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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taking stock of 2009

So yep, i got this from Juiceegal 's blog,(not the picture, the post idea) and i thought it was a very good idea, cos apparently 2009 is fast coming to an end, and i dont know where the hell it went...WHERE DID THE TIME GO??!!!

On friends:

hmmn, 2009...friends...i used to think i had many friends, but a situation that happened early into the year brutally robbed me of those sentiments, so now, i am a girl of very few but very good friends...
My old friends back home...they keep saying i dont keep in touch, how i'm bad and i fashied them...well friendsies, how about YOU keep in touch too??

On faith:

I started this year with a list of resolutions...of which i can only remember very that's a lie, i can only remember one...i didnt really start out the year as a very good christian like that sha, but now, i think i can boldly say that i have grown in the Lord.

On relationships:

yeah...about that. Nada.Zero.Zilch. As in nothing at all. No boyfriends, there were a few toasters ...boring to say the least...dropped them along the way...there is/was this guy i like(d), and im pretty sure he like(d) me too, but he never made a move soo yep.Zilch.

have a feeling friends and relationships should be together...oh well *shrugs*

On addictions:

you know that new year resolution i remembered?? yeah, that's why i remembered's an addiction, its so bad im ashamed to say it out. No one knows except God. Been trying to stop for what??two years now?? its very very very hard fro me to stop. i keep saying i will,but it just never happens. *sigh* well, entering 2010 with a bag full of hope. again. Hopefully i will stop this year.
AHA, twitter i see you. That's another minor addiction...i need to reduce how much i spend on twitter, really.

Well i havent really read that much this year for a medical student...that is going to change. oh it is so going to change. My school work hasnt suffered sha, but i need to know so much yayy i'm no longer the youngest in he school, there's a 15 year old in town :)

On pimples:

Cheiiii wetin i do for pimples o?? ok maybe they arent as much as that white chic's but they are there, and i am old enough for them to disappear, so #in2010 they are going far far far away to the land of NeverReturn.

On dimples:
i have developed a weakness for dimples, like no matter how ugly you are, as long as u have dimples, you get a free pass, in fact, as soon as i push my babies out, the first thing i will do is make dimples for them before their skin gets hard.

On swear words:
i have done very well in this department...the most extreme swear word i say is hell...i can actually count how many times i said f**k on the fingers of one hand. isnt that great??

on food:
i have been eating rubbish. simple.its no wonder i actually weigh 44kg. Boiled fried potatoes, really?? boiling potatoes in milk, REALLY??!!! rice and peppersoup, SERIOUSLY??!!!
and chocolate cake! GOODNESS!!!! have u ever felt like you're sinning when you're eating somn extremely delicious?? ehen, i feel like that when i eat chocolate cake...
and candies too, gosh i feel sorry for my teeth!
but really though, i eat like once a day, in fact i have gone a whole 28 hours without any food. i am not watching my weight, in fact what weight is there to watch??

on confidence:
i have become a thousand times more confident than i was at the beginning of this year...i have an amazing voice, i can now take a solo in public instead of in my bedroom or bathroom, hey i even rapped in church once :) plus nobody can insult me about my body now or ever. i know i am beautiful (that's not cockiness, its confidence)

on dressing:
i am still a nun lol..i CANNOT wear anything that exposes even little of my boobs...and the shortest skirt i can wear must not be more that 2 inches above my knee...LOL its not that momc will be angry or i'm one holier-than-thou person or anything, i'm just not comfortable in them is all.

The list could go on and on and on, but i'll stop here...
you guys should really do this, it makes you...soulsearch...makes you feel better...

its new year's eve people, the last day of the old year, a lot of things can happen in 1 day...24 hours...1440 minutes...86400 secs...

spend your time wisely.
Toodles people.

yours in soul-searching
The busy brains.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Myne's autographed book!

Heeeeeyyyy everyone! How are you, wetin dey happen?? First before i go on...


Yes, i had a fabulous day! everyone was saying there was no difference and blah and blah and blah, but i realised It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air!

Anyway, the main point of this post is, I'm entering that competition on Myne's blog for an autographed copy of her book, yes I am :)

And one of the criteria is that i make a blog post for the occasion...
*reads the sentence again* OK i dont know why but that statement looks wrong! *shrugs* oh well...

So, yes i really want to win Myne's book :) least let me win something in my life, ah! Never, never ever ever have i won anything tele tele

So what are y'all waiting for?? Go on there and vote for my chapter!

