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Friday, June 25, 2010

I will Never Forgive Him.

Hello my good people of blogville, how are y'all doing?

I'm supposed to be watching the Spain-Chile match, but it's so boring...just like the Portugal-Brazil one. Boring.


Anyway boring don't matter as long as you get the points, yes?

Anyhow anyhow, something has had me worried for a few days now...I'm gonna tell you all about it, and then you're gonna give your opinions, how's that?

So you know how, when you're browsing; one thing you're reading leads to the next, and to the next like that like that?

Yeah so somehow, I stumbled upon John Fashanu's wikipedia page.

Let me first say this.

The guy annoys me. I don't know why, He just does. I remember back in Nigeria when I used to watch that his show 'Deal Or No Deal Nigeria' on Africa Magic. He used to annoy me.

Anyway so I again moved on and stumbled upon his brother's name. Justin Fashanu. Handsome young man.

The guy committed suicide.

He was the first only footballer to ever come out as gay. Like really. As of 2010

He was accused of sexually molesting a seventeen year old boy, and so he committed suicide.

I dont think he committed suicide because of that incident. I think a number of things must have led up to it.

First of all, what shocked me the most was that the guy came out at all.

I mean, it was 1990, and homosexuality was a very very big deal then.

Another thing that really shocked me was the fact that his idiot brother, John, publicly disowned him.

Like he actually disowned him publicly.

This is someone who moved around a lot with him when they were kids, because their parents split up. And y'all know how close that thing can make siblings. They only had each other.

And yet, when a little trouble came by, he was the first to disown his brother. How marvellous.

He was the first to say 'He is not my brother'.
He joined the world against his own flesh, his own blood.

I'm not saying homosexuality is right. Because I know it ain't. My Bible tells me so.


Whatever the hell it was, whatever!

Now of course, if the guy's own family was against him, tell me, what should he have expected from the world?

His career suffered drastically, his social life, his relationship with his family, everything.

I don't blame him for committing suicide though, for what would he have done?

I cannot imagine what my sister would do that would make me disown her, or my brother.

No seriously what could she do?

sleep with my husband?
kill my father? my child?


Because I don't get it. what on earth would make me disown my own blood? My own flesh? I really don't get it, and I'd very much like to know.

What could your siblings do, that would make you disown them??