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Friday, May 28, 2010

Racism...or not?

I'm here to talk about racism.

I don't know how I'm feeling right now...

A few hours ago, I was pissed as hell...

Now...not so sure...sad??

So yesterday, just before I slept, i wanted to check out my facebook for a message that a wonderful blogger sent to me...and i came across a video another person posted...

It was about a Nigerian that got shot dead in Poland.

My first thought was 'Again??' cos this ain't the first time, you know?

and i was like, na wa o...

but then I read the article...or i glanced through it...

and then i realised that the police raided the black market there and the guy started running.

In my opinion, why did he run?? he dey sell weed? I don't know the full details, but the fact is still that the man ran from the police...

I'm not justifying the fact that the police shot him, or anything...after all he was unarmed, and there were about ten police men, if not more...just a little chase, and they would have caught him...he was even sort of old too...

I'm just saying, he shouldn't have run if he wasn't guilty.

There, i was done. I really was going to go to bed at that point...but something caught my eye yet again...

In the polish newspaper, guess what the stupid police used to justify their actions??

The Jos killings.

The idiots actually pasted that BBC link about the Jos riot (did y'all read that one?) and they had the guts to say that that they it was OK for them to kill ONE Nigerian, since even in Nigeria, our riots kill many.

What the hell kind of stupid ass statement is that?? A whole, independent country has the right to release such an illiterate statement?? That killing one Nigerian isn't bad?? That they were not bad people, they hadn't done anything wrong,it was OK because more people have been killed in Nigeria??

An independent nation??

*deep breath, 1000, 999,998, 997...* Hell, I'm getting pissed again.

I'm still trying hard to believe I read in

ah, ahn, aa bad now, she bi enikan l'a pa?? eyin ti eti pa 100 nko?? (ah ahn, we're not bad now, is it not just one person we killed? y'all that have killed over 100 nko?)

I know we're not the best nation, I know the Jos riot is hideous and...oh i don't know,please give me a word?

But for a developed nation to release that kind of statement is beyond my comprehension,and i comprehend a lot, believe you me.

Anyway that wan't really my point...I lose my point more frequently than any person I know...

Racism is a big issue...especially among Blacks...yes i said it. We worry more about racism than whites.

Why does everything that doesn't favour us blacks, have to be racism?

If a black player is given a red by the coach,or an offside goal gets cancelled, it is racism,

If a black woman gets hit by a bus(driven by a white man), because she didn't look well before she crossed the road, it is racism.

If a black person gets kicked out of a show(say X factor), it is because the judges don't like the colour of his what? Na be racism.

Honestly,the hell??

If the bus driver had been black, oh no problem,it was an accident.
If the black person had won; oh blacks are talented, it's no wonder.

I don't disagree, there's still racism in the world, and hey, it ain't never gon' go away...

But sometimes, we blacks really (emphasis on the 'really') need to remove the sticks from our Nyashes, take a sip of urine and let this matter go.

That's my own two-cents, you can take it or leave it.

Yours-in-perplexedness(does that word even exist?),
The busy brains.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Don't you just hate pretenders??

Don't you just wanna bash their faces in and scream at them until they shut the hell up??

Why pretend?? I mean, why bother??

Life is too short for me to be anything but myself.

And if that aint enough for you, then that's your goddamn problem, but don't you be standing there like some holier than thou fool who is better than everybody.

If there's one thing I like myself for, it's that I don't hide stuff. If you vex me, I will tell you. If you ask my opinion of something, I will tell you.

Why do people ask for stuff, and when you tell them the truth, they get mad?

Like, someone records a crappy ass song (everyone is a singer these days), and the person wants my opinion, and I say ''Sorry love, but that was rubbish''.

Wo, me I go tell you straight. If you like, be Obama's uncle's aunt's daughter. Na you know.

And the person stops talking to me.

If you don't want criticisms, then why are you asking?? At least I wasn't the one who opened my mouth and just said it, you ASKED. So why not just remove the stick from your nyash and get over it?

But nooo, the beef remains there for life.

Why is saying the truth considered rude??

Why don't people like to be criticised?

Why do people pretend??

You can pretend if you like. That's fine. But don't be acting like one goody-goody pesin.

Why is there wickedness in the world?

Why why why

I'm full of questions today; it's whatever, really.

Sometimes i just want to know.

Le sigh.

On a completely different note........

BET awards!

P. square and MI got nominated for best international act, yayy!

I think they deserve it, big time, especially P. square.

Like, they worked extra hard for this, sooo yeah.

MI is talented. But he lacks videos....which makes me wonder, if he got nominated for BET without videos.....imagine if he had videos.

Hmmn, Grammy babyyyyy.

On yet another different note, Mama goes six feet under tomorrow...was supposed to be 19th...dunno what happened...point is, tomorrow is the final good-bye.

And guess where I'll be??

In class, that's where.

studying Shigellosis and whatsit.

Bladdy 'Ell.

When I should be holding my sister's hand and pouring sand on her grave, with my head on my brother's shoulder, my right foot on my my mom's laps, and my left foot on my dad's.

Ok, weird position, i know lol.

But it's ok. I think. I hope.

Ok. Off to study the blasted shigellosis. Yes.

I hope I even got my point across. I'm too tired to proofread, so please, no ''Gbagaun's'' abeg.

The busy brains.