fact that my sweater,
my old, old sweater,
has pictures of a cat
standing on a pig,
in front of a dog
wrapped in a million bandages.

 Maybe that's why I'm noticing him.
The boy with the deepest eyes,
the strongest arms,
The thick, unruly brows,
The wild afro, the smoothest beard,
that ugly but intriguing scar
over the dimple in his cheek,
the most shapely lips,
complete with that dangerous, lopsided,
beautifully amazing smile...

Oh's boredom isn't it?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A touching story.


Once upon a time, a very long time,
There was a handsome young man, seeking a woman to wife.
One day, this young man met a very beautiful young woman, and he fell in love with her. He asked her to marry him, and she said yes, and made him the happiest man alive.
The young man was next to penniless, but he had a lot going for him in terms of intelligence and hard work.
Naturally their wedding was less than prestigious, but there was a preacher, there were rings and there was food.
The couple rented a little one-bedroom apartment in the slums of their town, because that was all they could afford. They were Christians, so they prayed every day.
One year down the lane, there was no baby. They were confused. They prayed harder, they thought there was something they were doing wrong.
Two years, there was still no sign of a baby. The couple was even more confused. They went for church revivals, they fasted, they prayed, yet there was no baby.

Three years, four years, five; no baby…
The woman went for a surgery to remove a supposed fibroid.
People began to talk. Her friends said that she had destroyed her womb by having many abortions; some said that she had used her children for money in the spiritual world. They talked and talked, depressing the couple more. But the young woman knew she was a virgin when she got married, and she trusted her husband.

Six years, still no baby…
The young woman went for another surgery to remove yet another supposed fibroid.
The young man's friends came along. They told him he was getting old, and to take another wife who wasn’t barren. He refused. He told them he had married his wife for better or worse.  He trusted her, and he was a Christian.
They said he was a fool. They said she had poisoned his heart. They called her a witch. The young man was furious.  He told his friends never to speak about his wife that way again. They threw back their heads and laughed at him, and he walked them out of his house. They didn't go quietly. They hurled insults on their way out. They told him he would come begging, and they would refuse.

Seven years, the same story.
The families came along. They brought concoctions and lit candles, and tried to make the couple drink the rubbish. They refused. They begged their parents to leave them alone. Of course they refused. They continued to bring other stuff each week. But the young man's mother was very good to her daughter-in-law. She encouraged her every day, and prayed with her.
Eight years…nine years…no baby.
The now not-so-young couple cried unto the Lord for the umpteenth time, with faith burning in their hearts and tears burning in their eyes.
In the tenth year of their marriage, the woman went to the market to shop for foodstuff.  An old market-woman told her to take everything easy so as not to stress her baby. The not-so-young woman looked at her in a weird manner, shook her head and gently told the woman that she wasn’t pregnant.
The old woman only smiled back and went on her way.
A month later, the woman looked at her un-used pack of Always. She frowned. She had never missed a period since she started menstruating at fourteen. She remembered the old woman’s words and quickly went to the hospital.

Good news!! The doctor came back with a thousand-watt smile and hugged the not-so-young woman. He told her she was two months pregnant, and watched the tears quietly flow from her eyes. He knew what the couple had gone through so he was very happy for them. He told her their baby was due in mid July.
The woman ran home and told her husband. His joy knew no bounds. They worshipped the Lord.
In mid July, the baby decided to come. God gave the couple a bouncing baby boy who looked just like his uncle, the not-so-young woman’s brother. The christening ceremony was prestigious. The couple spent most of their savings on this long awaited child. At the end of the christening ceremony, the bouncing baby boy had twenty names.
At around bouncing-baby-boy’s first birthday, the woman discovered she was pregnant again. This time the baby was due in February. February came but there was no baby.  In late March, the doctor induced the pregnancy and out came a bouncing baby girl! beautiful with her mama’s eyes. The steadily-growing-couple was overjoyed. They planned on having two more kids.
In January the next year, before the bouncing baby girl’s first birthday, the woman got pregnant again. This time, the baby was due in late October. The family was a very happy one. On the baby’s due date, the baby refused to come. The woman was in labor. They said they would have to do a Caesarean on her. She didn’t want. She said her Bible said she would deliver like the Hebrew women.  She refused. The labor continued for three full days. The woman was delirious with pain. Yet she refused a CS. Around midnight, on the eve of the not-so-young man’s birthday, a bouncing baby girl was born to the couple.
She didn’t cry.
She didn’t die.
They thought she was dead, or would be in a few hours. But she stayed. And became the most intelligent child in the family.  They tried for one more baby, but they didn’t succeed. They were still very happy, and they taught their three children the way of the Lord of Hosts. They taught them to love the Lord. They taught them everything they knew how.

And now, the quite-old man, and the…almost-quite-old woman, and their three almost-grown but rather rambunctious kids are living happily, and will live happily ever after :)


Hey guys! Sorry i have been MIA lately...i'm not even fully back yet...been crazy busy these past months...Thanks for all the mails i got asking me what was going on! i love you guys, and i'll be back soon i promise.  Thankssss darlings :*

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Gutter Experience

Have you ever fallen into a gutter?

Think: Green, moss-covered, algae-covered, gooey gutter with saliva and mucus and every other unthinkable thing.

