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Thursday, October 8, 2009

i dont want my pills...doctors make the worst patients.

ok, i also think that picture of the man with the pills is gross, but...I HATE PILLS!!

about the long heading...i didnt know which one to pick, so i picked both! why have*cough* half a loaf of bread when you can have the whole thing?

anyway, back to my hating pills.


As in,i'd rather have two injections than swallow one pill.

i hate the round ones, i hate the oblong ones, i hate them *sneezes* ALL!
and when you swallow them...because i sure as HELL cannot CHEW them...and they dont go down, they get stuck in your throat and dissolve out their bitter taste onto your tongue...ewww,i just grossed myself out!

and it takes me like at least 5 minutes to swallow one pill, i swear i kid you not!
imagine how long it used to take me to swallow one piriton tablet, and two chloroquine tablets when i was at home, and mosquito bites had given me malaria lol, thank God there's no mom here to be giving me chloroquine, i hate it!!! tcheww *sneeze*chloroquine ko, chloroking ni! lol,ok that was totally not funny lol :))

*sneeze* someone said on gray's anatomy once that doctors make the worst patients...its soo true, im not even a doctor yet, and i dont take my medications unless someone says "temi, take this pills or *sneeze* DIE''

ok, so i'm rapping in my church on the 24th. yayyy me! the song is

you guys should check it out, its cuuulllll...

i have to go now...not to do anything oh, cos i dont fink i can study going because the talkative girl has finally run out of things to say :)

*off to ~sneeze~twitter*

p.s. we studied the mechanisms of coughing and sneezing today. ironic, isn't it?? tcheww, i felt they were mocking me!

p.p.s. i LOVE jelly candies...who loves 'em too??

later tweethearts.