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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


*I've been thinking about the Biafran war idea why.I keep thinking about what they must have gone through, how much they all must have suffered, and all for what??

So here I am,40 years on, trying to put myself in their shoes...I'm sure I barely brushed the tip of the iceberg.


So much sorrow…

Too much of it,

So much sadness,

Unstoppable tears,

Motherless children,

Fatherless ones,

Widows, widowers,

Child-less folks,

Everyone is hurt.

But today,

In the midst of it all,

We smile through our tears,

We sing through our sorrow,

We laugh through the despair

Gripping our hearts,

There’s a ray of hope,

A silver lining,

We hold each other,

Cos love’s all we have left,

The sun shines brighter,

The clouds look cheerier,

The birds sing louder,

The trees dance better,

They sway to the wind.

The world just looks…

More peaceful,

More beautiful,

Our broken hearts

Are beginning to heal,

We are taking a step forward,

As a country, as a family,

All who died during the war,

Will not die in vain,

They died for a better tomorrow.

We will make them proud,

Biafra will live forever.


*Too bad it didn’t last