Think : Naija gutter. Rainy season.

Have you ever??

If no, then pray it never happens.

If yes, then accept my deepest condolences, for only we the victims know what it's like.

There's no way to describe it, you have to feel it for yourself.

You will never forget the feeling. This thing happened to me about three, four weeks ago, and it's still fresh in my mind.

It was my last day at home, and I wanted to see the whole neighbourhood. So my sister and I took a walk into town.

You know those rubber shoes they wear in Naija these days? Those soft, soundless, comfy ones? Yeah, my sister had a pair. I loved them, and decided to buy mine, and some Suya while i was at it. I saw this woman across the gutter, and she was selling some rubber things, so I thought she would have. I was so intent on getting across to her, I didn't look at the plank that stretched across the gutter. 


Like film trick, I was lying amid all the gooey stuff. Yes.

It was like a dream. My sister yelled for me, but as a butter babe, she couldn't get me out of there.

Nigerians are so nice, so so nice.

In one minute I was in the gutter, and in less than that, I was out. People were all around me, saying sorry, everything. My sister got me some water and cleaned me up...and me...I was still in a trance. I couldn't believe it.

But no one laughed.

Over here, if the snow is slippery and you land on your butt, no one will help you up...or they probably will...after they have doubled over with laughter, and pointed fingers at you, and wiped the tears from their eyes.

Yes, i know it's all jokes, but back home, I was so surprised that no one laughed. I love Nigerians.

Needless to say, I scrubbed the hell out of my body, in fact I'm almost sure I saw bruises. I didn't break any bones, and I still bought my Suya lol.

And so, that was/is my Gutter Experience :(:

Y'all have a great weekend.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear God.

Hey God, it's me again.

Yes, you are allowed to rub your eyes, you're probably tired of me already. Hey, if it's any consolation, I am tired of me too.

I just realised that i probably shouldn't have given you permission, because you don't need any permission from a mere mortal like me, you're God,you can do anything you damn -oops, no swearing- please.

But I digress. The points dear God, yes there are two points...Hey you probably even already know, didn't the Bible say 'Thou knowest my thoughts from afar off?'. Yeah you do, but I'm still gonna say them anyway.

Dear God, Firstly, i really really really want to say thank you. For everything you have done. Right from the very beginning. This year has really been...well, you just did everything in your own miraculous way. Sometimes, when i prayed, i thought I was too small to be seen by you, I thought you weren't listening because I was a bundle of sin, for a while, i even thought, yes i will admit it, i even thought you didn't exist. But you kept showing me that you were around, that you would never leave me. I want to say thanks for all the Financial support, i know we really don't deserve it, after all, i even expected to study in Nigeria, and now my sister is in University too, so the fees are like, wow. But you always provide. I know we're not rich, Lord, but we are not poor either. I thank you for that. I thank you for Moral support, spiritual support. I thank you for keeping my Family for me, I really really appreciate that.

Secondly God, as you already knew even right before i was born, the new semester starts on Wednesday.. So today, I ask (I know i'm always asking, it's just that I need you so much) that you grant my friends and I wisdom that will rival Solomon's, Knowledge and Understanding. I ask that you help us this semester Lord, because we cannot do it alone. (Lord you know my real friends, even if I do not, and this prayer does not include those that wish me harm. Thank you).

To the more personal prayers. Lord, you know me and my big mouth. You know us, we're always together. Lord, you know I don't like to take rubbish, you know how some people can disrespect me because I'm younger than their youngest sisters or something similarly stupid, and you know I just can't let it go like that, i don't like arifin. But this semester Lord, I want you to teach me to shut my mouth sometimes, not really all the time, because *chuckles*, we don't want them to mistake meek for stupid, now do we? This is my third year Lord, and i want to insult people less, however much they deserve it.

Also, i know my eyes are very expressive, so that even when I don't actually say it, people know i'm thinking it. Would you be so kind as to help me with that too? Yeah thanks.

Now about sin. I really want to try my possible best to avoid sin, even though i know that is next to impossible. Just help me Lord, that's all I ask.

I guess that's all for now Lord.

Oh wait, can i trouble you a little more? Lord, you know Bold 3/Tour 2 has arrived, yes? And i want it. Would you touch my uncle's heart, so he can send me some money for it? Thanks. But if it ain't your will Lord, don't let it be.

Thank you for listening. You can get back to me anytime you want, I'll wait.

P.S. Lord help my anger over my return to school fade away quickly, so i can amuse my awesome readers with My Gutter Experience. Thank you in Jesus' Name.

The Busy Brains.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Un-Real Post


I'm back from my trip home!

This is not a real post, just an update,

because i got a few e-mails from readers asking for an update, yay!! i had no idea many people even liked my blog :D
plus i got five new followers in my absence!

Thanks a lot guys!

And yeah, i enjoyed my summer, all things considered :)

So, i'll be updating more frequently these days.

Hope everyone is doing fine.

Later dears X

Friday, July 9, 2010


Hey guys!

So this is CerebrallyBusy reporting, live and direct, from Lagos, Nigeria, the centre of Excellence.

Yeah i finally took my trip!

The fam is fine, thanks for asking (even though you didn't).

The sister is sooooo grown, if i'd been gone forever.

Anyway Nigeria is still pretty much as i left it.

