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Friday, August 14, 2009

the aftermath of football.


i'm lying on my bed now,with my muscles hurting like hell, i can't even lift my legs, my hipbones ehn, unbelievably painful, and my gluteus maximus...don't even get me started.

All because i played football yesterday. crazy much?? hehe

My team won the match in case you were wondering (7-2), so yeah, the pain is well worth it.

haven't really got much to say...i feel so lazy i can't even believe i'm typing, (something's wrong wiv my letter 'm')

My mom called me yestee and started talking like i had done something really bad. there was a friend in my room, a male friend.

i think maybe she heard him laugh or somn, she asked me who was in my room.

i told her a friend...

''at this time?''

it was just a little after 7 pm.

''ahn ahn, mommy yes now''

''is he your boyfriend??''

''no, mummy''

''so what is he doing in your room at this time of the night?''

''ok, so if i had a boyfriend, he could stay in my room till midnight??''

''nooo, that's not what i'm saying o, but what is he doing there?''

''he came to visit me''

''alone??what have i told you about staying alone in the room with a guy?''

i rolled my eyes, and she said "don't think i don't know what you're doing with your eyes, i can see you''

honestly that woman is perceptive.

then she asked ''do you have a boyfriend?''


''well, do you? because i know your eyes are open now''

i wanted to spite her so i told her

''yes, and he's ghanaian''

she almost had a heart attack!

''ehn???ehn?? kiloso??? omo ghana!!! ah temi, o ti pa mi'' (what?? a ghanaian?? temi you've killed me!)

she went on and on and on, i was laughing my skinny lil ass off.

''calm down, mom, it's a joke!''

''a joke!! please o!!! i beg you, look before you leap o...but u do have a boyfriend right?''

she's a little tribalistic, she wants me to marry a yoruba man :(

''no,i don't''


did she just ask me why??

''why?? mom you told me i was too young to even think about boyfriends yet!''

''yes, but...i'm not around to force you to do what i want, you know''...what she really meant was when have you ever listened to me? but she didn't say that,and neither did i, i just asked her if i should go in search of one.

''no o, be patient, your time will come...i just want you to be able to tell me when something important is going on in your life''

then why didn't you say that all along??!!!!

moms! they can drive you crazy, but i love me mam to bits and pieces.

now i'm gonah call that great-uncle of mine who sends me money. i have to be a nice girl ;D or else...hmmn, no dough 4 me o!

p.s.i hope man U doesn't lose sunday's match, i just might cry!