*furrows brows* oo...k.. scratch that...

If you guys liked my chapter best out of all the others, then vote for it...if not...well...

I'll leave it at that lol

So my people, Have a fab rest-of-the-day...and a very Happy Nu year!

Remember, when we say merry xmas, we are actually X-ing out the most important part of the holiday!

Toodles people...

Yours in Hope
The busy brains

EDIT: actually i was supposed to blog about my here goes...

my chapter was the one about her sister and nephew, her nephew had a crisis and the doctors said he was going to die...Chinedu helped her get over it;
that's basically could read it again...i mean if you want of course.
have a fab day!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

..............please stop crying

Would u please stop crying??

You're hurting me…

Your pain is painful,

It's tearing my insides out.

It's cutting my bruised heart

Into a million tiny shreds.

You think I don’t hear you at night??

You curl up in your duvet

And you cry yourself to sleep.

Please stop crying,

You're killing me.

You tell me your contacts got dust,

That's why the tears flow

But I know the truth,

You tell me the stains on your pillow

Were made by sweat,

I know the truth,

Please stop crying

I can't stand it anymore.

...I'm not ok

I am smiling,

But I'm not ok.

My heart is bleeding,


I'm breaking,


Yet smiling…

In the midst of this chaos

That is my life…


terribly hurting

everything hurts like hell;

So, I am smiling,

But I am NOT ok.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Goodness, i am TIRED! I'm so tired i wish i could just go back to sleep! Actually i wouldn't be awake if i had remembered to turn off that stupid alarm clock. *sigh* Once the alarm wakes me, i cant go back to sleep. Lame right?? i know.

So yeah, i had 6 hours of biochem on Monday, 6 of Physiology on Tuesday, 6 of histology on Wednesday and 6 of more physiology yesterday. Gosh, kill me already! The information was enough to blow my head...actually since i have been eating boiled fried potatoes and rice-and-peppersoup recently, i think my head don blow :(

I had planned to have a loooooong rest after school on Friday, but the hunger that sent me home from school ehn, odikwa serious oh! So my friend and i had to cook...and before i knew it it was time for Bible study! Well i cant say i regretted going cos i had a fabulous time at His feet, PLUS i got to eat some of our...tutor's famous oatmeal cookies and drink the worst tea i ever had the misfortune to taste...well that's not totally true, there was one that had mint, it was disgusting...but that's by the way sha.
Then there was choir practice...i was dead on my feet by that time...but did i leave??? nope. oh oh oh and after that my friend had her birthday celebration and i had to be there...y'all shoulda seen all the pictures. i was DEAD. I couldnt even eat...*wiggles brows*but i took the food tomy room :)...
but it doesnt end there oh! next week i have a row of disgusting courses all lined up...think along the lines of anatomy...and not even ONE visit to the hospital! I swore i would never say FML no no i still wont, get thee behind me satan!

well hope y'all had a better week than mine? The only upside i saw was the way y'all reacted to my part of the blogville story! Honestly i didn't even think it was that good, heck i wrote it in less than two hours cos i had biochem to study for...but you guys really made me feel good, THANK YOU!
btw have you seen the scroll of parchment Myne gave me?? its gawjus!

ok ok i'm now going :)

oh oh oh wait! something happened to me on thursday! listen i had something on my wasnt a boil but it hurt so much and it was beginning to swell cos i was scratching it. So a friend told me to pull out one of my lashes and it would go down. Another friend told me not to, but i figured hey, what do i have to lose?? one eyelash?? so i did it. When i woke up on Friday morning, it was...
wait for it...
wait for it...

yes i had my fine eye back, the whatsit was gone with the wind! seriously y'all should try it if you ever have a problem with your eye.

That's it tweeps, have a fab week ahead, i know i wont :(

the busy brains.

Friday, November 20, 2009

RE: a trip down memory lane

hello good people of blogville, how have you all been??

So, i was thinking of my mom today and how she babies me now that i'm not home,and how come i slept till 11 am today(my mom couldnt call me because my battery is dead)...and somehow Progressive Thinking began lol...that thinkin way of mine i explained to u guys recently...or tried to. Anyway i took a trip down memory lane, Lagos to the house of mr and mrs.O and their three rambunctious kids :)(don't tell them that,my mom might punch u). Sha i just remembered this day when we stole.Meat. From the cooking pot. loll, before you judge, we were kids...we were between the ages of 8 and 11. and the meat was soooo...well u know how mums cook now. it was so oooh-la-la-cious.
I looked into the pot, and looked away...looked back again, and took to my heels,i didn't want to be tempted. I went to tell my brother the news.