I kissed the floor when i got home lol, i was so glad to be back.

It was too bad about my grams though.

My mother has been fussing about how exceptionally thin I am, and i let her, because it feels good.

You can probably tell that this is a hurried post right? yeah i thought so.

The only thing i kind of hate,is the traffic. Terrible. Tragic, tragic *insert mr. omar's voice*

I said kind of, because traffic gives my mom a reason to buy stuff for me from the hawkers, lol.

Anyway i really have to go now. It's not just me anymore, i have to share with the sis :D


forgive any typos.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I am angry

And irritated

And angry

And angry

Very angry

I think my anger is covering up my fear

And my sadness,

I haven’t cried yet.

I haven’t, but I really need to

I want to cry

Without people leaning over me and saying sorry,

I just want to cry.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life and Death.

''When (where?)  there is life, there is Hope''

Once upon a time I used to believe that. But then I grew up, and my cerebrum started to get busy, and i thought, does life REALLY mean hope??

Let's face it.

Life is not always the answer; sometimes, death is.

I see people really trying to save the lives of people who are far gone, and I shake my head. I wonder, do they really consider the feelings of the people in question? Do they know if those people really want to live like that, or not?

my opinion : No.

I don't know as I'm properly explaining the way I feel so that you guys would understand, but I really hope you do. Sometimes words just aren't enough.

I feel people mostly try to save lives because they don't want to have to deal with the grief of losing someone...whom they have already lost, by the way.

I mean, would you really say to a blind, deaf and dumb person, that 'where there is life, there is hope?'...anyway not like they can hear you or anything...HOW does a deaf, blind and dumb person survive?? really? They can't hear, you can't write on a paper and say'read it', they can't talk, HOW?

Or maybe someone who has become a vegetable. He can't think for himself, hell he can't even get up and pee by himself. what kind of life is that? would you really say to him 'where there is life, there is hope?'

Or yeah, a baby who has anencephaly , i mean really HOW would that baby survive? Don't you guys get me? NO FRONTAL LOBE!!

Did you hear of the Boy in the Bubble?? No immune system at all. If he inhaled dust, problem; if a mosquito bit him, problem, HOW would he survive? There's no freaking way, maybe in year two thousand and one million. Maybe.

There are a billion other examples.

That's why I support Euthanasia. That's why.

Because Life doesn't always mean Hope. Life isn't always the answer.

We should really stop looking at death as the enemy. Sometimes, he can be the friend, come to take our loved ones to a better place.

I am a Christian, and yes, i believe in Life after death. I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in Heaven and Hell, I believe in the whole Christianity deal.

And I have lost a very dear person to me, so I know that it doesn't matter how young or old the person who dies is, as long as there's Love, you will hurt and grieve terribly.

But I am a Christian. And I know Hope they're going to a better place. That really has to be a great little consolation.

I know how it hurts to lose someone. But sometimes, Holding on, hurts a lot more.

That's my own two cents.

Or maybe he quote means something else that I don't understand. Maybe I'm taking it too literally.

What do you guys think? Is life always the answer? Does life always mean hope?

Friday, June 25, 2010

I will Never Forgive Him.

Hello my good people of blogville, how are y'all doing?

I'm supposed to be watching the Spain-Chile match, but it's so boring...just like the Portugal-Brazil one. Boring.


Anyway boring don't matter as long as you get the points, yes?

Anyhow anyhow, something has had me worried for a few days now...I'm gonna tell you all about it, and then you're gonna give your opinions, how's that?

So you know how, when you're browsing; one thing you're reading leads to the next, and to the next like that like that?

Yeah so somehow, I stumbled upon John Fashanu's wikipedia page.

Let me first say this.

The guy annoys me. I don't know why, He just does. I remember back in Nigeria when I used to watch that his show 'Deal Or No Deal Nigeria' on Africa Magic. He used to annoy me.

Anyway so I again moved on and stumbled upon his brother's name. Justin Fashanu. Handsome young man.

The guy committed suicide.

He was the first only footballer to ever come out as gay. Like really. As of 2010

He was accused of sexually molesting a seventeen year old boy, and so he committed suicide.

I dont think he committed suicide because of that incident. I think a number of things must have led up to it.

First of all, what shocked me the most was that the guy came out at all.

I mean, it was 1990, and homosexuality was a very very big deal then.

Another thing that really shocked me was the fact that his idiot brother, John, publicly disowned him.

Like he actually disowned him publicly.

This is someone who moved around a lot with him when they were kids, because their parents split up. And y'all know how close that thing can make siblings. They only had each other.

And yet, when a little trouble came by, he was the first to disown his brother. How marvellous.

He was the first to say 'He is not my brother'.
He joined the world against his own flesh, his own blood.

I'm not saying homosexuality is right. Because I know it ain't. My Bible tells me so.


Whatever the hell it was, whatever!

Now of course, if the guy's own family was against him, tell me, what should he have expected from the world?

His career suffered drastically, his social life, his relationship with his family, everything.

I don't blame him for committing suicide though, for what would he have done?

I cannot imagine what my sister would do that would make me disown her, or my brother.

No seriously what could she do?

sleep with my husband?
kill my father? my child?


Because I don't get it. what on earth would make me disown my own blood? My own flesh? I really don't get it, and I'd very much like to know.

