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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life and Death.

''When (where?)  there is life, there is Hope''

Once upon a time I used to believe that. But then I grew up, and my cerebrum started to get busy, and i thought, does life REALLY mean hope??

Let's face it.

Life is not always the answer; sometimes, death is.

I see people really trying to save the lives of people who are far gone, and I shake my head. I wonder, do they really consider the feelings of the people in question? Do they know if those people really want to live like that, or not?

my opinion : No.

I don't know as I'm properly explaining the way I feel so that you guys would understand, but I really hope you do. Sometimes words just aren't enough.

I feel people mostly try to save lives because they don't want to have to deal with the grief of losing someone...whom they have already lost, by the way.

I mean, would you really say to a blind, deaf and dumb person, that 'where there is life, there is hope?'...anyway not like they can hear you or anything...HOW does a deaf, blind and dumb person survive?? really? They can't hear, you can't write on a paper and say'read it', they can't talk, HOW?

Or maybe someone who has become a vegetable. He can't think for himself, hell he can't even get up and pee by himself. what kind of life is that? would you really say to him 'where there is life, there is hope?'

Or yeah, a baby who has anencephaly , i mean really HOW would that baby survive? Don't you guys get me? NO FRONTAL LOBE!!

Did you hear of the Boy in the Bubble?? No immune system at all. If he inhaled dust, problem; if a mosquito bit him, problem, HOW would he survive? There's no freaking way, maybe in year two thousand and one million. Maybe.

There are a billion other examples.

That's why I support Euthanasia. That's why.

Because Life doesn't always mean Hope. Life isn't always the answer.

We should really stop looking at death as the enemy. Sometimes, he can be the friend, come to take our loved ones to a better place.

I am a Christian, and yes, i believe in Life after death. I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in Heaven and Hell, I believe in the whole Christianity deal.

And I have lost a very dear person to me, so I know that it doesn't matter how young or old the person who dies is, as long as there's Love, you will hurt and grieve terribly.

But I am a Christian. And I know Hope they're going to a better place. That really has to be a great little consolation.

I know how it hurts to lose someone. But sometimes, Holding on, hurts a lot more.

That's my own two cents.

Or maybe he quote means something else that I don't understand. Maybe I'm taking it too literally.

What do you guys think? Is life always the answer? Does life always mean hope?

Friday, June 25, 2010

I will Never Forgive Him.

Hello my good people of blogville, how are y'all doing?

I'm supposed to be watching the Spain-Chile match, but it's so boring...just like the Portugal-Brazil one. Boring.


Anyway boring don't matter as long as you get the points, yes?

Anyhow anyhow, something has had me worried for a few days now...I'm gonna tell you all about it, and then you're gonna give your opinions, how's that?

So you know how, when you're browsing; one thing you're reading leads to the next, and to the next like that like that?

Yeah so somehow, I stumbled upon John Fashanu's wikipedia page.

Let me first say this.

The guy annoys me. I don't know why, He just does. I remember back in Nigeria when I used to watch that his show 'Deal Or No Deal Nigeria' on Africa Magic. He used to annoy me.

Anyway so I again moved on and stumbled upon his brother's name. Justin Fashanu. Handsome young man.

The guy committed suicide.

He was the first only footballer to ever come out as gay. Like really. As of 2010

He was accused of sexually molesting a seventeen year old boy, and so he committed suicide.

I dont think he committed suicide because of that incident. I think a number of things must have led up to it.

First of all, what shocked me the most was that the guy came out at all.

I mean, it was 1990, and homosexuality was a very very big deal then.

Another thing that really shocked me was the fact that his idiot brother, John, publicly disowned him.

Like he actually disowned him publicly.

This is someone who moved around a lot with him when they were kids, because their parents split up. And y'all know how close that thing can make siblings. They only had each other.

And yet, when a little trouble came by, he was the first to disown his brother. How marvellous.

He was the first to say 'He is not my brother'.
He joined the world against his own flesh, his own blood.

I'm not saying homosexuality is right. Because I know it ain't. My Bible tells me so.


Whatever the hell it was, whatever!

Now of course, if the guy's own family was against him, tell me, what should he have expected from the world?

His career suffered drastically, his social life, his relationship with his family, everything.

I don't blame him for committing suicide though, for what would he have done?

I cannot imagine what my sister would do that would make me disown her, or my brother.

No seriously what could she do?

sleep with my husband?
kill my father? my child?


Because I don't get it. what on earth would make me disown my own blood? My own flesh? I really don't get it, and I'd very much like to know.

