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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 1 -Five ways to win your heart.

1.  Intelligence: As most of you know, I am 19. Getting closer to the ‘Marriage-able age’ (Lol I kid) and thus, I have to start thinking of my children. I have to say, if you cannot hold an intelligent conversation, I mean, if I have to do all the talking because, I don’t know, uncomfortable silences make me uncomfortable, and you’re just there saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ then sorry, no hope for us. Basically, I cannot date a stupid person because I want my children to be intelligent. That is all

2.  Godliness – This should have been the first one but hey, it’s still part of the list. I am a struggling Christian. There, I said it. I believe in God, I believe in Heaven, and I believe  in Hell. My ultimate goal is to make heaven. I’m not saying be a pastor or anything, heck I’m not even fit to be a preacher’s wife but I need someone who wants the same goal because, like I said, I’m a struggling Christian and I don’t need anyone who’s gonna drag me down.

3.  Perseverance: I’m annoying. I’m really really annoying. I’m odd. Very few people really understand me. What makes me tick today may not make me tick tomorrow. I like to argue just for argument’s sake. Sometimes I love everyone, sometimes I hate everyone. I don’t pick up my phone calls. I don’t have a lot of friends, I mean a lot of acquaintances, yes, but I’m not sure I have a lot of friends because eventually I think people get tired of my bullshit, and leave. I just want someone who will stay.

4.  Proper Grammar: Anyone who knows me knows that this gets huge, huge points in my book. I mean, I don’t really care if you’re …not aesthetically pleasing. Or whatever. As long as the English that is coming out of your mouth is on point, you are on point.

5.  Strength: I. Love. Strong. Men!!! I can’t help it! I don’t mean the kind of biceps that tear your shirts, nah I don’t think that’s hot. I mean something along the lines of…we go grocery shopping, we buy a bag of rice...i am 105-pound female with broomsticks for arms and toothpicks for legs, and I'm all of five feet and four inches tall…will you ask me to carry the bag of rice with you or can you carry it alone? 

I know this doesn't really go with the title, but it's the best i could do. 

The 30 day challenge

Oh Hi! Pay no attention to me, I'm just cleaning up around here. These spiders now have grandchildren on my blog. No respect. Hmmph. And look at the amount of dust here! Haba.
But no matter, no matter! I am here now. And i've come with this 30-day challenge thingy i saw on Cacoethes Scribendi . I've decided to do it since my days just keep on blendin into each other and I have nothing to do but watch movies and sleep. Oh and eat too. So i'm starting right away :D