''Tobi, mommy fried meat today''

''so? is this the first time?"

"no but this one is different, it looks... different''

''hmmn, leave it o, i'm going to play ball, u wanna come?"

i hurried after him, he took a detour and went into the kitchen for a drink of water...and ran into the meat. i could tell the moment he noticed the pot. he froze, looked into it, looked away,looked back again, then he shook his head and gave me a rueful smile lolll it was like he was sayin "we are doomed".
That's not the moment we succumbed, no people, it wasnt. we went on to play ball...but our minds kept wandering back to the pot haha.

when we sat down to take a break, we looked at each other. That's the moment i think we both knew we were gonah break the 8th commandment.
it was like a movie, we walked quietly back into the kitchen, looked solemnly into the pot and reached for it, lmao.

Tobi said '' let's take the smallest''
as if that would justify our actions hehe

of course i agreed. "she will never know, she doesnt count her meat"
so we took the first and shared, and honourable people of blogville, i tell you, it tasted way better than it smelled. yep, i said better.

so we took the second. shared again.

Then we took one piece each :) and went to our rooms. my sister was in mine. i showed her the meat and even let her have a bite--kind of reminds me of how eve convinced adam to eat. so of course, she was also hooked.

we went back...sha sha, all in all we took 10 pieces of meat that night. yes people,i said 10.

unfortunately for us, the meat was for the Landlord's Association of the estate where we live, my parents were hosting the meeting that month, and the meat was the item 7 lollll so of course she had fried the meat per head-there were 57 pieces, 28 people were supposed to be present, two for each,and an extra just for...i donno,u get sha :).

when the bomb dropped, we were in the library studying like good children,feeling so so guilty that we couldn't talk to each other and that's weird coz we r very verbose.My mother opened the door, planted her hands on her hips and glared at us (she takes that stance when she's really mad)
" esu kan fe so n'ile yi loni'' (hmmn, the devil is about to come into this house(i dont think that's the correct translation :-/))
my heart stopped, then took off in a sprint. cold sweat broke out all over my body, and my hands became ice. i can't tell how my sibling-partners in crime reacted, cos i was too busy praying for my life.
She was going to flog us, she had even taken my brother's belt, but then she sat down on the couch, and tears silently coursed down her face...

''i was child-less for ten years, and all that time, while i was begging God for children, i didnt ask him to give me children who would be thieves, why are you doing this? don't i do enough for you? what have u asked for that i haven't given you?''

i'm telling you, i've never ever ever ever felt worse than i did at that moment, not even when i broke my treasured music player or wasted 400 dollars loll.
sha, that was the last time i ever stole :) my mother was so sad it was heartbreaking,and i never want that to happen again.

yeah, i just thought i'd share that :)
p.s. it was even worse when i found out she had kept our own fried meat in a separate pot!
ahh, the Joys Of Motherhood :) me love ma mama to bits :).
And that's the end of my story :D, now i'm waiting for a danfo bus to take me back(away from memory lane) before i start typing again.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bye Bye...

She waited in the shadows, at the right hand corner of the airport, and looked around for the one person who would make her smile on that miserable day…she hoped he would at least show up before he left, so she would have another chance to commit him to her memory, the scent of him, his single-dimpled smile, and his extremely white eyes…not that she would ever forget, but…just one last chance…once more…

He stood to the other corner and watched her as she looked for him, and just put all of her in his head, in that photographic memory of his that never ever forgot things…her hair, soft, full, natural, her very white eyes, her nose with the little mole on the side that looked like a very cute pimple, her lips, a natural shade of black and red…actually the only red part was the upper part of her lower lip…he had always dreamed of tasting them, surely they had to taste as delicious as they looked. He shook his head to dispel the thought and continued capturing her with his eyes…her eyes again, her brow-less eyes with the short, full lashes…he remembered when she had cut them off, claiming she wanted them to grow longer…he hadn’t told her then that he loved them short and very full…until they grew again the second time, short and full. At once those black-brown eyes of hers swiveled to him and caught him by full force. He would have blushed if he hadn’t had so much melanin in his skin. As it so happened, all he could do was smile sheepishly, embarrassed at being caught staring. Slowly he made his way through the throng of people, all the while keeping his eyes on her till he stood right in front of her.

''Hi'' he said.

''Hi'' she replied.

Then they just stood looking at each other, each thinking his own thoughts.

