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Monday, August 31, 2009


hello blogville, how's erryone doing??

today is my last free summer day :(,
the first day of the rest of my life.
school starts tomorrow...its hard to believe...
90 days
over so fast...
as in 90 days!!! well, time does fly...dont knw why it cant fly so fast to my 18th birthday though, i cant wait to be 18.

well, i have taken a shower and dressed up :) im going for a party right now...a good, jejely party... iv decided that if i'm going down, i might as well go down in flame and glory...enjoy the last day to the fullest :) cos, hmmn, i dont think i'l have the chance again before december.

i love my new roomie btw, she's great...but i'm switching in a triple right now and i want a double...its more comfy that way.

well, i think that's i just have to search harder for that my mischievously elusive labcoat of mine that wants to get me in trouble, ehn, on first day! kilode gan??

food for thought of the week: if you can't fix it, don't loosen it!!!

fallacy: heaven helps those who help themselves
fact: heaven helps those who CANNOT help themselves

remember, Jesus loves us ol :)) have a fab week people, im x-ing :))


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello :)

hello, wagwan y'all? LOL allow the razzness, today has been...silly as heaven(not that heaven is silly, i just dint want to say hell)

so, i read my last post and realized how sappy it was...LOL sorry for getting all mishy mushy on u guys, but its sooo true. Anyway that's all in the past now.

i got a new roomie today, she's called...(ahh i promised never to mention names...let's call her Daniel LOL) Daniel. she's pretty sha...and she gave me watermelon(i can't resist fruits) so she scored major points.

After eating it, i realized i shouldn't have...cos i dont know if she's a girl that likes to call favours you know?? like after now, she'll come and tell me ''you know i gave you watermelon that time , so you have to help me now'', LOL, i dont think anyone is that shallow sha.

So i received a message on fb today*signs in to copy and paste 4 ur enjoyment*

Hello pretty nice pics you got there,
Well i have not be chanced to get to tru to you but i want you to know that you are stunny;thou i know alot of guys will be around your neck but hanging on your neck wont help cuz i will like you to keep breathing...
Are you really single..?
Moreover i am Hadekunley in civil engr year 3...thou am single but can we still be friends ?

Have a nice time.

Like dude, seriously step up your game. so am i i the mumudotcom that'll send you my number or add you on my messenger for that mara??? mistake no.1, dear guy out there, if you want to toast me, kindly take english lessons, cos i cant stand a guy that speaks terrible english, it disgusts me. *you are stunny*, stunny as in seriously?? and if you speak with a nasty h-factor, at least try not to type it in your love texts,ehn, biko. i know ur speech cant be controlled but ur writing sure as heck can.

Oh and speaking of fb and h-factor, i have noticed something disturbing about some people and their names, what is it with people spelling their names with h-factor???? is it supposed to be funny???cute???interesting?? no seriously tell me, cos i dont understand :-/, im confused.

''hardehsorlah''(adesola), ''hadekunleh"(adekunle) "holuwayohmee"(oluwayomi)

really as in seriously??? please stop it...i have never added or confirmed anyone with such spellings cos hmmn, me i dey get irritated oh. (you guys should hear me speak pidgin, you go laf ehn :D)

Let me stop now, before chari will come and be sweating all over my page LOL. Chari the dude...still funny to me sha. chari, dude, :)

OK, this is where we say our goodbyes, im off to bed.
sweet dreams ov me ol ov you.

remember, i love you guys, but Jesus loves you more...He loves me more than y'all sha, cos im sooo adorable He can't help it :D


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Letter To God

Dear God,

How are you??

Super, I bet,

After all, you're God.

Well I'm not.

Super, I mean.

I'm drowning,

Sinking, and fast too.

They call you olowogbogboro.

That means you have long hands.

Why don't you reach into that deep, deep ocean

And save me before I drown completely?

I need to STOP IT.

And I can't do it without you.

I need your strength.

I need it Lord.

To save me from this ocean of sadness,

Of sorrow, of despair.

I need to STOP IT.

I have tried, Lord, do you like to watch me struggle?

I'm your daughter; I've heard you love me.

I'm still trying hard to believe that one.

For who could love the real me??

Because I put on a happy face,

Everyone thinks I'm happy,

But they don’t know.

