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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life and Death.

''When (where?)  there is life, there is Hope''

Once upon a time I used to believe that. But then I grew up, and my cerebrum started to get busy, and i thought, does life REALLY mean hope??

Let's face it.

Life is not always the answer; sometimes, death is.

I see people really trying to save the lives of people who are far gone, and I shake my head. I wonder, do they really consider the feelings of the people in question? Do they know if those people really want to live like that, or not?

my opinion : No.

I don't know as I'm properly explaining the way I feel so that you guys would understand, but I really hope you do. Sometimes words just aren't enough.

I feel people mostly try to save lives because they don't want to have to deal with the grief of losing someone...whom they have already lost, by the way.

I mean, would you really say to a blind, deaf and dumb person, that 'where there is life, there is hope?'...anyway not like they can hear you or anything...HOW does a deaf, blind and dumb person survive?? really? They can't hear, you can't write on a paper and say'read it', they can't talk, HOW?

Or maybe someone who has become a vegetable. He can't think for himself, hell he can't even get up and pee by himself. what kind of life is that? would you really say to him 'where there is life, there is hope?'

Or yeah, a baby who has anencephaly , i mean really HOW would that baby survive? Don't you guys get me? NO FRONTAL LOBE!!

Did you hear of the Boy in the Bubble?? No immune system at all. If he inhaled dust, problem; if a mosquito bit him, problem, HOW would he survive? There's no freaking way, maybe in year two thousand and one million. Maybe.

There are a billion other examples.

That's why I support Euthanasia. That's why.

Because Life doesn't always mean Hope. Life isn't always the answer.

We should really stop looking at death as the enemy. Sometimes, he can be the friend, come to take our loved ones to a better place.

I am a Christian, and yes, i believe in Life after death. I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in Heaven and Hell, I believe in the whole Christianity deal.

And I have lost a very dear person to me, so I know that it doesn't matter how young or old the person who dies is, as long as there's Love, you will hurt and grieve terribly.

But I am a Christian. And I know Hope they're going to a better place. That really has to be a great little consolation.

I know how it hurts to lose someone. But sometimes, Holding on, hurts a lot more.

That's my own two cents.

Or maybe he quote means something else that I don't understand. Maybe I'm taking it too literally.

What do you guys think? Is life always the answer? Does life always mean hope?