''Ahh, your folks?'' he asked

''Ditched them''

He laughed, and she committed it to memory too, that sweet, booming laugh.

''Mine too.''

She smiled, and he captured that moment too, there was no poetic sunlight framing her face, or wind blowing at her hair, but he thought she had never looked more beautiful.

Then without speaking, he stretched out his hands to her, and she sighed and went into them, resting her head on his teenage, gangly chest, as his head came to rest on her hair. He stood a good foot above her 5'3. There were no poetic abs, his chest wasn't so strong, but there wasn’t any place she'd rather be.

''Oh Ben, what are we gonna do?? It's not fair, it's not fair at all''

He turned his nose into her hair and inhaled, the smell of her apple hair cream, and the texture of the hair, he captured them all.

''I know. I also know we were meant to be together. We're gonna work this out, I promise''

She nodded and clutched at him as tightly as she could, all the while thinking about the different planes they would board in less than an hour. And she clutched tighter. He tightened his own hold too and they just stood there…an hour, a week, a year, it didn’t seem to matter. Just that they were together.

Then he drew her back and untangled himself. He removed his blue and grey coat and handed it to her.

''Here, keep this.''


''I want you to have it…I want you to have something of mine, ok?? Just keep it for me, I'll come for it''

She took it and held it gingerly, then gave up and buried her face in it. His scent, oh goodness, it had his scent.

Then she looked at him while she struggled to hold the burning tears behind her lids at bay, because she knew it broke his heart when she cried.

She smiled at him again, and he felt his heart slowly roll over. He lifted his hand out to her.

''Walk with me??'' he asked

''Sure'' and she took his hand.

Together they left the shadows and walked down the corridor until they had to go their separate ways. Their phones rang at the same time, and still holding hands, they answered, spoke for some time and hung up.

''Your folks??''

''Yeah'' he answered ''you too??''

''Yeah'' she said.

Time to go, they both said in their minds, and their hearts broke together, as one.

His hands moved to her face, and the light touch sent her nerves into frenzy.

He swallowed deeply and looked at her.

''I need…I have to do something, I need something to keep you inside me…I need…'' he was having trouble putting his feelings into words, so he simply lowered his head slowly, very slowly, until their lips were just a whisper of air apart. Then he closed his eyes and caught her lower lip between his lips.

It was a kiss as soft as air, and as achingly sweet as…as…

She opened her eyes and looked at him, wondering why he had decided to shatter her already broken heart…, the kiss affected him so bad, and his heart broke into a million pieces. He reached for her again, this time their lips moved leisurely over each other, no tongue involved…

Then they broke apart and just looked at each other, each just simply drinking the other up, never wanting the moment to end…and the tears slowly flowed unbidden down her cheeks. He wiped them away as quickly as they fell.

''Please don’t, you know it breaks my heart to see you cry'' then he wondered how a shattered heart could be broken again.

She nodded mutely. Their phones rang again, and they slowly started moving again…a hug, a soft kiss, another hug…

They slowly released each other until only their fingers were brushing. She blew him a kiss and ran, never looking back.

He rubbed the dull ache in his chest, mildly surprised his heart was still there, as he watched his princess go, Remi, the girl who had made his 18-year old heart fall in love. Then he turned and left, to board his plane to Canada.

She slept in his coat that night, in her room in the United States; and dreamt of him. Ben, the tall, gangly boy who had given her her first kiss in the middle of an airport…the boy who had made her 17-year old heart fall in love.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

chronicles of pictures!

eiiiiiiiii. oya, eyin ara blogville ewa nibi oooooooooooo, i say all of you come and rejoice with me ooooooooooo.

it has happened.

i have learnt it at last oooooooooo, i have learnt!!!!!!

after about 3 years and a lot of sweat, i have learnt it ooooooooooo, yes!!!

*stops to take a breath*

ehen, i said i have learnt it. i have don learn am(pardon my pidgin),

finally, i can edit a picture!!!!

wait wait don't hiss nowww, no no dont click that red x on the top right hand corner of the page, hear me out first biko...

first, about 3 years ago, my papa got a nu camera, and he tried to teach me how to do it...i just kept deleting pictures lol

the last year, my mother got a new camera...and my brother tried to teach me again and again, but the thing was just entering my left ear and coming out of the wasnt my fault jo, that time i wasnt used to modern those days there were only black and white cameras lol, and where will you find effects??? so leave me jo!