No, they don’t know

That looking happy doesn't mean everything is ok

It only means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

I look around,

And everyone looks like a stranger to me

For if everyone is like me

Hiding behind a pretty, smiling fa├žade

Then who are we all??

What demons and sorrows are really in this world?

Everyone thinks I'm a saint.

It drives me crazy

It disgusts me

Heck, I disgust myself.

Do I disgust you Lord?

I need to STOP IT

New Year resolutions haven't held.

Year after year, I renew them.

I never ask for anything else

Just the will to STOP IT

And the fact that it resides

Just between us

Doesn't make it any easier

Yet, I can't talk to anyone about it.

Even my mother doesn't know

And she's the best mother anyone could ever have.

So dear God

This year is running off

And I put my foot down

I say, enough is enough

No more, Lord

No more carry-overs

You've got to help me

All I need to make this work

Is you.

So what do you say, God?

How about it?

How about helping your home girl out?

Your daughter,


Monday, August 24, 2009

don't be selfish!

well, hai blogville :) im happy to be here in your midst lol.

so, im a month old today. yayyy...wait, not in real life oh, just blogville. i would have updated a long time ago today, but hmmn, people can be SELFISH!! haba.

one yeye girl came to my room and jingled her frigging keys in my face while i was getting my beauty sleep! imagine! just to use my laptop! am i the only one in this schewpid place that has internet??? even so, she woke me up just to check her facebook acount and google gossip news...isn't that selfish???!!! and usually once i wake up i cant go back to sleep, so i just lay there while she used my laptop. im getting too nice, my roommate must be rubbing off on me a lil...except she's not nice lol. the normal me would have collected those stupid keys and thrown them AND her so far away she would forget the way the way back to my room...but il just endure, cos il soon move out for them *hiss*

Seriously though it's wrong to wake someone who is deep in sleep just for your selfish benefits. consider the person even if its just a little. plus if you're borrowing someone's laptop while they're there, try not to hog it. the owner might not want to bounce you, but be considerate.

A very funny thing happened today...with my shopaholic roommate. after spending an awful lot of dollars( i wont say how much but let ur imaginations run WILD) on only pants in a day, she promised not to buy anything else for at least a month...until she saw a pair of absolutely gawjusly irrisistible black suede pumps :) and of course she couldn't resist lol...but dont laugh that's not the funny part. she was so in love with them...i aint just talkin love here oh, im talking LOVE. She oohed and aahed over it, and just couldnt stop looking at them, planning the outfit she would wear with them and all lol...that's not the funny part either. here it is...

they got missing!!!

yep yep people, you heard. they just disappeared, like that. like they walked away on the heels...and no, i didnt see it happen...but it was so funny, one minute they were there, and the next they were gone. she was so sad it was heart breaking...the we started to go through the list of people who came tovisit us...there were the three zambian guys and the girl who woke me up to use my laptop...i dont think she stole it though...(except she's a witch which i dont think is possible)....because i saw her walk out of the room.b so im thinkin the zambian guys are tryna play a trick on her, cos she loved them so.

kind of reminds me of the time i used to go for school extension classes in ss3,(story time) i used to save my money to buy novels, plus my popc used to spoil me so bad i used to have 500 naira everytime he took me to school, and of course i'd buy a novel for 250 :) it was a routine...but one day, a very old man wanted to dupe me, he told me to pay 400...that meant i couldnt get my sweet sensation meatpie, donut and of course i told him i was gonah pay 250 and nothing more. and he agreed. the name of the book was key of light by nora roberts, i had read the other two books in the trilogy. when i was about to go, the very old man took the book and looooooooked at it for so long it got creepy, the he gave it back to me. when i got to my room, i put it under my pillow and went to take a shower...i didnt want my mom to stumble upon it cos GCE was coming up.

when i got back to my room i looked under my pillow and guess what i saw...

wait for it...
wait for it...


yes people, i saw only air under my pillow...i searched all momc's hiding places...besides, how could she seize my novel and not give me a good dressing-down??

i slept in my grandmom's bed that night, and the next and the next again, bless the woman.

so that's how i lost my 250 and my novel too...and i never saw the very old man again.

anyway, talkative where was i before?? *scrolls up to check* oh yeah, rumie's shoes.

