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Saturday, December 5, 2009


Goodness, i am TIRED! I'm so tired i wish i could just go back to sleep! Actually i wouldn't be awake if i had remembered to turn off that stupid alarm clock. *sigh* Once the alarm wakes me, i cant go back to sleep. Lame right?? i know.

So yeah, i had 6 hours of biochem on Monday, 6 of Physiology on Tuesday, 6 of histology on Wednesday and 6 of more physiology yesterday. Gosh, kill me already! The information was enough to blow my head...actually since i have been eating boiled fried potatoes and rice-and-peppersoup recently, i think my head don blow :(

I had planned to have a loooooong rest after school on Friday, but the hunger that sent me home from school ehn, odikwa serious oh! So my friend and i had to cook...and before i knew it it was time for Bible study! Well i cant say i regretted going cos i had a fabulous time at His feet, PLUS i got to eat some of our...tutor's famous oatmeal cookies and drink the worst tea i ever had the misfortune to taste...well that's not totally true, there was one that had mint, it was disgusting...but that's by the way sha.
Then there was choir practice...i was dead on my feet by that time...but did i leave??? nope. oh oh oh and after that my friend had her birthday celebration and i had to be there...y'all shoulda seen all the pictures. i was DEAD. I couldnt even eat...*wiggles brows*but i took the food tomy room :)...
but it doesnt end there oh! next week i have a row of disgusting courses all lined up...think along the lines of anatomy...and not even ONE visit to the hospital! I swore i would never say FML no no i still wont, get thee behind me satan!

well hope y'all had a better week than mine? The only upside i saw was the way y'all reacted to my part of the blogville story! Honestly i didn't even think it was that good, heck i wrote it in less than two hours cos i had biochem to study for...but you guys really made me feel good, THANK YOU!
btw have you seen the scroll of parchment Myne gave me?? its gawjus!

ok ok i'm now going :)

oh oh oh wait! something happened to me on thursday! listen i had something on my wasnt a boil but it hurt so much and it was beginning to swell cos i was scratching it. So a friend told me to pull out one of my lashes and it would go down. Another friend told me not to, but i figured hey, what do i have to lose?? one eyelash?? so i did it. When i woke up on Friday morning, it was...
wait for it...
wait for it...

yes i had my fine eye back, the whatsit was gone with the wind! seriously y'all should try it if you ever have a problem with your eye.

That's it tweeps, have a fab week ahead, i know i wont :(

the busy brains.