What could your siblings do, that would make you disown them??

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I miss my Daddy.

this post was a has been a draft for a while now...i was waiting for the perfect time( lie! i was just too lazy to finish it up). I didnt even know it was Fathers' Day today ^_^...but since I'm here...I guess now's as good a time as any.

I miss my Daddy
I miss those days when i would sit on his feet, and he'd swing me up and down and I'd be screaming in joy.
I miss the stories he used to tell my siblings and know, about how the tortoise became bald now...all those olden days stories
I miss when we'd just all of us gather round, and gist, and he'd be there cracking dryly funny jokes. I miss when we'd sit out on the porch, and my dad would tell stories and punctuate them with rather smelly farts, an he'd say 'Don't worry, we're outside, it won't really smell'' lol

what I don't however miss, is watching a Nigerian movie with my dad.  Shett, if we ever meet in this life, and you ever visit me...or just come across my dada, and he says 'let's watch a movie''...let me give you a little advise.
Run Fast.
'Nuff said.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

i miss my dad.
I miss my dad.
I miss him truly.

I remember the first time i saw him kiss my mom. I was like 'Ewwwww Daddy IYANMAAAA!''.
He laughed at first, and said 'Wait till you get your own husband'. I was fascinated. I asked him all sorts of questions.
'daddy why did you do that?'
'daddy is it sweet?'
'daddy did mommy like it?'
'daddy you swallowed her spittt''
'daddy iyanma...''
and so on.
I think I grossed the poor man out. He never kissed her in front of me again...ok not until i was about 14.

Sooo i totally talk too much.
I was just going to pop in, say Happy Fathers' Day to my dadda( on my blog, which he doesn't know about), and pop out again. Guess I just got carried away. I liked it though. Made me think about the past.

But somewhere along the line, my Dad and I stopped being so close...I think it was somewhere between puberty and late office hours.

We kind of got a little closer again on our trip to Abuja in 2008...

Ah but that's me and my Dad. On today, off tomorrow. Hopefully when I get back home this summer, we'll get a little closer.

#deardad i miss you. you dont know it, i might never tell you, but i do.

He is not the world's greatest dad.
But he is a great one.

My Finals were fine, thanks for asking.
It rained today. hmmph. annoying, i tell ya.
Well. That is all, I guess.

The busy brains :D

P.s: i didn't proof-read, so please bear with any 'gbagauns' shells wrong use of language you might encounter.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Angry Unheard Kid.

Ok so i have heard enough!

and i have decided that Enough is Enough and I am going to talk.

When will Nigerians accept the fact that they were not the better team, and get on with it??

Ok this is about yesterday's football match, in case you're wondering.

I have been trying to talk since, but people don't want to listen to me...this is the only place where I can be heard.

So here are my views.

Kaita did not cause us to lose that damn match.

Yes i said it. Sue me.

We did not lose that match because of Kaita.

Please before he went crazy, what exactly did he DO on that field?

So he kicked someone and got a red. So bladdy what?

Would he have scored anyway??
Wait let me answer that.

Would he maybe have prevented a goal??

Well he wasn't a defender soooo I'd have to make a safe guess and say No.

What he did was wrong, but it didn't cost us that match. We lost because they were the better team.

Now I do not claim to be a football expert, many a time I have been accused of being a mere football watcher and not an analyser(don't ask)...but i believe I have common sense.

At the time the first half was ending, those people had about 16  shots on target, against our six. They scored one...Enyeama is amazing, bless him!

 Please oh, don't attack me, but shouldn't that have clued that our Lager-whatsit coach, to the fact that that they were the better team, and shouldn't he have increased the defence?

Me i don't even like that 4-4-2 arrangement anyway, but when Taye was taken off the field, why wasn't he replaced???

why was there only ONE defender, ONE! against such an amazing team? They oppressed us big time. And as far as I'm concerned Osazie didn't play in that match. Hmmph.

In fact that match was just all-round terrible.

And please how did that nigga with the long ass name miss that goal? (i think his name was Obasi)

and look at what our captain Yobo said

Supersport:Yobo,do you still have a chance of qualifying to de next stage? Yobo: ''NO, NO way,as u can see we played a very inexperienced game today...der r lots of inexperienced guys in our team who cudnt play well so we lost...theres no way for us now...we'r out...2 defeats,thers no way for us to bounce back n make it.We r OUT''

I was like Nigga whaaa?? I hear he was referring to Haruna in the inexperienced part. That guy has twice as much talent as he does. And he is an idiot for saying that.

