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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The New Accountant.

Hey guys!

How's it going??

Shout out to the new followers!! Welcome to my boring blog :)

So. While you guys are chilling, basking in the warmth hotness of this blazing sun, eating ice-cream and buying out the malls, I am studying like crazy for my finals. I even stopped tweeting LOL.

But my workload is terrible sha. Like really.

Oh I have good news!!!! Yes listen up, listen up!!

My big brother graduated on Sunday!!!

Yeah, he's now an accountant!!!

I was so excited, I told almost the whole dorm :)

I can't stay here long, i have to hit the books again in a few.

You guys should put me in your prayers, ok? yeah thanks.


p.s: one, i think i will change this template, it doesn't show me the dates of my posts. History is important, wouldn't you say? Two, i think i shall have to put back that word-verification thingy. Sorry, but some people have been spamming the hell out of my blog, talking 'bout betting on horses and whatsit. Who gives a flying rat's ass?? Not me.

Oh and one more very important thing!

Summer will not begin until I say so!!