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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As Flu Hits Ternopil

actually what i should have said is
''as SWINE flu hits Ternopil'', but i didnt want you guys to run off hehe, its funny what that word does to people.

anyway, as swine flu hits Ternopil, your homegurl has bn confined to her hostel...yep, school is down for a week...its that serious...

y'all are prolly thinking 'ahh, ur lucky, i need a break myself''...but hmmn, let me just tell you now, we are gonah pay dearly for it...starting from next starts monday and ends saturday!

for five weeks.

so, do u still wanna hv a break??

my mother is even more worried than i am about this flu ke?? swine flu?? emi omo that im covered with the blood of cant even catch me, in fact if it sees me it'll run in the other direction.

so i woke up today, tired, grumpy and very i know its gonah be a very long day...

our homegurl iphy is feeling a lil down and depressed over to her blog and cheer her up...go on...

dance rehearsals now...gotta git...later tweeps