anyway she's playing her sorrows away on her guitar and sighing deeply every five seconds :)
i bera leave her.

on a totally different and more serious note...i love blogville and all its inhabitants...we're like a family right??? so we shouldn't fight please...if someone writes a post and says their mind, and you do not agree, please state it gently, in a nice and friendly way,or do NOT comment at all...its their space, they can say whatever they like whenever they like and however they like...thats what brought me here in the first place. so if you have a different opinion or think they're wrong, try not to get carried away, choose your words carefully or stay away from the post entirely...its their space, you can go back to yours and say whatever the heck you want , too...nobody gets arrested on blogville for that. :)

yes, now that that's all taken care of, lets move on to more pressing matters.

let's say, have a best friend, and a crush, but you've not told your best friend yet, and she tells you she likes the same guy...but you also like him, and he likes you back, hypothetically of course :), what do you do when he asks you out??? remember she's your total bff and you love her truly, but you also like him...i did say it was hypothetical right? anyway what do you do??

off to bed!! sweet dreams ov me ol of yooo...
food for thought of the week "the most beautiful person is the one with the purest mind and a sincere spirit''

remember, Jesus loves us ol :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009



been gone for so long it feels good to be back...even though im back with boring sturrvs :(

how has erryone been??? im gud too, thanx 4 askin.

i had a dream last night...i usually have crazy dreams, once i had a dream that my mom was my daughter and the guy i had a crush on was her boyfriend! boy was i glad when i woke up...anyway i had a dreammmmm, michael jackson, yes, our dead legend, was a teacher of mine, and he was so boring erryone slept( he wasnt a superstar in my dream) as he droned on and onnnn...then he started to cry!! because erryone was sleeping lol, it was so 4nny the man was crying like a baby!

so in 13 days, summer will be officially wasnt that much of a summer anyway, when it wasnt raining, it was a bit chilly...sometimes smoldering hot sha, but thats not the point. the point is school!
now i love school and all (my nose just grew) but i fink this summer drilled a hole in my head and my brain slowly oozed out with all the knowledge i had! i mean, it isnt completely empty, i still know songs and lyrics lol, but almost nufn of school, and that's comin from a med student.
i tried to read one physiology textbook like that...a beautiful one i might add, i really tried, but it just wasnt entering! i know im in trouble.

Well, my sister has gone on a trip to abuja(an excursion!!!) when i was home ehn, excursion??which nonsense excursion?? i almost wasn't allowed to even visit my friends who lived outside the estate! i remember the one time my mother left me in school when i was in ss3...she didn't do it on purpose, i told them to leave, that i was gonah follow our neighbours...unfortunately for me, they had left! so i was stranded, and one stupid, idiotic woman, who was my teacher, and my mom's student, told me she wasn't gonna let me go home alone, so she made me choose between my best friend's house and hers, to spend the night (this is a woman who flogged the living daylights out of me in jss1 for smelling perf in class, and gave that same best friend of mine, and i, the okada punishment...who knows that punishment? i couldn't bend for two weeks)

Anyway, of course i chose my best friend's house! i didn't need flogging in the middle of the night, prolly because...i donno, maybe i left a plate in the kitchen or somn.
sha, i called my mom with the only ten naira i had left and told her i was gonna spend the night at bestie's. she didn't say anything, she just gave a detached 'ok'.
i knew she wasn't pleased, so i asked her if she could come back for me. she couldn't of course,the traffic was terrible and she was too close to home, so i went to bestie's house.

her mom was so glad to see me(we had been besties since js1), when i got to her house, i almost couldn't breathe. it was GORGEOUS, if a house could be...seriously it was breathtaking, so beautiful and big, i tell u, u can get lost in that house.
when i got to the house, i called my mom to tell her i had arrievd safely...she asked some questions "is her mom home?is her dad home?''...and so on, even bestie's mom called her and told her not to worry(they're friends), this woman didn't say anything then o.

i enjoyed my stay in that house even though i knew i was in trouble. the next day at school, my mom sent for me and asked me why i slept over in someone else's house.

what did she want me to do, biko? sleep in school? so i told her everything. AGAIN.

can u believe what she said? 'temi, u have joined a bad gang,u were not like this before...' and so on. that stupid teacher of mine, i wonder if she was trying to pay me back for nt choosing her house, or she wanted to get in my mother's good graces, i donno, but she told my mom that the reason i got left behind by my neighbours is because i was talking to my friends!

