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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flu alert

hello blogvilleans

on this day, it is with a sad heart that i announce to you that.....


lol...wait its not an lol mara ohh, flu does serious things to my talking serious pounding head-ache, and u know how your nose can be blocked, but still very runny??? ehen, its like that. and u cant sniff it in cos ur nose is all blocked and ish...its hell i tell you.

plus, i go to the bathroom every 20-30 minutes, cos i drink hot chocolate like crazy... i have no appetite for anything else...not that i had much of one before or anything, and i have scratchy-scratchy throat...but my voice sounds very lovely, thats the silver lining in this bleak cloud.

my refrigerator has gone crazy!!! it freezes everything...a refrigerator, not a freezer oh! i neednt tell you what the freezer does now.

This fall is crazy-cold.

i swear last fall wasnt nearly as cold as this...makes me wonder how winter will be...or maybe with the overly hot summer i forgot how cold last fall was...
but im nearly done with my fall-winter fact, if not for the ojukokoro i have for these absolutely gorgeous pair of boots i fell in love with as i was window-shopping, i would say, i'm done. but i have to have those boots. its that simple.

Meanwhile, yayyy, my teacher changed her mind about my donating urine!...

...for now.
i dont know what changed her mind...but i hope it remains permanently changed.

that's it then, tweeps.

oh wait, someone said one funny thing on twitter : erryone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege

lol,i know its not funny but it cracked me up so bad!...she also said ''if u're 'stuck-up', please remain there''
lol, at least that one is funny shey?

ok, time to go.

--do not underestimate what u are and overestimate what you're not--

later tweethearts.