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Sunday, February 14, 2010

sunday february the fourteenth.

My day started with a text from my best friend.

''May the one you think of, think of you today''.

A very simple but great message.

i loved it.

too bad it didn't happen to me.

oh i got gifts and invitations to dinner and all...

but not from the one my heart longs for :)(

{ note: this sign '':)(''...means i'm not really sure whether to smile or frown}

oh well, my mother always says

''you cannot always get what you want''

smart woman, that one. she even forgot it was val's day today, Bless her soul :)

Please don't beef valentine's day! please please please.

just leave it for those of us who love it. i love its 'overrated-ness'. Thank you.

but not even a text?? HMMPH!

note to self:

T, stop missing what is not missing you! OkThanksBye.

so i hope y'all had a great day?? i had fun i really had fun...but there was still a little wistfulness in my eyes that only my best friend could see.

so tell me...what did y'all do??

p.s: don't you just love that picture?