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Monday, August 24, 2009

don't be selfish!

well, hai blogville :) im happy to be here in your midst lol.

so, im a month old today. yayyy...wait, not in real life oh, just blogville. i would have updated a long time ago today, but hmmn, people can be SELFISH!! haba.

one yeye girl came to my room and jingled her frigging keys in my face while i was getting my beauty sleep! imagine! just to use my laptop! am i the only one in this schewpid place that has internet??? even so, she woke me up just to check her facebook acount and google gossip news...isn't that selfish???!!! and usually once i wake up i cant go back to sleep, so i just lay there while she used my laptop. im getting too nice, my roommate must be rubbing off on me a lil...except she's not nice lol. the normal me would have collected those stupid keys and thrown them AND her so far away she would forget the way the way back to my room...but il just endure, cos il soon move out for them *hiss*

Seriously though it's wrong to wake someone who is deep in sleep just for your selfish benefits. consider the person even if its just a little. plus if you're borrowing someone's laptop while they're there, try not to hog it. the owner might not want to bounce you, but be considerate.

A very funny thing happened today...with my shopaholic roommate. after spending an awful lot of dollars( i wont say how much but let ur imaginations run WILD) on only pants in a day, she promised not to buy anything else for at least a month...until she saw a pair of absolutely gawjusly irrisistible black suede pumps :) and of course she couldn't resist lol...but dont laugh that's not the funny part. she was so in love with them...i aint just talkin love here oh, im talking LOVE. She oohed and aahed over it, and just couldnt stop looking at them, planning the outfit she would wear with them and all lol...that's not the funny part either. here it is...

they got missing!!!

yep yep people, you heard. they just disappeared, like that. like they walked away on the heels...and no, i didnt see it happen...but it was so funny, one minute they were there, and the next they were gone. she was so sad it was heart breaking...the we started to go through the list of people who came tovisit us...there were the three zambian guys and the girl who woke me up to use my laptop...i dont think she stole it though...(except she's a witch which i dont think is possible)....because i saw her walk out of the room.b so im thinkin the zambian guys are tryna play a trick on her, cos she loved them so.

kind of reminds me of the time i used to go for school extension classes in ss3,(story time) i used to save my money to buy novels, plus my popc used to spoil me so bad i used to have 500 naira everytime he took me to school, and of course i'd buy a novel for 250 :) it was a routine...but one day, a very old man wanted to dupe me, he told me to pay 400...that meant i couldnt get my sweet sensation meatpie, donut and of course i told him i was gonah pay 250 and nothing more. and he agreed. the name of the book was key of light by nora roberts, i had read the other two books in the trilogy. when i was about to go, the very old man took the book and looooooooked at it for so long it got creepy, the he gave it back to me. when i got to my room, i put it under my pillow and went to take a shower...i didnt want my mom to stumble upon it cos GCE was coming up.

when i got back to my room i looked under my pillow and guess what i saw...

wait for it...
wait for it...


yes people, i saw only air under my pillow...i searched all momc's hiding places...besides, how could she seize my novel and not give me a good dressing-down??

i slept in my grandmom's bed that night, and the next and the next again, bless the woman.

so that's how i lost my 250 and my novel too...and i never saw the very old man again.

anyway, talkative where was i before?? *scrolls up to check* oh yeah, rumie's shoes.

anyway she's playing her sorrows away on her guitar and sighing deeply every five seconds :)
i bera leave her.

on a totally different and more serious note...i love blogville and all its inhabitants...we're like a family right??? so we shouldn't fight please...if someone writes a post and says their mind, and you do not agree, please state it gently, in a nice and friendly way,or do NOT comment at all...its their space, they can say whatever they like whenever they like and however they like...thats what brought me here in the first place. so if you have a different opinion or think they're wrong, try not to get carried away, choose your words carefully or stay away from the post entirely...its their space, you can go back to yours and say whatever the heck you want , too...nobody gets arrested on blogville for that. :)

yes, now that that's all taken care of, lets move on to more pressing matters.

let's say, have a best friend, and a crush, but you've not told your best friend yet, and she tells you she likes the same guy...but you also like him, and he likes you back, hypothetically of course :), what do you do when he asks you out??? remember she's your total bff and you love her truly, but you also like him...i did say it was hypothetical right? anyway what do you do??

off to bed!! sweet dreams ov me ol of yooo...
food for thought of the week "the most beautiful person is the one with the purest mind and a sincere spirit''

remember, Jesus loves us ol :)