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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 30 day challenge

Oh Hi! Pay no attention to me, I'm just cleaning up around here. These spiders now have grandchildren on my blog. No respect. Hmmph. And look at the amount of dust here! Haba.
But no matter, no matter! I am here now. And i've come with this 30-day challenge thingy i saw on Cacoethes Scribendi . I've decided to do it since my days just keep on blendin into each other and I have nothing to do but watch movies and sleep. Oh and eat too. So i'm starting right away :D

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Yen said...

hi there cutiestarchik! This is cool! I also have this 60 day challenge on my blog. but I found your more interesting haha! have to try this after i finish the first one!

check it out if you want, follow and comment on my blog if you please. thanks! =D

yen xx