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Sunday, December 20, 2009

..............please stop crying

Would u please stop crying??

You're hurting me…

Your pain is painful,

It's tearing my insides out.

It's cutting my bruised heart

Into a million tiny shreds.

You think I don’t hear you at night??

You curl up in your duvet

And you cry yourself to sleep.

Please stop crying,

You're killing me.

You tell me your contacts got dust,

That's why the tears flow

But I know the truth,

You tell me the stains on your pillow

Were made by sweat,

I know the truth,

Please stop crying

I can't stand it anymore.

...I'm not ok

I am smiling,

But I'm not ok.

My heart is bleeding,


I'm breaking,


Yet smiling…

In the midst of this chaos

That is my life…


terribly hurting

everything hurts like hell;

So, I am smiling,

But I am NOT ok.