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Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 3- A book you love.

Let me start this way.

why? why? why???

why would you make me pick just one book?? There are a billion amazing books out there. So many that have changed my life, come on and I have to pick one?

Le sigh

This is me trying to narrow it down. Bear in mind that many amazing books have been cut off -_-

First of all, any book that is written by Nora Roberts, I LOVE.

I think she's amazing. Really. My favorite author in the whole wide world! Lol. I mean, reading her books practically gives me bookgasms!

Her In Death series are bookgasmic, gosh!

So as long as the book has her name on the cover, you can get it for me as a birthday present...or for Christmas...or new year...or just because. Lol.

Moving on...

Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda N. Adichie is an amazing book too. I read the whole book in less than a day, i couldn't put it down. Yes it is that good. I finished it in the middle of the night, with a flashlight. Yes I read it in Nigeria, lol.

The Harry Potter books are also great! I mean, wow!
I've always been an avid reader (of novels), so when my mom saw me reading the harry potter books, she was impressed because they were huge and voluminous. Until one woman told her the book was demonic, and that I would be so deceived, I would go out of my way to look for a way to become a witch like Hermione. Lool. Ridiculous or what? I was banned from reading them of course, but did I panic? I think not. Did I stop? I think not. Is that love? I think yes!

So yeah, those are just a few of the books I love.

p.s May i just say that Romeo and Juliet were the dumbest characters ever created. I mean he sees her on the floor, asks no questions and then drinks poison. She wakes up, sees him on the floor and then stabs herself. How...stupid. What a waste of two young lives. Hmmph.