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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I don't appreciate...

Hey guys :)

How is everyone doing??

Me, not so know how end of sem stress can be now...

So we be chillin' for the scary finals to come and go.

Oh, right, Happy New Month!

We're almost halfway through the year already, time does fly.

It's still raining though. I wonder what the clouds are doing in the sky at this time of the year, kmt.

Nothing much is going on in my life. Same ol' same ol'.. I don't even know why I'm blogging...

There's this #Idontappreciate TT going on on imma go on ahead and list a few of the things I don't appreciate.

  • I don't appreciate girls calling me 'bitch' 'yeah, that's my bitch right there'...or even binsh..errm, No....i dont care if it's supposed to be affectionate...whatever happened to 'dear' 'darling' or all those other endearments?
  • I don't appreciate 'Yo Momma' jokes directed at me. Don't you dare insult my momma, no sir.
  • I don't appreciate guys telling me I'm playing hard to get. I just don't like you.
  • I don't appreciate people telling me 'Why you listen to that shit girl'. It is my iPod, the ears are mine, i will listen to whatever kind of music i like, thank you very much.
  • I don't appreciate how, when I'm watching a movie, someone be leaning over my head and telling me  what's gonna happen next. I especially don't appreciate it when the person is like, ''OOOOOh, you won't believe what will happen next, you just won't believe it, watch watch!!!''; and the scene comes, and it is so ordinary! Gosh, makes me feel violent.
  • I don't appreciate people tweaking my cheeks. I'm not a baby, dammit.
  • I don't appreciate poke-nosers. Take a sip of urine and mind your own goddamn business.

I did say 'a few', so i gotta stop.

In other news, what the hell is that I read about Al Gore and Tipper(lol do you guys know what they call Tipper in Naija?) breaking up after 40 years of marriage? That's just total BS mehn. Total and complete. After 40 years??!! what were you doing for all those 40 years? Shit.

Theo Walcott isn't going to the world cup :( that BBC article was just insulting mehn, even though it was true.

Hey, so I changed my blog layout....i was due for a change was so hard to i downloaded about 10 layouts, and will be inter-changing them, every, like 4 months or so...:)

I have a little problem though...there's a part where the layout is supposed to show the date...but it shows 'undefined'...any idea how i can rectify this?? A little help would be appreciated, thanks :)

So what don't you appreciate? Tell me :)

P.S: i need a new follower, sharp-ish! I hate almost-figures, they scare me... i might have OCD :/