now how did i learn it??? yes, some days ago i borrowed a friend's camera...yes yes i be borrow pose, i aint got mine yet, but you just wait!

anyway, i borrowed his camera and started to fiddle with was boredom i guess, i told y'all school was down till 23rd...sha sha, i stumbled upon options...i swear the only ''options'' i knew was delete...then i saw effects, and i was like 'whaaaaa''

sha sha, i kept at it until, hmmmn, until my patience through all these years paid offfffff, yessssss, i can now edit picturesssssssss

and that, is the story of my picture-editing abilities...and the best part is i taught myself!!!

so yessssss, i have a right to be happy abi???

ok here are a couple o' pics....

i put blings on my top!!! lol, i'm razz i know!
and i blurred the edges, but didn't blur the image!!! aren't i a genius???

p.s. ok i am now officially apologising to soyombo-omoyele ...guess what for?? lol, for knowing who he was while i remained anonymous to, i realize laughing makes the apology seem insincere but hahahaaaa, im sorry youngie, i luv you ok???

pps: did i really spend a whole post on my new ability?? smh

ok toodles people, have a fab rest-of-the-week...

yours sincerely
the busy brains

haha, always wanted to say that! BYEEEE

Saturday, October 31, 2009

random post...arent they all??

hello blogville.

how's erryone doing? what's popping??

nothing is popping in my life oh.

  • there's swine flu here, as i said earlier...but now it has spread to other cities, and the federal ministry of health has closed all universities for 3 weeks.
  • as of yesterday, over 30 people have died. that should scare me right?? WRONG!! homegurl isn't even worried arrall *shrugs* momc is more worried than i am...she has every reason to be sha, she's a mom...i feel sorry for those that died tho', may their souls RIP.
  • i have finally moved to a nu room, a two-sitter...on 9th floor...with a girl...a very nice girl i might add...and we are on good terms...i hope it stays that way.
  • we were advised to stay indoors...but i just cant...its not like there's a snowstorm or anything, how can i just stay cooped up in my room?? abeg jo, swine who??
  • i am broke,as in broke. by the end of this month,my account balance will be o.oo. yeah. that's why xmas cant come early enough.
  • i just noticed today that i'm a really small person. as in really small. i'm 5'3 and i weigh 42 kg.
  • people owe me $3oo...but even with that...i know im still in i dont know when they're gonah pay back...
  • man utd won their match today:) like, i love that club, and im gonah die a united fan...
  • i'm going to give writing a whole book a try...u never know...all those childish ones i wrote when i was btw 8 and 12...well, let's just say my mother wanted, im trying.
  • my head is currently full, which confuses me as hell!, and i just wanna scream, like SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
  • between monday and today, i have eaten a whole chocolate cake, half of another one, and half of one vanilla one...well 3/4 really...i dont know where this sudden craving came from...and i'm not pregnant,i'm pretty sure.
  • i have to stop blogging now...cos i have to send some picshures to BBC...before midnight cos my internet cable goes off at midnight.
  • here are some pictures of people going around ternopil in masks...

without our masks...or at least us (we) ladies...that's me on the right...please ignore the totally crazy and white wool, smh, i'm crazy like that.

a friend...

poor girl didn't get a mask to buy...yes, they are out of masks in ternopil...we're supposed to change them every two hours.
a man who sells spices at the MEAT market...that's my black scarf at the corner, i had to pretend to be in the picture before he agreed to it lol.

fellow blacks...the girl is my roommate...dont ask me why she doesnt have her mask!

in a shopping mall...3 jolly friends...or maybe not so jolly.

p.s the pictures are actually supposed to be in ascending order...i wonder how blogger messed that up...well, it's all good.

that's it for me, CB loves y'all...

pps: no church service tomorrow...yeah, its that bad :(

later tweethearts.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As Flu Hits Ternopil

actually what i should have said is
''as SWINE flu hits Ternopil'', but i didnt want you guys to run off hehe, its funny what that word does to people.

anyway, as swine flu hits Ternopil, your homegurl has bn confined to her hostel...yep, school is down for a week...its that serious...

y'all are prolly thinking 'ahh, ur lucky, i need a break myself''...but hmmn, let me just tell you now, we are gonah pay dearly for it...starting from next starts monday and ends saturday!

for five weeks.

so, do u still wanna hv a break??

my mother is even more worried than i am about this flu ke?? swine flu?? emi omo that im covered with the blood of cant even catch me, in fact if it sees me it'll run in the other direction.

so i woke up today, tired, grumpy and very i know its gonah be a very long day...