sha, i told my mom it was a lie, and i asked her to ask the teacher which friends i ws talking to. the people she mentioned didn't even wait for the extension classes that made me late in the first place. but of course my mom had to report me to my dad...mistake no. 1: my dad is too soft, he couldn't hurt a fly if he tried :), and he told her i wasn't a liar, and the woman was prolly tryna make a good impression as her student, i laughed so hard (inside oh, or my mom would have backhanded me quick-quick), and then he asked her why she was believing a stranger instead of her own daughter, she felt so bad...but not bad enough to forget about it completely. she never let me live it down...whenever i told her i was gonah follow our neighbours, she would say

''are you sure they won't leave you behind again?''
what she really meant was"are u sure it's not just another ruse to cover up goin to bestie's house again?''
or any other thing of the sort.

anyway, my dad is thinking of going to law school for a year(he's a chartered accountant oh, don't think he's not educated, and a damned good one if i might add:D), i pray he gets a spot in Jesus' name. then he can be an accountant, a banker and a lawyer :)))

well, that's that about that. i need to relax my hair,its almost all natural now. :)

p.s: i might post later-on. i just want u guys to know its completely fiction even if i write it in first person...some peeps thought the previous one was real :)) i'll try to write it in third person sha.


Friday, August 14, 2009

the aftermath of football.


i'm lying on my bed now,with my muscles hurting like hell, i can't even lift my legs, my hipbones ehn, unbelievably painful, and my gluteus maximus...don't even get me started.

All because i played football yesterday. crazy much?? hehe

My team won the match in case you were wondering (7-2), so yeah, the pain is well worth it.

haven't really got much to say...i feel so lazy i can't even believe i'm typing, (something's wrong wiv my letter 'm')

My mom called me yestee and started talking like i had done something really bad. there was a friend in my room, a male friend.

i think maybe she heard him laugh or somn, she asked me who was in my room.

i told her a friend...

''at this time?''

it was just a little after 7 pm.

''ahn ahn, mommy yes now''

''is he your boyfriend??''

''no, mummy''

''so what is he doing in your room at this time of the night?''

''ok, so if i had a boyfriend, he could stay in my room till midnight??''

''nooo, that's not what i'm saying o, but what is he doing there?''

''he came to visit me''

''alone??what have i told you about staying alone in the room with a guy?''

i rolled my eyes, and she said "don't think i don't know what you're doing with your eyes, i can see you''

honestly that woman is perceptive.

then she asked ''do you have a boyfriend?''


''well, do you? because i know your eyes are open now''

i wanted to spite her so i told her

''yes, and he's ghanaian''

she almost had a heart attack!

''ehn???ehn?? kiloso??? omo ghana!!! ah temi, o ti pa mi'' (what?? a ghanaian?? temi you've killed me!)

she went on and on and on, i was laughing my skinny lil ass off.

''calm down, mom, it's a joke!''

''a joke!! please o!!! i beg you, look before you leap o...but u do have a boyfriend right?''

she's a little tribalistic, she wants me to marry a yoruba man :(

''no,i don't''


did she just ask me why??

''why?? mom you told me i was too young to even think about boyfriends yet!''

''yes, but...i'm not around to force you to do what i want, you know''...what she really meant was when have you ever listened to me? but she didn't say that,and neither did i, i just asked her if i should go in search of one.

''no o, be patient, your time will come...i just want you to be able to tell me when something important is going on in your life''

then why didn't you say that all along??!!!!

moms! they can drive you crazy, but i love me mam to bits and pieces.

now i'm gonah call that great-uncle of mine who sends me money. i have to be a nice girl ;D or else...hmmn, no dough 4 me o!

p.s.i hope man U doesn't lose sunday's match, i just might cry!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a stupid day shopping!

so today, a couple of friends dragged my scrawny butt around the city.
Actually i wasn't invited oooo, i was the attache-is-my-hobby...can u believe they said me, a whole me, would slow them down!!!! they said emi, emi ooo, i usually got tired too easily!!!
but was I gonna sit in my room and look at my stupid laptop while they roamed the city and drank coke and ate candy?????
so of course i tagged along ooo, hoping they would see how feisty and fun i was, and walk, we did.
we walked.