What could your siblings do, that would make you disown them??

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I miss my Daddy.

this post was a has been a draft for a while now...i was waiting for the perfect time( lie! i was just too lazy to finish it up). I didnt even know it was Fathers' Day today ^_^...but since I'm here...I guess now's as good a time as any.

I miss my Daddy
I miss those days when i would sit on his feet, and he'd swing me up and down and I'd be screaming in joy.
I miss the stories he used to tell my siblings and know, about how the tortoise became bald now...all those olden days stories
I miss when we'd just all of us gather round, and gist, and he'd be there cracking dryly funny jokes. I miss when we'd sit out on the porch, and my dad would tell stories and punctuate them with rather smelly farts, an he'd say 'Don't worry, we're outside, it won't really smell'' lol

what I don't however miss, is watching a Nigerian movie with my dad.  Shett, if we ever meet in this life, and you ever visit me...or just come across my dada, and he says 'let's watch a movie''...let me give you a little advise.
Run Fast.
'Nuff said.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

i miss my dad.
I miss my dad.
I miss him truly.

I remember the first time i saw him kiss my mom. I was like 'Ewwwww Daddy IYANMAAAA!''.
He laughed at first, and said 'Wait till you get your own husband'. I was fascinated. I asked him all sorts of questions.
'daddy why did you do that?'
'daddy is it sweet?'
'daddy did mommy like it?'
'daddy you swallowed her spittt''
'daddy iyanma...''
and so on.
I think I grossed the poor man out. He never kissed her in front of me again...ok not until i was about 14.

Sooo i totally talk too much.
I was just going to pop in, say Happy Fathers' Day to my dadda( on my blog, which he doesn't know about), and pop out again. Guess I just got carried away. I liked it though. Made me think about the past.

But somewhere along the line, my Dad and I stopped being so close...I think it was somewhere between puberty and late office hours.

We kind of got a little closer again on our trip to Abuja in 2008...

Ah but that's me and my Dad. On today, off tomorrow. Hopefully when I get back home this summer, we'll get a little closer.

#deardad i miss you. you dont know it, i might never tell you, but i do.

He is not the world's greatest dad.
But he is a great one.

My Finals were fine, thanks for asking.
It rained today. hmmph. annoying, i tell ya.
Well. That is all, I guess.

The busy brains :D

P.s: i didn't proof-read, so please bear with any 'gbagauns' shells wrong use of language you might encounter.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Angry Unheard Kid.

Ok so i have heard enough!

and i have decided that Enough is Enough and I am going to talk.

When will Nigerians accept the fact that they were not the better team, and get on with it??

Ok this is about yesterday's football match, in case you're wondering.

I have been trying to talk since, but people don't want to listen to me...this is the only place where I can be heard.

So here are my views.

Kaita did not cause us to lose that damn match.

Yes i said it. Sue me.

We did not lose that match because of Kaita.

Please before he went crazy, what exactly did he DO on that field?

So he kicked someone and got a red. So bladdy what?

Would he have scored anyway??
Wait let me answer that.

Would he maybe have prevented a goal??

Well he wasn't a defender soooo I'd have to make a safe guess and say No.

What he did was wrong, but it didn't cost us that match. We lost because they were the better team.

Now I do not claim to be a football expert, many a time I have been accused of being a mere football watcher and not an analyser(don't ask)...but i believe I have common sense.

At the time the first half was ending, those people had about 16  shots on target, against our six. They scored one...Enyeama is amazing, bless him!

 Please oh, don't attack me, but shouldn't that have clued that our Lager-whatsit coach, to the fact that that they were the better team, and shouldn't he have increased the defence?

Me i don't even like that 4-4-2 arrangement anyway, but when Taye was taken off the field, why wasn't he replaced???

why was there only ONE defender, ONE! against such an amazing team? They oppressed us big time. And as far as I'm concerned Osazie didn't play in that match. Hmmph.

In fact that match was just all-round terrible.

And please how did that nigga with the long ass name miss that goal? (i think his name was Obasi)

and look at what our captain Yobo said

Supersport:Yobo,do you still have a chance of qualifying to de next stage? Yobo: ''NO, NO way,as u can see we played a very inexperienced game today...der r lots of inexperienced guys in our team who cudnt play well so we lost...theres no way for us now...we'r out...2 defeats,thers no way for us to bounce back n make it.We r OUT''

I was like Nigga whaaa?? I hear he was referring to Haruna in the inexperienced part. That guy has twice as much talent as he does. And he is an idiot for saying that.

Honestly why do I even bother? why am i believing in a team that doesnt even believe in itself? I should just give up and support Brazil or Argentina(yeeahhh that's not gonna happen). The way I see it, im stuck with Nigeria.

Hmmph. Please whatever.

I will just sit here and entertain myself with these pictures of Kaita crying. Well maybe not exactly crying but yeah...

On a lighter note, I hear West Ham is interested in Enyeama...for about 4 million pounds...

I also hear Man utd is too.

Oh well. He's too good to stay unnoticed. He is awesome. Yes. He single handedly saved Nigeria from a terrible defeat, because i think with a different keeper they would have beaten us 10-1.

alright this is just a football post. ugh.

i might delete it later.

whatever. ugh.

