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Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear God.

Hey God, it's me again.

Yes, you are allowed to rub your eyes, you're probably tired of me already. Hey, if it's any consolation, I am tired of me too.

I just realised that i probably shouldn't have given you permission, because you don't need any permission from a mere mortal like me, you're God,you can do anything you damn -oops, no swearing- please.

But I digress. The points dear God, yes there are two points...Hey you probably even already know, didn't the Bible say 'Thou knowest my thoughts from afar off?'. Yeah you do, but I'm still gonna say them anyway.

Dear God, Firstly, i really really really want to say thank you. For everything you have done. Right from the very beginning. This year has really been...well, you just did everything in your own miraculous way. Sometimes, when i prayed, i thought I was too small to be seen by you, I thought you weren't listening because I was a bundle of sin, for a while, i even thought, yes i will admit it, i even thought you didn't exist. But you kept showing me that you were around, that you would never leave me. I want to say thanks for all the Financial support, i know we really don't deserve it, after all, i even expected to study in Nigeria, and now my sister is in University too, so the fees are like, wow. But you always provide. I know we're not rich, Lord, but we are not poor either. I thank you for that. I thank you for Moral support, spiritual support. I thank you for keeping my Family for me, I really really appreciate that.

Secondly God, as you already knew even right before i was born, the new semester starts on Wednesday.. So today, I ask (I know i'm always asking, it's just that I need you so much) that you grant my friends and I wisdom that will rival Solomon's, Knowledge and Understanding. I ask that you help us this semester Lord, because we cannot do it alone. (Lord you know my real friends, even if I do not, and this prayer does not include those that wish me harm. Thank you).

To the more personal prayers. Lord, you know me and my big mouth. You know us, we're always together. Lord, you know I don't like to take rubbish, you know how some people can disrespect me because I'm younger than their youngest sisters or something similarly stupid, and you know I just can't let it go like that, i don't like arifin. But this semester Lord, I want you to teach me to shut my mouth sometimes, not really all the time, because *chuckles*, we don't want them to mistake meek for stupid, now do we? This is my third year Lord, and i want to insult people less, however much they deserve it.

Also, i know my eyes are very expressive, so that even when I don't actually say it, people know i'm thinking it. Would you be so kind as to help me with that too? Yeah thanks.

Now about sin. I really want to try my possible best to avoid sin, even though i know that is next to impossible. Just help me Lord, that's all I ask.

I guess that's all for now Lord.

Oh wait, can i trouble you a little more? Lord, you know Bold 3/Tour 2 has arrived, yes? And i want it. Would you touch my uncle's heart, so he can send me some money for it? Thanks. But if it ain't your will Lord, don't let it be.

Thank you for listening. You can get back to me anytime you want, I'll wait.

P.S. Lord help my anger over my return to school fade away quickly, so i can amuse my awesome readers with My Gutter Experience. Thank you in Jesus' Name.

The Busy Brains.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Un-Real Post


I'm back from my trip home!

This is not a real post, just an update,

because i got a few e-mails from readers asking for an update, yay!! i had no idea many people even liked my blog :D
plus i got five new followers in my absence!

Thanks a lot guys!

And yeah, i enjoyed my summer, all things considered :)

So, i'll be updating more frequently these days.

Hope everyone is doing fine.

Later dears X