and walked

and walkeddddd

seriously oo, we walked ehn, we stopped at practicli every shop, we bought almost errything...or they did....its not like they ignored me o, but i'm really not a great shopping buddy :(
so we walked o, until...*i hate to admit* i got tired.

but in my defence, that was after like 5 hours o!!!

and at the end , u'll never guess what i got to take home...

a skirt!

a stupid, flimsy skirt(which is tres gorgeous by the way), after scouring shops and boutiques!!!

can u feel my pain people??

i didn't know i was that small o, if u knew hw many things i tried on ehn, u'd feel sori 4 me! there was this gawjus yellow dress o, it was beauriful, simply fab!, but of course it was too big, every damn thing was too big!
there's only one solution, i've gat to eat up. :((

well, that's that about that.

so, i've been watchin the bill cosby show. yep yep, the one that premiered 25 years ago,
and its been crackin me up ehn...apart from the fact that the guy talks too much sometimes, haba...he's a worthy rival lol, so the point is, hmmn, that little girl that looked like she could be my lil sis ehn, she's now a big woman o, she was in that queen latifah movie, can't rily rem, i think its called BEAUTY SHOP...or so sha. all of them are big now.
how time flies!

so i heard a riddle sha: mr smith and his son arthur were driving in a car, there was a car crash and mr smith died instantly. bt little arthur was rushed to the hospital for treatment. the old surgeon said
"i can't treat him, cuz he's my son''.

ahh i prolly jus made a silly mistake, u guys are so smart :)

but anyways u guys should listen to that stupid rap song chris breezy did with lil wayne, i fink he shuld stick to his singing!

that's it then! have a lovely time y'all


Monday, August 10, 2009

the joys of motherhood.

It was at midnight when the contractions began. At first they were mild, and 30 minutes apart…I would just wake up to some twinges in my belly…at first I thought Sondra(my unborn child) was just acting up again since I had had two false 'labours' already…so I paid no attention to her. At four a.m the contractions were getting closer and closer and more intense; so I woke my husband Dayo…he's a sleepyhead, that one.

''wuzzgoinon" he asked groggily

''I think I'm having the baby''

He was up and by my side of the bed like a flash of lightening, the contractions were now three minutes apart and the last one still had me clutching at the bedspreads and gritting my teeth till my jaw ached…but I felt a sudden wave of nausea.

''bowl, bowl'' I gasped.

He ran into the bathroom and got a bowl so that I could…puke is too mild a word for what I did, I retched. So much that if I were in my right senses, I would wonder where so much disgusting liquid came from (I had a very light dinner).

He cleaned me up and helped me get out of my night dress.

And then my water broke.

Till this very day, I wonder how Dayo got me to the hospital, no scratch that, I don't. I wonder how he carried me the inflated human into the car.

Not to digress from the point, there were two expectant mothers in the labour room that night. There were two obstetricians there as well. There were two sets of nurses, there were two beds and two sets of sets of medical equipment, and two scared husbands helping their wives with their breathing.

And there were two pairs of screaming lungs that rent the air 9 hours later as two umbilical cords were cut.

But they never knew each other.

In actual fact we were discharged on the same day, left the hospital at the same time and never even looked at each other. We were too engrossed in our babies.

And so we went our separate ways, I to my beautifully expensive house with Dayo, and she to her just-above-average house with her husband and never gave each other any thought at all.

Until eleven months later.

Now a baby does bring a drastic change into your life, and I for one wasn’t expecting any other change that big…at least not for another year or two…but fate had something else in mind.

Sondra had just started walking, and I had resumed work.

The day our lives changed, the baby sitter cancelled just as I was about to leave for work, so I had to take Sondra with me. My husband had already left a long time ago.

I hurriedly dressed her up, and put her in the special car seat my mother had bought, then I carefully strapped her in, all the while praying my boss wouldn't be mad that I had brought her to work.

Of course the traffic was just terrible, and we aint just talking terrible here, we r talking TERRIBLE. So I made a u-turn and took a longer but faster route. And that's when it happened.

The delivery bus(and I'm glad it wasn't a truck) was coming towards us with such speed that I had to pull over to allow its passage.

