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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taking stock of 2009

So yep, i got this from Juiceegal 's blog,(not the picture, the post idea) and i thought it was a very good idea, cos apparently 2009 is fast coming to an end, and i dont know where the hell it went...WHERE DID THE TIME GO??!!!

On friends:

hmmn, 2009...friends...i used to think i had many friends, but a situation that happened early into the year brutally robbed me of those sentiments, so now, i am a girl of very few but very good friends...
My old friends back home...they keep saying i dont keep in touch, how i'm bad and i fashied them...well friendsies, how about YOU keep in touch too??

On faith:

I started this year with a list of resolutions...of which i can only remember very that's a lie, i can only remember one...i didnt really start out the year as a very good christian like that sha, but now, i think i can boldly say that i have grown in the Lord.

On relationships:

yeah...about that. Nada.Zero.Zilch. As in nothing at all. No boyfriends, there were a few toasters ...boring to say the least...dropped them along the way...there is/was this guy i like(d), and im pretty sure he like(d) me too, but he never made a move soo yep.Zilch.

have a feeling friends and relationships should be together...oh well *shrugs*

On addictions:

you know that new year resolution i remembered?? yeah, that's why i remembered's an addiction, its so bad im ashamed to say it out. No one knows except God. Been trying to stop for what??two years now?? its very very very hard fro me to stop. i keep saying i will,but it just never happens. *sigh* well, entering 2010 with a bag full of hope. again. Hopefully i will stop this year.
AHA, twitter i see you. That's another minor addiction...i need to reduce how much i spend on twitter, really.

Well i havent really read that much this year for a medical student...that is going to change. oh it is so going to change. My school work hasnt suffered sha, but i need to know so much yayy i'm no longer the youngest in he school, there's a 15 year old in town :)

On pimples:

Cheiiii wetin i do for pimples o?? ok maybe they arent as much as that white chic's but they are there, and i am old enough for them to disappear, so #in2010 they are going far far far away to the land of NeverReturn.

On dimples:
i have developed a weakness for dimples, like no matter how ugly you are, as long as u have dimples, you get a free pass, in fact, as soon as i push my babies out, the first thing i will do is make dimples for them before their skin gets hard.

On swear words:
i have done very well in this department...the most extreme swear word i say is hell...i can actually count how many times i said f**k on the fingers of one hand. isnt that great??

on food:
i have been eating rubbish. simple.its no wonder i actually weigh 44kg. Boiled fried potatoes, really?? boiling potatoes in milk, REALLY??!!! rice and peppersoup, SERIOUSLY??!!!
and chocolate cake! GOODNESS!!!! have u ever felt like you're sinning when you're eating somn extremely delicious?? ehen, i feel like that when i eat chocolate cake...
and candies too, gosh i feel sorry for my teeth!
but really though, i eat like once a day, in fact i have gone a whole 28 hours without any food. i am not watching my weight, in fact what weight is there to watch??

on confidence:
i have become a thousand times more confident than i was at the beginning of this year...i have an amazing voice, i can now take a solo in public instead of in my bedroom or bathroom, hey i even rapped in church once :) plus nobody can insult me about my body now or ever. i know i am beautiful (that's not cockiness, its confidence)

on dressing:
i am still a nun lol..i CANNOT wear anything that exposes even little of my boobs...and the shortest skirt i can wear must not be more that 2 inches above my knee...LOL its not that momc will be angry or i'm one holier-than-thou person or anything, i'm just not comfortable in them is all.

The list could go on and on and on, but i'll stop here...
you guys should really do this, it makes you...soulsearch...makes you feel better...

its new year's eve people, the last day of the old year, a lot of things can happen in 1 day...24 hours...1440 minutes...86400 secs...

spend your time wisely.
Toodles people.

yours in soul-searching
The busy brains.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Myne's autographed book!

Heeeeeyyyy everyone! How are you, wetin dey happen?? First before i go on...


Yes, i had a fabulous day! everyone was saying there was no difference and blah and blah and blah, but i realised It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air!