The Busy Brains

P.S: i now delcare summer officially open :D lol

Saturday, June 12, 2010


You keep hurting me,
Yet, I keep coming back for more.
What power do you have over me?
What’s that hold I can’t seem to break loose?
When will this stop?
When will I?
when I come to my senses?
When you eventually hurt me beyond repair?
When this jinx you have put on me wears out?
When you break me into so many tiny pieces,
That nothing in this world can mend me again?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The New Accountant.

Hey guys!

How's it going??

Shout out to the new followers!! Welcome to my boring blog :)

So. While you guys are chilling, basking in the warmth hotness of this blazing sun, eating ice-cream and buying out the malls, I am studying like crazy for my finals. I even stopped tweeting LOL.

But my workload is terrible sha. Like really.

Oh I have good news!!!! Yes listen up, listen up!!

My big brother graduated on Sunday!!!

Yeah, he's now an accountant!!!

I was so excited, I told almost the whole dorm :)

I can't stay here long, i have to hit the books again in a few.

You guys should put me in your prayers, ok? yeah thanks.


p.s: one, i think i will change this template, it doesn't show me the dates of my posts. History is important, wouldn't you say? Two, i think i shall have to put back that word-verification thingy. Sorry, but some people have been spamming the hell out of my blog, talking 'bout betting on horses and whatsit. Who gives a flying rat's ass?? Not me.

Oh and one more very important thing!

Summer will not begin until I say so!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I don't appreciate...

Hey guys :)

How is everyone doing??

Me, not so know how end of sem stress can be now...

So we be chillin' for the scary finals to come and go.

Oh, right, Happy New Month!

We're almost halfway through the year already, time does fly.

It's still raining though. I wonder what the clouds are doing in the sky at this time of the year, kmt.

Nothing much is going on in my life. Same ol' same ol'.. I don't even know why I'm blogging...

There's this #Idontappreciate TT going on on imma go on ahead and list a few of the things I don't appreciate.

  • I don't appreciate girls calling me 'bitch' 'yeah, that's my bitch right there'...or even binsh..errm, No....i dont care if it's supposed to be affectionate...whatever happened to 'dear' 'darling' or all those other endearments?
  • I don't appreciate 'Yo Momma' jokes directed at me. Don't you dare insult my momma, no sir.
  • I don't appreciate guys telling me I'm playing hard to get. I just don't like you.
  • I don't appreciate people telling me 'Why you listen to that shit girl'. It is my iPod, the ears are mine, i will listen to whatever kind of music i like, thank you very much.
  • I don't appreciate how, when I'm watching a movie, someone be leaning over my head and telling me  what's gonna happen next. I especially don't appreciate it when the person is like, ''OOOOOh, you won't believe what will happen next, you just won't believe it, watch watch!!!''; and the scene comes, and it is so ordinary! Gosh, makes me feel violent.
  • I don't appreciate people tweaking my cheeks. I'm not a baby, dammit.
  • I don't appreciate poke-nosers. Take a sip of urine and mind your own goddamn business.

I did say 'a few', so i gotta stop.

In other news, what the hell is that I read about Al Gore and Tipper(lol do you guys know what they call Tipper in Naija?) breaking up after 40 years of marriage? That's just total BS mehn. Total and complete. After 40 years??!! what were you doing for all those 40 years? Shit.

Theo Walcott isn't going to the world cup :( that BBC article was just insulting mehn, even though it was true.

Hey, so I changed my blog layout....i was due for a change was so hard to i downloaded about 10 layouts, and will be inter-changing them, every, like 4 months or so...:)

I have a little problem though...there's a part where the layout is supposed to show the date...but it shows 'undefined'...any idea how i can rectify this?? A little help would be appreciated, thanks :)

So what don't you appreciate? Tell me :)

P.S: i need a new follower, sharp-ish! I hate almost-figures, they scare me... i might have OCD :/

Friday, May 28, 2010

Racism...or not?

I'm here to talk about racism.

I don't know how I'm feeling right now...

A few hours ago, I was pissed as hell...

Now...not so sure...sad??

So yesterday, just before I slept, i wanted to check out my facebook for a message that a wonderful blogger sent to me...and i came across a video another person posted...

It was about a Nigerian that got shot dead in Poland.

My first thought was 'Again??' cos this ain't the first time, you know?

and i was like, na wa o...

but then I read the article...or i glanced through it...

and then i realised that the police raided the black market there and the guy started running.

In my opinion, why did he run?? he dey sell weed? I don't know the full details, but the fact is still that the man ran from the police...

I'm not justifying the fact that the police shot him, or anything...after all he was unarmed, and there were about ten police men, if not more...just a little chase, and they would have caught him...he was even sort of old too...

I'm just saying, he shouldn't have run if he wasn't guilty.

There, i was done. I really was going to go to bed at that point...but something caught my eye yet again...

In the polish newspaper, guess what the stupid police used to justify their actions??

The Jos killings.

The idiots actually pasted that BBC link about the Jos riot (did y'all read that one?) and they had the guts to say that that they it was OK for them to kill ONE Nigerian, since even in Nigeria, our riots kill many.

What the hell kind of stupid ass statement is that?? A whole, independent country has the right to release such an illiterate statement?? That killing one Nigerian isn't bad?? That they were not bad people, they hadn't done anything wrong,it was OK because more people have been killed in Nigeria??

