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Monday, September 14, 2009

blogger's block

ok...its been over a week...and i have no other excuses apart from the fact that i had 'blogger's block' :( yep...david can bear me witness, i have been commenting...i just havent had the...urge to no, i had things to blog about...just didnt to put them in words...
oh well, let's not live in the here now lol :)

so, my internet is messing up. AGAIN...and that's why im in a friend's room, writing you guys :).
what to say??what to say?? my hands are poised over the keyboard, but for the life of me, i have nothing whatsoever to say :( guess im still blocked...

n.b: i'm murmuring to friend is stealing glances at me. he thinks i've gone nuts...

maybe a trip dowm memory lane will do?? no?? a try...
once, when i was eight, my very...bear in mind i aint just talkin very, here, im talkin' VERY...bad friend told me my parents had had sex.
i vehemently denied it, as in i told her that my folks were virgins :)

temi: ''my mother would never do a thing like that, she's a virgin!''

very bad girl: ''oh, and where do you think you came from??''

temi: ''my mother said i was/am a gift! watch what you say about my mother o, big head!''

very bad girl laughed so hard i thought she would die...she threw her coconut-head back and laughed till tears ran down her cheeks and her sides ached...she was 13, so she was VERY experienced...for primary 3...then she explained sex to me. Thoroughly.

of course i dint believe i asked my grandma. mistake no:1. she told me so many stories i forgot the main reason why i went there.

but when i was 10, i was sadly disillusioned...i read somewhere that two people, a man and a woman had to have sex for a baby to be formed...i think it was my brother's science book.

I started looking at my folks somehow LOL, they'd be watching tv and laughing and i'd be thinking...'' hmmn, so these people too have done it.'' LOL i thought it was a i called my mom and told her i knew what had been going on and God didnt like it, and so it had to stop.
That was when she gave me the sex talk :) and made me take a celibacy vow.

''ask your father, he disvirgined me, that's why he still has that respect for me today''

would you believe i asked my father?? yep yep, and he laughed sooooo hard, but he told me it was true sha :)

ok that was boring *sigh*, sorry i'm still blocked :(

happy belated birthday to Skinnylegs...i cant put that link thingy...i've tried so hard to learn it.*shrug*

oh btw, does anyone know how to unfollow someone?? info needed please...i followed this one blog...but i realise now that i dont like it :( its depressing.

Aha! all man utd haters, where are y'all now, ehn??? i ask again, where are you??? yes, you better go and hide oh, because we are going to the top, and we are staying there babayyyyyy, ahh i got mad love for that club mehn :)

yes, now somebody tell me, is Kanye Omari West mad??? no no lemme rephrase that...Kanye Omari West is MAD!!!!
i dont know why i still love him sef, but i do!!!

why wont he be mad when he'll be carrying that bald saggy-breasted woman everywhere, *hiss*
did u see what she wore to the vma??? her boobs were so sad :(

and that gaga with the nest on her head! *smh*

oh well, its time to go :) i leave y'all with a very very nice song...''good morning by chamillionaire''...havent learnt that youtube thingy either, im hopeless i know :)

well sweet dreams of me. have a fab week.

food for thought of the week: do not tell God how big a problem is, tell the problem how big God is.

Toodles people.