our homegurl iphy is feeling a lil down and depressed over to her blog and cheer her up...go on...

dance rehearsals now...gotta git...later tweeps

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

yoruba post! eyin aniyan miiiiii

eyin eniyan miiiii.... bawo ni?? mi o ma mo idi ti mo fi n so yoruba loni ooo,

sugbon, eni wa different... hehe, she mi o le so yoruba la i fi english si ni???

ok, o ti dara... ehmmm, ki ni mo fe so na?? mo ti gbagbe sha...iya mi pe mi loni, won fi owo ranse si mi! inu mi dun to je pe!!! bata ni ma fi ra...bata ati aso...

mo ti gba yara tuntun!!! mo de ni roommate ni yoruba fun roommate gan?? ehm *o bi roommate re* ehen, omo-yara. oruko re n je miss x...very nice person de ni...

anyway...emi nlo oh, mo ni physiology ni ola...mio de tii ka anything!
gbogbo everybody lo ti fe mo blog mi yii,mi ode ni gba fun won, iro lon pa...maa kan fun won ni blog post elo miran lati ka ni, nothing do me hehe...

mo ma delete awon kan lati ori fb mi, won ti ma n be ju! won de ma n bi mi mo ma delete at least 200 ninu won...jowo, ti mo ba delete re, ma binu si mi ni, mo nife re pupo, sugbon, o ti bere lati ma bi mi ninu...

ki ni ti awon freshers yi gan?? won fe ma toast emi senior won! se won fori gbagi ni?? hmmn,oju mi ma n ri o!

sooo, emi ti soro tan ni yen, mo n lo se ise ti awon parents mi ran mi wa se...IWE KIKA!

awon agba wa ni, ''ti mo ba kawe mi, bata mi a dun ko-ko-ka'' hehe...

p.s : eyin ti post yii o ye, ema binu ooo, o kan wu mi lati so ede loni ni o!!!

pps: e ma si binu wipe blog post yii wa random... idunnu lofa! (mo hope pe idunnu mean happiness??)

mo luff gbogbo yin ohhh,



Thursday, October 15, 2009

stupid autumn

hello blogsville, im back agen (razz much? lol allow the razzness)

how is erryone doing???

i am freezing IN MY ROOM as i'm blogging right now...i swear, in my room! i can barely feel my toes, my hands are just abt falling off, i'm just freezing.

i think it rained all over the world yesterday...if it didn't rain where u are, raise your hand one?? i thought so. it rained EVERYWHERE, it was frigging cold, i swear it snowed here, in october! i dont even want to think how cold december will be.

so, everyone in my class ended up preparing for the wrong class lol, it was so funny...imagine the shock we got when the teacher told us!
But the day was still fun, in fact, we talked and laughed about almost everything...actually about everything...ranging from superstitions to movies...speaking of movies...who has seen the preview of heart of men?? no, not an american movie, a ghanaian one...i dont really watch homevideos like that oh, but a friend of mine was talking about it, and i youtubed it.
The thing is PORN! i swear, what are they, wanna-bes?? its terrible really *smh* the lengths some people will go! haba!

so, apparently i'm weird because i like to drink garri with milk and milo, and frozen fried fish! i mean, have u guys tried it?? its delicious really...
and rice and irish potatoes, you know?? come oh, u guys shouldn't judge me lol...

its my friend's birthday tomorrow! this one...
ok i know his face isnt really clear but that's him...and yep that's me!

no, no, no he's NOT my bf! we're just FRIENDS!

He'll be 20 :) big boy, isn't he?? but i'm really happy for him...

Happy birthday deary...if u ever read this, which i know you won't,...sooo happy birthday anyway!

Dont you just hate it when people step really up close to u with their stanky-ass breath, and start to talk loudly and then spit in your face??!! you wont know how to, like subtly wipe it off, and the person'll still be talking and talking, haba, dude, dont be sptting in my face, u can like to get your nasty-ass, spitty spitty mouth out of my face! lol...

i tried to change my blogger template and ended up losing all my widgets LOL i still dont know what happened...and the page still looks funny to me...or is it just me??

that's it then, later tweethearts :)


Monday, October 12, 2009

and i'm BACK! back, bigger, bolder, better, badder and b^&*%er lol, its not as if i went anywhere oh.