An independent nation??

*deep breath, 1000, 999,998, 997...* Hell, I'm getting pissed again.

I'm still trying hard to believe I read in

ah, ahn, aa bad now, she bi enikan l'a pa?? eyin ti eti pa 100 nko?? (ah ahn, we're not bad now, is it not just one person we killed? y'all that have killed over 100 nko?)

I know we're not the best nation, I know the Jos riot is hideous and...oh i don't know,please give me a word?

But for a developed nation to release that kind of statement is beyond my comprehension,and i comprehend a lot, believe you me.

Anyway that wan't really my point...I lose my point more frequently than any person I know...

Racism is a big issue...especially among Blacks...yes i said it. We worry more about racism than whites.

Why does everything that doesn't favour us blacks, have to be racism?

If a black player is given a red by the coach,or an offside goal gets cancelled, it is racism,

If a black woman gets hit by a bus(driven by a white man), because she didn't look well before she crossed the road, it is racism.

If a black person gets kicked out of a show(say X factor), it is because the judges don't like the colour of his what? Na be racism.

Honestly,the hell??

If the bus driver had been black, oh no problem,it was an accident.
If the black person had won; oh blacks are talented, it's no wonder.

I don't disagree, there's still racism in the world, and hey, it ain't never gon' go away...

But sometimes, we blacks really (emphasis on the 'really') need to remove the sticks from our Nyashes, take a sip of urine and let this matter go.

That's my own two-cents, you can take it or leave it.

Yours-in-perplexedness(does that word even exist?),
The busy brains.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Don't you just hate pretenders??

Don't you just wanna bash their faces in and scream at them until they shut the hell up??

Why pretend?? I mean, why bother??

Life is too short for me to be anything but myself.

And if that aint enough for you, then that's your goddamn problem, but don't you be standing there like some holier than thou fool who is better than everybody.

If there's one thing I like myself for, it's that I don't hide stuff. If you vex me, I will tell you. If you ask my opinion of something, I will tell you.

Why do people ask for stuff, and when you tell them the truth, they get mad?

Like, someone records a crappy ass song (everyone is a singer these days), and the person wants my opinion, and I say ''Sorry love, but that was rubbish''.

Wo, me I go tell you straight. If you like, be Obama's uncle's aunt's daughter. Na you know.

And the person stops talking to me.

If you don't want criticisms, then why are you asking?? At least I wasn't the one who opened my mouth and just said it, you ASKED. So why not just remove the stick from your nyash and get over it?

But nooo, the beef remains there for life.

Why is saying the truth considered rude??

Why don't people like to be criticised?

Why do people pretend??

You can pretend if you like. That's fine. But don't be acting like one goody-goody pesin.

Why is there wickedness in the world?

Why why why

I'm full of questions today; it's whatever, really.

Sometimes i just want to know.

Le sigh.

On a completely different note........

BET awards!

P. square and MI got nominated for best international act, yayy!

I think they deserve it, big time, especially P. square.

Like, they worked extra hard for this, sooo yeah.

MI is talented. But he lacks videos....which makes me wonder, if he got nominated for BET without videos.....imagine if he had videos.

Hmmn, Grammy babyyyyy.

On yet another different note, Mama goes six feet under tomorrow...was supposed to be 19th...dunno what happened...point is, tomorrow is the final good-bye.

And guess where I'll be??

In class, that's where.

studying Shigellosis and whatsit.

Bladdy 'Ell.

When I should be holding my sister's hand and pouring sand on her grave, with my head on my brother's shoulder, my right foot on my my mom's laps, and my left foot on my dad's.

Ok, weird position, i know lol.

But it's ok. I think. I hope.

Ok. Off to study the blasted shigellosis. Yes.

I hope I even got my point across. I'm too tired to proofread, so please, no ''Gbagaun's'' abeg.

The busy brains.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Memories of Mama


Tuesday 20th April 2010...6:30pm

That’s my phone ringing. I pause my movie and grope around for the phone. I pick it up without looking at the caller ID.

‘’…Temi, mama is dead’’

My annoyance at having my movie interrupted dissipates. I am suddenly plagued with so many emotions; I cannot differentiate one from the other.

My sister keeps talking but I don’t hear what she says. That simple phrase keeps repeating itself in my mind. First I’m confused as hell, then my mind slowly grasps the news, then I’m sad that mama, my mama has died. Then I’m happy that she has left all the suffering of this world behind, then I’m mad that she didn’t wait for me to arrive home, to at least say goodbye.

Then my heart breaks, I actually hear the snap. My heart weeps…

‘’she died this morning…’’ she continues

I take in a ragged breath and release it almost immediately.

‘’Temi please don’t cry…you know she lived a good life’’ she says earnestly.

I just hold the phone to my ear and I’m not sure what to do with my other hand, so I put it in my blue jean pocket.

The phone keeps passing between her and my mother…I know I’m supposed to be consoling my mother, but I couldn’t get the words out.

Somehow ‘’I’m sorry’’ seems like such a lame thing to say in these times.

The credit finishes…or my mom hangs up…I’m not sure, but I hear the dial tone in my ears.

I drop the phone and think about my mama…in my mind’s eye, the clock slowly goes back….

