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Friday, July 9, 2010


Hey guys!

So this is CerebrallyBusy reporting, live and direct, from Lagos, Nigeria, the centre of Excellence.

Yeah i finally took my trip!

The fam is fine, thanks for asking (even though you didn't).

The sister is sooooo grown, if i'd been gone forever.

Anyway Nigeria is still pretty much as i left it.

I kissed the floor when i got home lol, i was so glad to be back.

It was too bad about my grams though.

My mother has been fussing about how exceptionally thin I am, and i let her, because it feels good.

You can probably tell that this is a hurried post right? yeah i thought so.

The only thing i kind of hate,is the traffic. Terrible. Tragic, tragic *insert mr. omar's voice*

I said kind of, because traffic gives my mom a reason to buy stuff for me from the hawkers, lol.

Anyway i really have to go now. It's not just me anymore, i have to share with the sis :D


forgive any typos.