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Saturday, February 6, 2010

i have never...


isn't this baby really cute?? i want cute babies!

so i realized today that i haven't done many a lot of things most people who have lived as long as i have, have done

and here i am, listing a few...

i have never:

eaten bologna

gone bungee jumping

raised my voice at my father

been girly girly

had sex

gone on a real date

had a boyfriend

been a muslim

tried on a bikini

had my own room

had an older sister

weighed more than 44kg

repeated a class

been betrayed

been to silverbird cinemas
(actually i have just never been to the movies lol...yeah i know what you're thinking but hey i have a home theatre and i can buy popcorn and switch off the lights hehe)

been to america or london

loved miley's voice

had to make a reaaaally big decision


seen avatar or terminator or invictus or any of those new sci-fi movies.

been to the spa.

driven a car.

tried on jeggings.

had my heart broken.

been to the studio

liked the harry potter boy

had my nails done

bought a belt with my money

engaged in fisticuffs with a non-family member

been to a mosque.

gotten a val's day gift.

(loooooool i'm kidding jo, y'all bought that didn't you??)

been to KFC.

smoked a cigarette/shisha

drunk beer(and i never will)

had a BB

been to a (strip) club

gotten a tattoo

gone out with a crop-top...or bum shorts.

gotten other piercings besides the ones my mama gave me.

dyed my hair.

had my nose done.

tried on contacts.

used braces.

filed my toe-nails.

been snowed in.

#deepbreath that's about all i can think of right now lol...i tried didn't i?? i might edit the post later if i remember somn else...or if i'm in the mood...

what haven't you ever done?? tell me :)


19 CerebrallyEndowed views:

onosetale(damsel) said...

i want cute babies too!! ive never been to london and ive never had sex or got my nose done,tried contacts,gotten a tat,been to a strip club or been to a spa or been on a real date and theres more on ur list that i hvnt done but id be writing too much lol i like ur list! nice post

leggy said...

you dont like harrypotter?we cant be friends!!!have u even read any of the books?dont tell me that you just watched the movie and decided that you dont like him..cos we still will never be
i have never had sex too or had a boyfriend, i get vals gift every vals day..ive just never given any, i have never failed a class..ever, i have never loved a guy etc.

neefemi said...

this is cute

CerebrallyBusy said...

damsel: lol thanks :)

leggy: no no i LOVE harry potter, i have watched all the movies and read all the books...i mean i dont like the harry boy...what's his name...the radcliffe dude

neefemi: aww thanks :)

NikkiSho said...

nice post
have never had sex,gotten a tattoo,been to a mosque e.t.c

JuaNita said...

Never had sex..okay so maybe I have raised a voice at my old man..guilty! Oh and I work too. never bunked off school, never smoked..etc.

CerebrallyBusy said...

NS: thanks!

Juanita: raised your voice at daddy?? tut tut lol :)

Bee said...

awww dats cute lol
ive neva had sex, been to the mosque, smoked, been to america, had any form of surgery, got a tat, never watched titanic ( i know lol) etc

Myne Whitman said...

Somebody never watched Titanic? I never smoked, or does playing with matches count? lol...No bungee jumping...yet!

shorty said...

Nice. We have things in common,i have never done most of the things you listed.

CerebrallyBusy said...

Bee: you never watched titanic??!!!! boy oh boy

Myne: loool i used to play with matches too!

shorty: aww that's nice :)

Enkay said...

Never had a tatoo, never failed a class, never seen snow (In real life)....


its a lie uve never bn to silv never raised ur voice at ur dad...

CerebrallyBusy said...

enkay: wow :)

eb: ahh hv u seen me in sbcinemas?? hehe

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Never read or watched Harry Potter, smoked, travelled abroad.

Suru said...

I want cute babies too! but not for a while though lol

..Moyo said...

Hahahh, cute :p
Okay wow. I feel funny next to your list missy.
Let me see.

I've never had sex
Never had a heart break too, I just get sad.
I've never had a proper boyfriend.
Never raised my voice at my dad. I'd wait till he is not the one fending for me :]
Hmm never been to Ukraine :P
Never bunked a class too
Hmm never had any piercings. I can't destroy my proprium :p

I can't remember again.
Oh I've never seen those movies too. I'd rather waittill they are on t.v for free :]

doll said...

your list is long...ok let me try
iv never watched jennifer, never ridden a bike, never worn bum shorts out, never repeated a class, never been to a strip club

MsMarcus said...

Very nice post. I like i Like.

Let me see....

Here are a few of my nevers.
I have never:
broken a bone in my body,
had a nose bleed,
sat though a whole soccer game,
had a pickle,
been camping (as in outside it a tent) and dont see myself doing that.