Anyway, the main point of this post is, I'm entering that competition on Myne's blog for an autographed copy of her book, yes I am :)

And one of the criteria is that i make a blog post for the occasion...
*reads the sentence again* OK i dont know why but that statement looks wrong! *shrugs* oh well...

So, yes i really want to win Myne's book :) least let me win something in my life, ah! Never, never ever ever have i won anything tele tele

So what are y'all waiting for?? Go on there and vote for my chapter!

*furrows brows* oo...k.. scratch that...

If you guys liked my chapter best out of all the others, then vote for it...if not...well...

I'll leave it at that lol

So my people, Have a fab rest-of-the-day...and a very Happy Nu year!

Remember, when we say merry xmas, we are actually X-ing out the most important part of the holiday!

Toodles people...

Yours in Hope
The busy brains

EDIT: actually i was supposed to blog about my here goes...

my chapter was the one about her sister and nephew, her nephew had a crisis and the doctors said he was going to die...Chinedu helped her get over it;
that's basically could read it again...i mean if you want of course.
have a fab day!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

..............please stop crying

Would u please stop crying??

You're hurting me…

Your pain is painful,

It's tearing my insides out.

It's cutting my bruised heart

Into a million tiny shreds.

You think I don’t hear you at night??

You curl up in your duvet

And you cry yourself to sleep.

Please stop crying,

You're killing me.

You tell me your contacts got dust,

That's why the tears flow

But I know the truth,

You tell me the stains on your pillow

Were made by sweat,

I know the truth,

Please stop crying

I can't stand it anymore.

...I'm not ok

I am smiling,

But I'm not ok.

My heart is bleeding,


I'm breaking,


Yet smiling…

In the midst of this chaos

That is my life…


terribly hurting

everything hurts like hell;

So, I am smiling,

But I am NOT ok.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Goodness, i am TIRED! I'm so tired i wish i could just go back to sleep! Actually i wouldn't be awake if i had remembered to turn off that stupid alarm clock. *sigh* Once the alarm wakes me, i cant go back to sleep. Lame right?? i know.

So yeah, i had 6 hours of biochem on Monday, 6 of Physiology on Tuesday, 6 of histology on Wednesday and 6 of more physiology yesterday. Gosh, kill me already! The information was enough to blow my head...actually since i have been eating boiled fried potatoes and rice-and-peppersoup recently, i think my head don blow :(

I had planned to have a loooooong rest after school on Friday, but the hunger that sent me home from school ehn, odikwa serious oh! So my friend and i had to cook...and before i knew it it was time for Bible study! Well i cant say i regretted going cos i had a fabulous time at His feet, PLUS i got to eat some of our...tutor's famous oatmeal cookies and drink the worst tea i ever had the misfortune to taste...well that's not totally true, there was one that had mint, it was disgusting...but that's by the way sha.
Then there was choir practice...i was dead on my feet by that time...but did i leave??? nope. oh oh oh and after that my friend had her birthday celebration and i had to be there...y'all shoulda seen all the pictures. i was DEAD. I couldnt even eat...*wiggles brows*but i took the food tomy room :)...
but it doesnt end there oh! next week i have a row of disgusting courses all lined up...think along the lines of anatomy...and not even ONE visit to the hospital! I swore i would never say FML no no i still wont, get thee behind me satan!

well hope y'all had a better week than mine? The only upside i saw was the way y'all reacted to my part of the blogville story! Honestly i didn't even think it was that good, heck i wrote it in less than two hours cos i had biochem to study for...but you guys really made me feel good, THANK YOU!
btw have you seen the scroll of parchment Myne gave me?? its gawjus!

ok ok i'm now going :)

oh oh oh wait! something happened to me on thursday! listen i had something on my wasnt a boil but it hurt so much and it was beginning to swell cos i was scratching it. So a friend told me to pull out one of my lashes and it would go down. Another friend told me not to, but i figured hey, what do i have to lose?? one eyelash?? so i did it. When i woke up on Friday morning, it was...
wait for it...
wait for it...

yes i had my fine eye back, the whatsit was gone with the wind! seriously y'all should try it if you ever have a problem with your eye.

That's it tweeps, have a fab week ahead, i know i wont :(

the busy brains.