But i'm back on my feet!...i dont mean i was bedridden or anything either...i mean...

i am now FINE! thanx to david's meatpies *wink* and everyone's loving attention...minus my lost friend of course...controversy, the plan didn't work oh! checked my phone so much im sure it was tired of me sef...but no msg, nothing.

sooo yelz(lol, razz much?hehe) , ur homegurl is now able to finish a sentence without having to pause to sneeze...and the body ache is gone too...well, most of it...

you wont believe what happened to me yesterday...i fell flat on my ass! as in, with a very very heavy much so that im still feeling the pains, thats why i said most of the body ache was gone...the one left was acquired recently... all because of rice...i was cooking the rice, and i kind of forgot it on the burner...until it was burning lol, so i ran into the kitchen...and WHAM the next thing i knew, i was flat on my left side...and i couldnt breathe lol, the wind was literally knocked out of my sails...damn those blasted indians and their oil...i almost couldnt sit in class today...and my left arm, smh, i cant even feel it...

but the pain is sweet sha, lol, im not crazy...but i do realize hw crazy that sounds...hasnt anyone ever had sweet pain?? as in the kind of pain that hurts you in a sweeeet way, that you dont want it to go,and you keep pressing it you know?? no?? oh well, maybe i am crazy...

alrighty then, i was just gonna tell you guys im bera...but as usual i ended up talking a lil too much, smh, so the point of the post...


why do i have a feeling i already said that? *scrolls up to check...and scrolls back down with a sigh*

that's because i did!

ok ok i'm going...

see you guys larer...

sweet dreams of me oh...

and remember, if you dont stand for something, you will fall for anything.

toodles _xx

Friday, October 9, 2009

Letter to my lost friend.

Letter to my lost friend.

Dear friend.

I have come down with the flu.

But you don’t know, cos u aren’t here.

The last time I had the flu

You were there.

You took care of me.

You stayed with me.

You helped me study.

Tablets and Caplets.

Food and Water.

Notebooks and textbooks.

Hot water bottles.

Cold compresses.

Sweaters and coats.

You were simply there.

Where are you now???

What happened to us??

One minute, tight friends.

I blinked, and you were gone.

If only I had held my eyes open just a second longer

I might have seen you disappear.

Now I'm only left with memories.

And semblances of you.

What really happened??

Help me understand, cos I just don’t get it.

Somehow,I don’t think it was just about that little tiff of ours.

And you never even bothered to explain.

Tell me, did you like to watch me wonder??

Or did you like to see me try so hard

To salvage a relationship that only I seemed to want??

And wonder, I did.

Did someone say something to him?

Did i?

Did my words have a hidden meaning??

Was he threatened??

Was I simply too young and immature for him??

Did I bore him that bad??

Did he want a way to simply stop being my friend??

My imaginations ran wilder, believe me.

You bought me a necklace and matching earrings on my birthday.

I look at them everyday.

I miss you everyday.

There are some days I miss you so much it hurts.

Like a pain I can't relinquish.

I miss the way you looked at me when I annoyed you.

The way you always let me win all the fights even when I didn’t want to.

The things only you could say to make me feel better.

The way you always checked up on me after school.

The way we talked late into the wee hours of the morning.

The way you listened to me like no one else ever did.

Most especially the way you believed in me

Even when I didn’t believe in myself.

You came to know me in such a short time.

I was starting to get used to you.

And then you took it all away,

You waved your magic wand

And whisked it all away,

In one breath, with just a wave.


You've given me ample time to recover,

But I haven’t.

Will I ever??

Why am I writing this, I wonder??

I just need to understand.

Its been 7 months,

And I still miss you.

Will I send this one to you?

Or will it just remain in my collection??

Or will it meet the same fate as its predecessors,

In my recycle bin???

This too, I wonder.

Your forever-friend.

You-know-who. (not voldemort)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

i dont want my pills...doctors make the worst patients.

ok, i also think that picture of the man with the pills is gross, but...I HATE PILLS!!

about the long heading...i didnt know which one to pick, so i picked both! why have*cough* half a loaf of bread when you can have the whole thing?

anyway, back to my hating pills.


