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Saturday, January 9, 2010

My dream man

hey my good people if blogville! how are you doing??

first of all i appreciate all the comments on my last post, i ended up not going for the party. Great choice :)

so one night i was on twitter ooo, and i started thinking of my dream man, and then i decided to blog about him hehe.

oya *ahem* make all of you listen oo

first let's start from his arms

he should have well developed biceps brachii and triceps brachii, as in WELL DEVELOPED.

then his pectoralis major muscles must be well developed so that when im sad i can just rest my head on them...of course he has to be taller than i am, cos there's no way im bending to rest my head on someone's pectoralis...but again it is very easy to find a taller man, im only 5'4

then his rectus abdominis! the linea alba should be very deep ;) shows the six-pack very well.

Now his hands...those extensors should be strong, yet soft...and his palmar aponeurosis should be TOUGH. No butter-butter palms for this chic. ehen.

His thighs, strong and capable, with the biceps femoris and quadriceps femoris in good shape so that his steps are sure and calculated :) there's something about a man's confident spring.

His while i like a healthy gastrocnemius muscle (a.k.a yams), i do think the other muscles of the leg shoukd be bulky too, you know like them peroneus, soleus, tibialis anterior, because there is no way in hell imma date you if you have HEAVY gastrocnemius muscles on chicken legs, nossir.

No special requirements for the feet...they do have to be proportional to the whole body though.

what else?? aha his back! i do love that trapezius muscle...when it is well developed it means the deltoid also gets to be sexayyyy :D

omdaiz omdaizzzzz i totally forgot the cheeks!
my most favourite feature!

i want his zygomaticus major to be shorter than average (that's not an ABNORMALITY it is a VARIATION #getitright) so that when he smiles it pulls on his skin and forms that indentation otherwise known as dimples. #sigh i am a sucker for dimples, cheii.

And now, the most important part!!! my second most favourite. dum dum di dum *drumroll*

the *ahem* GLUTEUS MAXIMUS *cough-cough* Nuff said.

p.s: i did not talk about his penis, that was on purpose X_X i have forgotten the penis muscles for now

pps: his none-physical features : he must love God, it is BY FORCE. ehen. He must love me for me, be kind and caring, SMART, no dullards for this babe, and BO or MO are a no-no, and i aint talking no-no here, im talking NO-NO as in no matter how fine you are, you MUST NOT STINK! #okthanksbye

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