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Monday, January 11, 2010

he's my mess

Everyone has a cross to bear,

A separate, personal burden,

Different from the world’s

A mess to clean up,

Look at him;

What a mess…

He smokes, he drinks,

He drools when he speaks,

He’s not that smart,

He doesn’t believe in God,

He’s an ex-convict.

The list is endless;

But he’s very charming,

He loves me,

He listens to me,

Even when I say rubbish.

He treats me right,

And calls me beautiful,

He cooks me dinner

When I have had a long day,

And rubs my back, when it hurts.

So don’t judge me,

I didn’t choose to love him,

It just happened,

And stop acting all superior too,

For who knows what skeletons

You have, hidden?

Just because your smile is pretty,

Doesn’t mean your heart is.

He’s MY burden,

MY cross, MY mess;

And I love him,

So how about you mind your business?

Leave my mess alone,

Clean yours up first.

Edit: This is not about me. i repeat, this is not about me, OkThanksBye