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Friday, June 18, 2010

Angry Unheard Kid.

Ok so i have heard enough!

and i have decided that Enough is Enough and I am going to talk.

When will Nigerians accept the fact that they were not the better team, and get on with it??

Ok this is about yesterday's football match, in case you're wondering.

I have been trying to talk since, but people don't want to listen to me...this is the only place where I can be heard.

So here are my views.

Kaita did not cause us to lose that damn match.

Yes i said it. Sue me.

We did not lose that match because of Kaita.

Please before he went crazy, what exactly did he DO on that field?

So he kicked someone and got a red. So bladdy what?

Would he have scored anyway??
Wait let me answer that.

Would he maybe have prevented a goal??

Well he wasn't a defender soooo I'd have to make a safe guess and say No.

What he did was wrong, but it didn't cost us that match. We lost because they were the better team.

Now I do not claim to be a football expert, many a time I have been accused of being a mere football watcher and not an analyser(don't ask)...but i believe I have common sense.

At the time the first half was ending, those people had about 16  shots on target, against our six. They scored one...Enyeama is amazing, bless him!

 Please oh, don't attack me, but shouldn't that have clued that our Lager-whatsit coach, to the fact that that they were the better team, and shouldn't he have increased the defence?

Me i don't even like that 4-4-2 arrangement anyway, but when Taye was taken off the field, why wasn't he replaced???

why was there only ONE defender, ONE! against such an amazing team? They oppressed us big time. And as far as I'm concerned Osazie didn't play in that match. Hmmph.

In fact that match was just all-round terrible.

And please how did that nigga with the long ass name miss that goal? (i think his name was Obasi)

and look at what our captain Yobo said

Supersport:Yobo,do you still have a chance of qualifying to de next stage? Yobo: ''NO, NO way,as u can see we played a very inexperienced game today...der r lots of inexperienced guys in our team who cudnt play well so we lost...theres no way for us now...we'r out...2 defeats,thers no way for us to bounce back n make it.We r OUT''

I was like Nigga whaaa?? I hear he was referring to Haruna in the inexperienced part. That guy has twice as much talent as he does. And he is an idiot for saying that.

Honestly why do I even bother? why am i believing in a team that doesnt even believe in itself? I should just give up and support Brazil or Argentina(yeeahhh that's not gonna happen). The way I see it, im stuck with Nigeria.

Hmmph. Please whatever.

I will just sit here and entertain myself with these pictures of Kaita crying. Well maybe not exactly crying but yeah...

On a lighter note, I hear West Ham is interested in Enyeama...for about 4 million pounds...

I also hear Man utd is too.

Oh well. He's too good to stay unnoticed. He is awesome. Yes. He single handedly saved Nigeria from a terrible defeat, because i think with a different keeper they would have beaten us 10-1.

alright this is just a football post. ugh.

i might delete it later.

whatever. ugh.

The Busy Brains

P.S: i now delcare summer officially open :D lol

9 CerebrallyEndowed views:

leggy said...

i personally think that their man set changed emotionally after the red card so yeah, kaita caused a huge part of us loosing that match. just my opinion.i dont even watch football but thats how i felt.

leggy said...


CerebrallyBusy said...

well i dont think so.

Azazel said...

Lmao he should definitely go to Manchester united..
It would definitely be better

KabiOsi Edumare said...

i so agree with u...kaita wasnt responsible for the loss.
Enyeama is the MAN

CerebrallyBusy said...

@azazel yes it deinitely would


shorty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shorty said...

I'm so with you kaita didn't make them lost the match they played better than we did. Abeg Enyeama should join arsenal.

CerebrallyBusy said...


But i think Enyeama should join Manchester joooooo