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Sunday, February 21, 2010

it's missing

where is my blogging spirit??

anyone seen it around??

i cant find it anywhere.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

sunday february the fourteenth.

My day started with a text from my best friend.

''May the one you think of, think of you today''.

A very simple but great message.

i loved it.

too bad it didn't happen to me.

oh i got gifts and invitations to dinner and all...

but not from the one my heart longs for :)(

{ note: this sign '':)(''...means i'm not really sure whether to smile or frown}

oh well, my mother always says

''you cannot always get what you want''

smart woman, that one. she even forgot it was val's day today, Bless her soul :)

Please don't beef valentine's day! please please please.

just leave it for those of us who love it. i love its 'overrated-ness'. Thank you.

but not even a text?? HMMPH!

note to self:

T, stop missing what is not missing you! OkThanksBye.

so i hope y'all had a great day?? i had fun i really had fun...but there was still a little wistfulness in my eyes that only my best friend could see.

so tell me...what did y'all do??

p.s: don't you just love that picture?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

i have never...


isn't this baby really cute?? i want cute babies!

so i realized today that i haven't done many a lot of things most people who have lived as long as i have, have done

and here i am, listing a few...

i have never:

eaten bologna

gone bungee jumping

raised my voice at my father

been girly girly

had sex

gone on a real date

had a boyfriend

been a muslim

tried on a bikini

had my own room

had an older sister

weighed more than 44kg

repeated a class

been betrayed

been to silverbird cinemas
(actually i have just never been to the movies lol...yeah i know what you're thinking but hey i have a home theatre and i can buy popcorn and switch off the lights hehe)

been to america or london

loved miley's voice

had to make a reaaaally big decision


seen avatar or terminator or invictus or any of those new sci-fi movies.

been to the spa.

driven a car.

tried on jeggings.

had my heart broken.

been to the studio

liked the harry potter boy

had my nails done

bought a belt with my money

engaged in fisticuffs with a non-family member

been to a mosque.

gotten a val's day gift.

(loooooool i'm kidding jo, y'all bought that didn't you??)

been to KFC.

smoked a cigarette/shisha

drunk beer(and i never will)

had a BB

been to a (strip) club

gotten a tattoo

gone out with a crop-top...or bum shorts.

gotten other piercings besides the ones my mama gave me.

dyed my hair.

had my nose done.

tried on contacts.

used braces.

filed my toe-nails.

been snowed in.

#deepbreath that's about all i can think of right now lol...i tried didn't i?? i might edit the post later if i remember somn else...or if i'm in the mood...

what haven't you ever done?? tell me :)


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what do you do in the toilet??

And so hello my people, i really really missed you guys. i love my blog, for real.

and gosh i really really really love y'all for your feedback on my last post, thanks a lot :)

today, i want to talk about faeces, otherwise known as poo-poo...or simply as poo by the aje-butters :)

i was thinking today. What if we'd been created without the ability...or should i say the need to poo-poo??

seriously what would it be like??

imma tell y'all the advantages i get:

look at me now, i rarely use the toilet myself...maybe once every 3 days...hey don't tell me the danger of not poopoo-ing jare, i know them all...but if the poopoo is not coming, what do u want me to do?? just sit there and wait for it?? #please

but when i go to the toilet, here's what i do:

I either go with my laptop and watch a movie, or i go with a novel and read...or if i'm feeling very studious, i might even take a textbook and read :)

my mother will never ever understand why i do that though lol...

other times though, i just sit there and daydream lol X_X

and until i finish my dream, i won't stand up o!
so basically, it gives me some alone time.

Now about eating:
if we'd been created without the need to eat...hmmn. hmmmmmn. like for real, hmmn.

where would mcdonald's be?? where would kfc be?? or mr bigg's? or sweet sensation?? or even iya basira sef! ahhh my mother's cooking!

i would soooo miss rice,even though i'm tired of it!

and that purely sinful chocolate cake! ooooooh subway cookies, chocolate chip cookies...gummy bears, okro soup...efo riro,i would miss them all...

#ugh amala! ewww. semovita, double ewww...well let's just say some will be missed more than others lol.

There are really many things we take for granted in this life. Honestly. I think we should all sit and think for 5 minutes about how blessed we are, and then appreciate even the littlest things that come our way.

so what do y'all do in the toilet? like for real i'd like to know *batting lashes adorably* tell me please? please please please :)

yours-in-poopoo thoughts.
The Busy Brains.

p.s: toilet and bathroom are NOT the same. so when you want to pee, quit saying 'i need to go to the bathroom' , the bathroom is where you have your bath, the toilet is where you poo #getitright #kthanksbye