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Saturday, February 6, 2010

i have never...


isn't this baby really cute?? i want cute babies!

so i realized today that i haven't done many a lot of things most people who have lived as long as i have, have done

and here i am, listing a few...

i have never:

eaten bologna

gone bungee jumping

raised my voice at my father

been girly girly

had sex

gone on a real date

had a boyfriend

been a muslim

tried on a bikini

had my own room

had an older sister

weighed more than 44kg

repeated a class

been betrayed

been to silverbird cinemas
(actually i have just never been to the movies lol...yeah i know what you're thinking but hey i have a home theatre and i can buy popcorn and switch off the lights hehe)

been to america or london

loved miley's voice

had to make a reaaaally big decision


seen avatar or terminator or invictus or any of those new sci-fi movies.

been to the spa.

driven a car.

tried on jeggings.

had my heart broken.

been to the studio

liked the harry potter boy

had my nails done

bought a belt with my money

engaged in fisticuffs with a non-family member

been to a mosque.

gotten a val's day gift.

(loooooool i'm kidding jo, y'all bought that didn't you??)

been to KFC.

smoked a cigarette/shisha

drunk beer(and i never will)

had a BB

been to a (strip) club

gotten a tattoo

gone out with a crop-top...or bum shorts.

gotten other piercings besides the ones my mama gave me.

dyed my hair.

had my nose done.

tried on contacts.

used braces.

filed my toe-nails.

been snowed in.

#deepbreath that's about all i can think of right now lol...i tried didn't i?? i might edit the post later if i remember somn else...or if i'm in the mood...

what haven't you ever done?? tell me :)