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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

day 14 - My outfit for today

I didn't get much sleep last night. Just for about 2 hours. I snoozed the hell out of my alarm clock but i still had to get up early. There's this conference going on in town...organised by Calvary Chapel. Anyway I'm a very simple person. Just gimme a teeshirt and a pair of jeans and i'm okay. So I put on my purple teeshirt/top (not sure of the difference) with the huge giraffe and my jeans. However I was not sure whether to wear my very comfortable flip-flops or my friend's gladiators (i slept over at her apartment last night) . However the gladiators make my legs look too skinny so i tend to avoid them. Anyway i decided against the flip-flops cos i was like, hey it's a conference. So i put on my blue jeans and the gladiators looked normal. However around midday, it got so hot that my panties were sticking to my butt.

Yes, it was that bad!

I had to go to my apartment to change into lighter jeans (my apartment was near the conference centre).

So i put on my grey jeans and my purple teeshirt :)

Soooooo wearing flipflops tomorrow. Most def. I will not wear long jeans/pants till then end of the summer!

I talk too much. I was just supposed to say what I wore and not how I came to wear it lol.

But yeah it's all good. Sorry for wasting your time.  Anyway here's a picture of the huge giraffe. Sorry for the quality. Webcam photos.
Actually lets have two photos instead. Lol it looks like the giraffe had braids in the second picture, but those are just my braids :)


Day 13- My body.

Hello sweet people!

Yeah the topic is a bit...bleh.

Well for me anyway.

My body...where to begin?

Firstly I am a small person. I fluctuate between 48 and 50kg and I'm 5'4.7, almost 5'5. That's why people pick me up whenever they feel like lol

How do i feel about my body?? well let's just say...

I know i'm not that beautiful. I'm okay with that. However I cannot be described as ugly lol that's for sure.

Of course there are a few things I wouldn't mind changing about myself. Not that I would actually do anything about that. But yeah.

Like for instance, I would like a slightly bigger butt. And I would like a smaller nose.

Yeah that's pretty much it.

I tell myself I am very beautiful everyday though. So me too I can feel among the fine babes lol

Here's a very recent picture of me. Easiest to find cos it's also my display pic on all my social websites.

And here's the song helping me feel pretty since 2010 lol

I guess overall i feel just great about my body. I love it. Lol nah joke. I love me.