I’m five again. Mom said to have garri for lunch, with sugar and groundnuts. Mama puts very little sugar in our garri, cos she doesn’t want us to have ‘jedi-jedi’ Then she puts the sugar on the topmost shelf, so that even with the chair, we can’t reach it. Fast forward a few years, I’m what, ten? She can’t do this anymore, cos we’re now the same height. So she wraps it under her wrapper and puts it under her pillow J

Fast forward again a few years…I’m 13…the neighbor’s son is eyeing me. Mama gives me the sex talk. I don’t get half of it…but she keeps ringing it in my head…the mortification lol.

Anyway at this point, tears start to roll down my cheeks…my friends think I’m silly for crying…(she was over 100)…but I’m not mourning or anything…the tears just keep coming…I think I’m crying cos I’m gonna really miss her…not because she died.

Things started going downhill around 2008…she had a mild stroke. She really thought she was gonna die then…I guess God had something else in mind huh??

It really hurt me to see her like that…she was a really strong woman…she used to wash all the clothes in that my big house…whether they were dirty or not…and then suddenly after the stroke, she couldn’t even go to the bathroom before peeing all over.

It was sad.

I’m glad she died.

Because at least she’s in a better place now. She’s resting. She isn’t sick anymore.

That’s what consoles me.

Mama…rest in the bosom of the Lord. We will surely meet again at the feet of Jesus. Until then…

p.s: I still can’t believe she’s dead, you know? I always thought she would outlive us all…ok not exactly…but I thought she would at least live to see her great-great grandkids by me L

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Miracle

Hey guys!

So, this blog is so dirty i don't know where to start cleaning from.....i just lost my blogging spirit, you know??

My life must currently be so boring...cos i dont even have nothing to blog about.

School's killing me. Like, no exaggeration this time. I can't breathe. I'm up to my neck in chemicals and cadavers. ugh.

So last Thursday i was 18. It's been a week in the adult business...the only difference i noticed was the two extra pimples i got...tragic, tragic.

Yes yes so maybe i have a little gist hehe...ok so on my birthday, I had a class in the hospital...I didnt really expect it to amount to much you know?? but i was like, 'Hmm God, you must give me an additional birthday gift o' (the first one was that call i got from home...My mom got promoted...she's now an Associate professor :) in case you're wondering...that's just one step away from being a full professor :D...what was that? am i happy?? damn right i am! ecstatic, even :D)

So i left for didn't start out great, considering the fact that i had to wear scrubs twice my size, and the top had no button at all! plus i got to class a little late, and i didnt even pack my could say i wasn't prepared at all.

I will spare you the gory details of that boring class...the fact was...

wait for it...
wait for it...


I got to scrub in!

well not exactly scrub in, in that sense...but hey I got into the OR and watched a Caesarean Section! Gosh, it was AWESOME! I swear awesome is such an was...fulfilling...for the first time, i didnt doubt my decision to study it was terrifying...i mean, look how the surgeons knew just what muscles and fascia to cut, and the ones to leave, look how they efficiently stopped the bleeding, look how they fought to bring out that tiny little head...i mean they FOUGHT! I thought for a second the baby was gonna come out with a mashed head lol...

But when she came out, Gosh...i felt dizzy. like i thought i was gonna faint. i kept saying 'Oh my God' over and over again, i thought they were gonna bounce me from the OR.

It was a miracle.

Gosh, it was an AWESOME MIRACLE!

It was the best birthday gift ever. You know, to watch the beginning of a new life. It actually took me a while b4 i remembered it was still my birthday and the little girl was my birthday mate. i was light-headed mehn.

Well...after that i went out with a couple o' friends...this Egyptian restaurant with terrible, over-priced food hehe...ok maybe it wasnt that terrible...but i ate so much i almost couldnt get up hehe...

so my birthdays just keep getting better and better...but i wonder...what could top this year's??

Well...that's for God to know and for me to find out, yes??

Oh wait....did y'all hear that Goodluck Jonathan and Turai Yar'adua are having an affair??


lol.......GOTCHA heheheeee


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

goodbye to 17

When I see tomorrow
I will never see 17 again
When tomorrow comes
17 will leave me
In exactly 1 hour
Tomorrow will come
And 17 will go.
Mixed emotions…
They plague me right now.
For a new year
For life.
Of responsibility.
I’ve always been an adult,
But right now??
It’s official.
Merry birthday to me.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

it's missing

where is my blogging spirit??

anyone seen it around??

i cant find it anywhere.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

sunday february the fourteenth.

My day started with a text from my best friend.

''May the one you think of, think of you today''.

