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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 4 - Bullet your whole day was a pretty ordinary (read: boring) day. Really. Well that's mostly because my housemate is out of town so there was no one to wake me at six in the morning with some very insignificant thing.

No I am not missing her.

Right, so let's see how my day went.

  • Went to bed at 5 am. 
  • Woke up at 11:45 am. 
  • Stayed in bed looking at the ceiling till 12:05/12:10
  • Looked for my phone. 
  • Found it between the washing machine and the sink. Alas! 12 missed calls. (I guess I hadn't looked for the phone in a while. My friends hate it when I don't pick up my calls.)
  • Returned my missed calls. Well I returned three of them. The other people yelled at me later.
  • Ate the last meatpie from our baking thingy.(Some of my friends came over yesterday and we baked meatpies. Well they did the baking, I did the eating. Division of labour, eh?)
  • Cursed the pimple that decided to rent room and parlour on my face. 
  • Watched almost a whole season of Friends and laughed my skinny butt off
  • Flirted with a cute, smart boy online for a few minutes 
  • Told my friend about it :p
  • Worried about my empty wallet. For about a few seconds lol. Then i went back to Friends. 
  • Called my friend and tried to convince her to braid my hair. 
  • Took a shower. This was around six of course. I was starving by this time. I had only eaten one meatpie. But sometimes my stomach does this thing, like when it's hungry and I don't feed it...the hunger goes away. My mother is scared I might get an ulcer. She worries too much. 
  • Tried to empty the vacuum cleaner again. 
  • Played with my hair a little. The hunger died. 
  • Watched more Friends. 
  • Went on twitter for a bit. I was bored. Watched more Friends. 
  • Listened to some music. Hugh Laurie (read: House) sings. Did you know? Well I only just found out today.
  • Read one of Nora Roberts' ebooks that I got online
  • 10:00pm. Went to the kitchen to raid the fridge. Came up with an apple. 
  • Raided the store. Found some potatoes. Cooked some potatoes. Tried to make the egg-sauce that my housemate is so good at. Failed. 
  • Grilled five chicken wings I found somewhere deep deep down in the freezer.
  • So I ate some potatoes, bad egg-sauce and terrific chicken wings. Then I drank some water. 
  • Watched more Friends. 
  • Blogged. Oh wait that's what I'm doing now ^_^