But unknown to me, the brakes had a fault…so of course it came barreling toward us, and I swerved again. I was screaming as the bus managed to crush the tail of my car and went into the nearby bush.

Then everything went eerily quiet…and no, I didn't pass out. I looked back in utter fear I hoped would not be confirmed…but there she was…my baby, in a mangled mess on the floor of the car.

Then I began screaming in earnest.

Sondra didn't die. But she lost so much blood doctors were pessimistic about her survival. They asked Dayo and I to donate some blood.

The sight of blood usually made me nauseous, but my baby's life was on the line, and I wasn't gon let no fear of blood prevent her from getting better.

So Dayo and I gave blood, and lots of it too, so that when we went back to the waiting room we were so dizzy we had to support each other.

''if I had only waited! It was just traffic, just traffic, why wasn't I patient?'' I wailed

''stop it'' said Dayo, ''this isn't your fault, it isn't your fault at all, do you hear me??''

I nodded mutely with desperate tears rolling down my cheeks.

He pulled me to his chest and I wept my eyes out. He didn't tell me to stop, just patted my back while I let it all out.

We prayed and prayed and paced and paced, I'm pretty sure I walked a thousand miles that night.

After what seemed like forever (it was only 40 minutes), a female doctor came towards us.

''Mr. and Mrs. Browne?''

We jumped up expectantly, yet hesitantly, we didn't want any bad news.

''yes?'' we both answered.

''are you the biological parents of Sondra Browne?''

''yes'' said Dayo

''are you sure?''

We looked at each other quizzically

''why, yes of course, is there a problem?''

The doctor peered at us out of her half-moon glasses.

''I'll need some form of identification please, if you don't mind''

''why? Of course we mind'' I began hotly. ''that's our baby in there, and instead of asking us silly questions, why don’t u…''

Dayo put his hand on my shoulder. ''Lola please relax''

Then he turned to the doctor ''certainly, would a driver's license do?''

''yes please''

Dayo pulled out his battered driver's license and handed it to her.

She turned it this way and that, studied it in the light as though she expected it to suddenly sprout hands and feet.

Then she turned back to us and began her scrutiny again, so I began to feel uncomfortable.

''listen, u gon' treat our baby or what??''

''ahh, I'm sorry, would you come with me please'' she stated rather than asked.

we trudged after her like farmers after a hard day's work. She led us to her office and asked us to wait for her, then went to fetch another older, possibly more experienced doctor. That’s when I knew something was wrong.

The man, also wearing half moon spectacles and peering out of them at us, shook hands with us and asked us to sit.

''well, sir and madam, we could not use the blood you donated for your…'' there was a significant pause ''daughter''

''what?' I said, ''why?''

''well mrs. Browne, the blood you donated does not match the blood type of your…'' there was that significant pause again, only more pronounced this time ''daughter''

''ok, then use her father's, is that why you've been acting so strange?''

They looked at each other.

''mr browne's doesn't match either''

My brows furrowed in confusion.

''soooo, what does that mean?''

''well'' said the female doctor '' your daughter's blood really doesn't match yours, that only leaves us with one conclusion.''

We waited patiently.

Then dr male came forward again

''what dr female (he didn't actually say that) is trying to say is that Sondra isn't your daughter.''

There was a very loud silence. Even the birds outside had stopped singing, and there was no honking of horns.

Then I laughed loudly "hilarious, very funny'' I said, but no one joined.

''you're serious'' I squeaked.

They nodded gravely.

My head felt light and fizzy, like someone was shaking a bottle of coke in it. My hand reached for Dayo's.

''but how's that possible?'' he asked ''she was born right here, in this very hospital, she was born here, I was there when she was born, 11 months ago,what the hell are you saying??''

They looked at each other, confused.

''she was born here?''

''yes, yes, right here'' I answered.

They looked at each other again.

''when exactly please?''

''25th april 2008, why, what's wrong?''

''Nothing, nothing, hang on, we'll be right back.

They went for a really long time, almost an hour, and I don’t even know what we were doing during that time, but when they came back, it didn't look good at all.

''mr and mrs Browne'' said dr female ''we don't really know what's going on''

''well then, have a guess'' I said rudely.

''alright, on that day, only 6 babies were delivered in this hospital, and only 2 women were in the same room. You and another woman''


My mind knew what they were getting at, but I wanted them to spell it out for me, in case I was wrong…but when have I ever been that lucky?

