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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello :)

hello, wagwan y'all? LOL allow the razzness, today has been...silly as heaven(not that heaven is silly, i just dint want to say hell)

so, i read my last post and realized how sappy it was...LOL sorry for getting all mishy mushy on u guys, but its sooo true. Anyway that's all in the past now.

i got a new roomie today, she's called...(ahh i promised never to mention names...let's call her Daniel LOL) Daniel. she's pretty sha...and she gave me watermelon(i can't resist fruits) so she scored major points.

After eating it, i realized i shouldn't have...cos i dont know if she's a girl that likes to call favours you know?? like after now, she'll come and tell me ''you know i gave you watermelon that time , so you have to help me now'', LOL, i dont think anyone is that shallow sha.

So i received a message on fb today*signs in to copy and paste 4 ur enjoyment*

Hello pretty nice pics you got there,
Well i have not be chanced to get to tru to you but i want you to know that you are stunny;thou i know alot of guys will be around your neck but hanging on your neck wont help cuz i will like you to keep breathing...
Are you really single..?
Moreover i am Hadekunley in civil engr year 3...thou am single but can we still be friends ?

Have a nice time.

Like dude, seriously step up your game. so am i i the mumudotcom that'll send you my number or add you on my messenger for that mara??? mistake no.1, dear guy out there, if you want to toast me, kindly take english lessons, cos i cant stand a guy that speaks terrible english, it disgusts me. *you are stunny*, stunny as in seriously?? and if you speak with a nasty h-factor, at least try not to type it in your love texts,ehn, biko. i know ur speech cant be controlled but ur writing sure as heck can.

Oh and speaking of fb and h-factor, i have noticed something disturbing about some people and their names, what is it with people spelling their names with h-factor???? is it supposed to be funny???cute???interesting?? no seriously tell me, cos i dont understand :-/, im confused.

''hardehsorlah''(adesola), ''hadekunleh"(adekunle) "holuwayohmee"(oluwayomi)

really as in seriously??? please stop it...i have never added or confirmed anyone with such spellings cos hmmn, me i dey get irritated oh. (you guys should hear me speak pidgin, you go laf ehn :D)

Let me stop now, before chari will come and be sweating all over my page LOL. Chari the dude...still funny to me sha. chari, dude, :)

OK, this is where we say our goodbyes, im off to bed.
sweet dreams ov me ol ov you.

remember, i love you guys, but Jesus loves you more...He loves me more than y'all sha, cos im sooo adorable He can't help it :D