Honestly why do I even bother? why am i believing in a team that doesnt even believe in itself? I should just give up and support Brazil or Argentina(yeeahhh that's not gonna happen). The way I see it, im stuck with Nigeria.

Hmmph. Please whatever.

I will just sit here and entertain myself with these pictures of Kaita crying. Well maybe not exactly crying but yeah...

On a lighter note, I hear West Ham is interested in Enyeama...for about 4 million pounds...

I also hear Man utd is too.

Oh well. He's too good to stay unnoticed. He is awesome. Yes. He single handedly saved Nigeria from a terrible defeat, because i think with a different keeper they would have beaten us 10-1.

alright this is just a football post. ugh.

i might delete it later.

whatever. ugh.

The Busy Brains

P.S: i now delcare summer officially open :D lol

Saturday, June 12, 2010


You keep hurting me,
Yet, I keep coming back for more.
What power do you have over me?
What’s that hold I can’t seem to break loose?
When will this stop?
When will I?
when I come to my senses?
When you eventually hurt me beyond repair?
When this jinx you have put on me wears out?
When you break me into so many tiny pieces,
That nothing in this world can mend me again?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The New Accountant.

Hey guys!

How's it going??

Shout out to the new followers!! Welcome to my boring blog :)

So. While you guys are chilling, basking in the warmth hotness of this blazing sun, eating ice-cream and buying out the malls, I am studying like crazy for my finals. I even stopped tweeting LOL.

But my workload is terrible sha. Like really.

Oh I have good news!!!! Yes listen up, listen up!!

My big brother graduated on Sunday!!!

Yeah, he's now an accountant!!!

I was so excited, I told almost the whole dorm :)

I can't stay here long, i have to hit the books again in a few.

You guys should put me in your prayers, ok? yeah thanks.


p.s: one, i think i will change this template, it doesn't show me the dates of my posts. History is important, wouldn't you say? Two, i think i shall have to put back that word-verification thingy. Sorry, but some people have been spamming the hell out of my blog, talking 'bout betting on horses and whatsit. Who gives a flying rat's ass?? Not me.

Oh and one more very important thing!

Summer will not begin until I say so!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I don't appreciate...

Hey guys :)

How is everyone doing??

Me, not so know how end of sem stress can be now...

So we be chillin' for the scary finals to come and go.

Oh, right, Happy New Month!

We're almost halfway through the year already, time does fly.

It's still raining though. I wonder what the clouds are doing in the sky at this time of the year, kmt.

Nothing much is going on in my life. Same ol' same ol'.. I don't even know why I'm blogging...

There's this #Idontappreciate TT going on on imma go on ahead and list a few of the things I don't appreciate.

  • I don't appreciate girls calling me 'bitch' 'yeah, that's my bitch right there'...or even binsh..errm, No....i dont care if it's supposed to be affectionate...whatever happened to 'dear' 'darling' or all those other endearments?
  • I don't appreciate 'Yo Momma' jokes directed at me. Don't you dare insult my momma, no sir.
  • I don't appreciate guys telling me I'm playing hard to get. I just don't like you.
  • I don't appreciate people telling me 'Why you listen to that shit girl'. It is my iPod, the ears are mine, i will listen to whatever kind of music i like, thank you very much.
  • I don't appreciate how, when I'm watching a movie, someone be leaning over my head and telling me  what's gonna happen next. I especially don't appreciate it when the person is like, ''OOOOOh, you won't believe what will happen next, you just won't believe it, watch watch!!!''; and the scene comes, and it is so ordinary! Gosh, makes me feel violent.
  • I don't appreciate people tweaking my cheeks. I'm not a baby, dammit.
  • I don't appreciate poke-nosers. Take a sip of urine and mind your own goddamn business.

I did say 'a few', so i gotta stop.

In other news, what the hell is that I read about Al Gore and Tipper(lol do you guys know what they call Tipper in Naija?) breaking up after 40 years of marriage? That's just total BS mehn. Total and complete. After 40 years??!! what were you doing for all those 40 years? Shit.

Theo Walcott isn't going to the world cup :( that BBC article was just insulting mehn, even though it was true.

Hey, so I changed my blog layout....i was due for a change was so hard to i downloaded about 10 layouts, and will be inter-changing them, every, like 4 months or so...:)

I have a little problem though...there's a part where the layout is supposed to show the date...but it shows 'undefined'...any idea how i can rectify this?? A little help would be appreciated, thanks :)

So what don't you appreciate? Tell me :)

P.S: i need a new follower, sharp-ish! I hate almost-figures, they scare me... i might have OCD :/