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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

chronicles of pictures!

eiiiiiiiii. oya, eyin ara blogville ewa nibi oooooooooooo, i say all of you come and rejoice with me ooooooooooo.

it has happened.

i have learnt it at last oooooooooo, i have learnt!!!!!!

after about 3 years and a lot of sweat, i have learnt it ooooooooooo, yes!!!

*stops to take a breath*

ehen, i said i have learnt it. i have don learn am(pardon my pidgin),

finally, i can edit a picture!!!!

wait wait don't hiss nowww, no no dont click that red x on the top right hand corner of the page, hear me out first biko...

first, about 3 years ago, my papa got a nu camera, and he tried to teach me how to do it...i just kept deleting pictures lol

the last year, my mother got a new camera...and my brother tried to teach me again and again, but the thing was just entering my left ear and coming out of the wasnt my fault jo, that time i wasnt used to modern those days there were only black and white cameras lol, and where will you find effects??? so leave me jo!

now how did i learn it??? yes, some days ago i borrowed a friend's camera...yes yes i be borrow pose, i aint got mine yet, but you just wait!

anyway, i borrowed his camera and started to fiddle with was boredom i guess, i told y'all school was down till 23rd...sha sha, i stumbled upon options...i swear the only ''options'' i knew was delete...then i saw effects, and i was like 'whaaaaa''

sha sha, i kept at it until, hmmmn, until my patience through all these years paid offfffff, yessssss, i can now edit picturesssssssss

and that, is the story of my picture-editing abilities...and the best part is i taught myself!!!

so yessssss, i have a right to be happy abi???

ok here are a couple o' pics....

i put blings on my top!!! lol, i'm razz i know!
and i blurred the edges, but didn't blur the image!!! aren't i a genius???

p.s. ok i am now officially apologising to soyombo-omoyele ...guess what for?? lol, for knowing who he was while i remained anonymous to, i realize laughing makes the apology seem insincere but hahahaaaa, im sorry youngie, i luv you ok???

pps: did i really spend a whole post on my new ability?? smh

ok toodles people, have a fab rest-of-the-week...

yours sincerely
the busy brains

haha, always wanted to say that! BYEEEE