A very simple but great message.

i loved it.

too bad it didn't happen to me.

oh i got gifts and invitations to dinner and all...

but not from the one my heart longs for :)(

{ note: this sign '':)(''...means i'm not really sure whether to smile or frown}

oh well, my mother always says

''you cannot always get what you want''

smart woman, that one. she even forgot it was val's day today, Bless her soul :)

Please don't beef valentine's day! please please please.

just leave it for those of us who love it. i love its 'overrated-ness'. Thank you.

but not even a text?? HMMPH!

note to self:

T, stop missing what is not missing you! OkThanksBye.

so i hope y'all had a great day?? i had fun i really had fun...but there was still a little wistfulness in my eyes that only my best friend could see.

so tell me...what did y'all do??

p.s: don't you just love that picture?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

i have never...


isn't this baby really cute?? i want cute babies!

so i realized today that i haven't done many a lot of things most people who have lived as long as i have, have done

and here i am, listing a few...

i have never:

eaten bologna

gone bungee jumping

raised my voice at my father

been girly girly

had sex

gone on a real date

had a boyfriend

been a muslim

tried on a bikini

had my own room

had an older sister

weighed more than 44kg

repeated a class

been betrayed

been to silverbird cinemas
(actually i have just never been to the movies lol...yeah i know what you're thinking but hey i have a home theatre and i can buy popcorn and switch off the lights hehe)

been to america or london

loved miley's voice

had to make a reaaaally big decision


seen avatar or terminator or invictus or any of those new sci-fi movies.

been to the spa.

driven a car.

tried on jeggings.

had my heart broken.

been to the studio

liked the harry potter boy

had my nails done

bought a belt with my money

engaged in fisticuffs with a non-family member

been to a mosque.

gotten a val's day gift.

(loooooool i'm kidding jo, y'all bought that didn't you??)

been to KFC.

smoked a cigarette/shisha

drunk beer(and i never will)

had a BB

been to a (strip) club

gotten a tattoo

gone out with a crop-top...or bum shorts.

gotten other piercings besides the ones my mama gave me.

dyed my hair.

had my nose done.

tried on contacts.

used braces.

filed my toe-nails.

been snowed in.

#deepbreath that's about all i can think of right now lol...i tried didn't i?? i might edit the post later if i remember somn else...or if i'm in the mood...

what haven't you ever done?? tell me :)


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what do you do in the toilet??

And so hello my people, i really really missed you guys. i love my blog, for real.

and gosh i really really really love y'all for your feedback on my last post, thanks a lot :)

today, i want to talk about faeces, otherwise known as poo-poo...or simply as poo by the aje-butters :)

i was thinking today. What if we'd been created without the ability...or should i say the need to poo-poo??

seriously what would it be like??

imma tell y'all the advantages i get:

look at me now, i rarely use the toilet myself...maybe once every 3 days...hey don't tell me the danger of not poopoo-ing jare, i know them all...but if the poopoo is not coming, what do u want me to do?? just sit there and wait for it?? #please

but when i go to the toilet, here's what i do:

I either go with my laptop and watch a movie, or i go with a novel and read...or if i'm feeling very studious, i might even take a textbook and read :)

my mother will never ever understand why i do that though lol...

other times though, i just sit there and daydream lol X_X

and until i finish my dream, i won't stand up o!
so basically, it gives me some alone time.

Now about eating:
if we'd been created without the need to eat...hmmn. hmmmmmn. like for real, hmmn.

where would mcdonald's be?? where would kfc be?? or mr bigg's? or sweet sensation?? or even iya basira sef! ahhh my mother's cooking!

i would soooo miss rice,even though i'm tired of it!

and that purely sinful chocolate cake! ooooooh subway cookies, chocolate chip cookies...gummy bears, okro soup...efo riro,i would miss them all...

#ugh amala! ewww. semovita, double ewww...well let's just say some will be missed more than others lol.

There are really many things we take for granted in this life. Honestly. I think we should all sit and think for 5 minutes about how blessed we are, and then appreciate even the littlest things that come our way.

so what do y'all do in the toilet? like for real i'd like to know *batting lashes adorably* tell me please? please please please :)

yours-in-poopoo thoughts.
The Busy Brains.

p.s: toilet and bathroom are NOT the same. so when you want to pee, quit saying 'i need to go to the bathroom' , the bathroom is where you have your bath, the toilet is where you poo #getitright #kthanksbye

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i failed.

I don't deserve this.

I really don't.

Studied 10 hours each day for 11 days.

Gave up my chat time.

Gave up my twitter time.

Gave up my writing time.

Gave up my movies.

Gave up my shopping time.

Gave up my novel-reading time.

Gave up my visiting time.

All my free time. Gave it up.

Slept at 7 am each day and woke up again at 10.30/11 am.

I prayed.

And yet...


I do not deserve this at all.

Yours in sad, gushing tears.

The busy brains.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


*I've been thinking about the Biafran war idea why.I keep thinking about what they must have gone through, how much they all must have suffered, and all for what??

So here I am,40 years on, trying to put myself in their shoes...I'm sure I barely brushed the tip of the iceberg.


So much sorrow…

Too much of it,

So much sadness,

Unstoppable tears,

Motherless children,

Fatherless ones,

Widows, widowers,

Child-less folks,

Everyone is hurt.

But today,

In the midst of it all,

We smile through our tears,

We sing through our sorrow,

We laugh through the despair

Gripping our hearts,

There’s a ray of hope,

A silver lining,

We hold each other,

Cos love’s all we have left,

The sun shines brighter,

The clouds look cheerier,

The birds sing louder,

The trees dance better,

They sway to the wind.

The world just looks…

More peaceful,

More beautiful,

Our broken hearts

Are beginning to heal,

We are taking a step forward,

As a country, as a family,

All who died during the war,

Will not die in vain,

They died for a better tomorrow.

We will make them proud,

Biafra will live forever.


*Too bad it didn’t last