As in,i'd rather have two injections than swallow one pill.

i hate the round ones, i hate the oblong ones, i hate them *sneezes* ALL!
and when you swallow them...because i sure as HELL cannot CHEW them...and they dont go down, they get stuck in your throat and dissolve out their bitter taste onto your tongue...ewww,i just grossed myself out!

and it takes me like at least 5 minutes to swallow one pill, i swear i kid you not!
imagine how long it used to take me to swallow one piriton tablet, and two chloroquine tablets when i was at home, and mosquito bites had given me malaria lol, thank God there's no mom here to be giving me chloroquine, i hate it!!! tcheww *sneeze*chloroquine ko, chloroking ni! lol,ok that was totally not funny lol :))

*sneeze* someone said on gray's anatomy once that doctors make the worst patients...its soo true, im not even a doctor yet, and i dont take my medications unless someone says "temi, take this pills or *sneeze* DIE''

ok, so i'm rapping in my church on the 24th. yayyy me! the song is

you guys should check it out, its cuuulllll...

i have to go now...not to do anything oh, cos i dont fink i can study going because the talkative girl has finally run out of things to say :)

*off to ~sneeze~twitter*

p.s. we studied the mechanisms of coughing and sneezing today. ironic, isn't it?? tcheww, i felt they were mocking me!

p.p.s. i LOVE jelly candies...who loves 'em too??

later tweethearts.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flu alert

hello blogvilleans

on this day, it is with a sad heart that i announce to you that.....


lol...wait its not an lol mara ohh, flu does serious things to my talking serious pounding head-ache, and u know how your nose can be blocked, but still very runny??? ehen, its like that. and u cant sniff it in cos ur nose is all blocked and ish...its hell i tell you.

plus, i go to the bathroom every 20-30 minutes, cos i drink hot chocolate like crazy... i have no appetite for anything else...not that i had much of one before or anything, and i have scratchy-scratchy throat...but my voice sounds very lovely, thats the silver lining in this bleak cloud.

my refrigerator has gone crazy!!! it freezes everything...a refrigerator, not a freezer oh! i neednt tell you what the freezer does now.

This fall is crazy-cold.

i swear last fall wasnt nearly as cold as this...makes me wonder how winter will be...or maybe with the overly hot summer i forgot how cold last fall was...
but im nearly done with my fall-winter fact, if not for the ojukokoro i have for these absolutely gorgeous pair of boots i fell in love with as i was window-shopping, i would say, i'm done. but i have to have those boots. its that simple.

Meanwhile, yayyy, my teacher changed her mind about my donating urine!...

...for now.
i dont know what changed her mind...but i hope it remains permanently changed.

that's it then, tweeps.

oh wait, someone said one funny thing on twitter : erryone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege

lol,i know its not funny but it cracked me up so bad!...she also said ''if u're 'stuck-up', please remain there''
lol, at least that one is funny shey?

ok, time to go.

--do not underestimate what u are and overestimate what you're not--

later tweethearts.


Monday, October 5, 2009

heavy heart

my heart is heavy today.
i dont know why.

plus i have a urine-donation hanging over my head tomorrow
as in, i have to donate MY urine for an experiment in class tomorrow :(

i've been worried all week.

and i havent finished studying my glycolysis., scratch that.
ALL the time, i wonder what i doing in med school...

but its not that bad sha...after i know what im supposed to have studied...

med school.

i feel so sad...and blogging hasnt even made me feel any better...which is weird, cos it usually does.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

october 1st


boy, have i missed this place...


Happy Independence Dayyyyy Nigeria :))))

and what is this i hear about Chari leaving town?? it cant be true can it?? (yayy, i just learnt the link thingy!)

so, we made independence day shirts :)

pleasssee kindly do NOT comment on my dress sense, or lack thereof :) i had to wear something inside it, it was so cold!

..i thinkmy anonymity is decreasing soooo fast!

the other day i wanted to say somn about a guy...but i couldnt, cos he now reads my blog :(

but anyway, i have now caught the tweebug,like officially.
anytime i switch on my laptop, its the first site i visit! it has pushed fb to, you can even update ur fb status from twitter :) makes my job easier...the only downside...i cant play mafia wars!

n.b: i really have to go for my independence day parry.

so there's this thing i bought yesterday (i know i'm rambling, but please bear with me), its called.

..wait for it...
..wait for it...

Chicken Popcorn.

yes, you heard me oh! i will again get you guys pictures...i really need my own camera.,how weird is that?? but it tastes soooo good *emphasis on the good*

n.b: my friend is pulling me awayyyyyyyy

10 mins later, after a lot of begging

im back again...but not for long oh, i really have to dress up.

i saw this hot man yesterday. i almost peed in my pants.

darn, he's so hot, i dont even mind the forest under his arms...i usually do.
i think its a sin to be this hot...because you can make a woman do all sorts of things *emphasis on the all*

i have just been given a choice...get up now or die, lol :)

i cant proof-read, so just bear with ur homegirl

later, u guys.