''we think there's a high possibility that the babies were unknowingly switched that night.'' Dr female said hurriedly, as though the words were hot and would scald her tongue if she didn't say them fast.

There was that loud silence again.

Well, I shouldn't bore you with the gory details, I'l just make it simple and quick.

There was a lot of screaming( I did that) and a lot of yelling and swearing (Dayo did that) and a lot of calling(drs male and female did that) that night.

In case you were wondering, Sondra still underwent surgery that night, we had to buy blood from the bank…and we were asked to come back the next morning. Needless to say, we didn't go home that night, not just because of Sondra, but also because we wanted to see what our…I wouldn't say real, maybe, the other Sondra looked like before we did.

Sure enough, at 6 am prompt, there was a slightly harried mother who had her baby in a pouch in front rushing up the hospital hallway. A man in a hurriedly donned suit was trotting along in her wake. I assumed that was her husband. Dayo and I stood up as though in sync as they passed, but they barely spared us a glance.

So of course we followed them. As we passed, I saw my reflection in a glass window…my eyes were red and puffy, one of my earrings was missing, my hair was all mussed and messed up and my nose was shiny. I looked a fright.

I had cried all night, especially at the thought of saying goodbye to my Sondra…but I was all cried out now, or so I thought. I had decided to love the new Sondra, but from a distance. I would do every and anything that needed to be done as a mother, but she would never have that hold that Sondra 1 had on my heart.

My husband put his hands around my shoulder in wordless support, and I leaned against him as we walked through the door those folks had just disappeared through.

There were tears, plenty. I watched the woman break down as the doctors broke the news to her. It was like watching a scene from a movie. I didn't cry.

Until it was time for goodbyes.

The other mother looked at me with eyes just like Sondra's that I broke down too.

Then we hugged each other.

''she needs special care'' she said.

That got me very annoyed ''so does Sondra'' I said with spite.

She sniffed, and wiped her eyes, but she needn't have bothered, fresh tears appeared immediately.

''no no, she needs special care'' she said again.

My brows furrowed again


She sniffed again (our husbands were just standing like zombies, except tears were silently rolling down their cheeks.)

''she's a little different. No…'' she held her hand up as I prepared to talk again.

''she's sick''

My heart dropped all the way into my stomach.

''what do you mean?'' I whispered, afraid.

''she has spina bifida''

''she has what??''

''it’s a malformation that occurs when the spine isn't fully formed so that there's a little hole in her back. And hydrocephalus''


''come see for yourself''

She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the place where Sondra 2 was sitting. She was looking at Sondra 1, who was in a deep sleep but a bonnet was covering her head, so I couldn't see the hydro-whatever.

The other mother gently removed the bonnet from her head and I gasped.

That's a mild word for the sound I made. She turned her head towards me and a sudden rush of love and tenderness suddenly swept over me that it had me gasping and clutching my chest.

She was so beautiful it hurt to look at her. Her head was full of shiningly black and curly hair, but the head itself was so big.

Just seeing the head was enough to make anyone cry. But it didn't detract from her beauty at all. The other mother and father were bonding with Sondra 1 who was now crying loudly. There wasn't a dry eye in the room, even the doctors were crying. And the parrot in the cage by the door. It was a sweetly sad day, a memorable one too, I've never seen that much tears in my life.

Its been two years now, and every time I look at Sondra and my husband I can't believe there could be so much love in my heart for them, but that’s how much I love Sondra 1 too.

Our two families have kept in touch. Yes, the two girls are practically twin sisters, and it gives me joy to see them so happy. Sondra walks with a brace now, and the water in her head has been surgically reduced twice, so that her head isn't so big anymore. We are waiting for her third birthday so we can go for the third and final surgery. She will survive in Jesus' name.

p.s. turns out her first parents had given her the name Vanessa, so we called her Sondra Vanessa Adesola Browne. Nice, isn't it?

Sondra 2 is called Vanessa Sondra Aderonke Wickliffe. Very nice.

I'm glad the hydrocephalus didn't affect sondra's reasoning capability, she's one of the smartest kids I know.

I hope the girls will continue this way, they're great with each other. That is the story of my life…or my baby's life.

Now I hope we live happily ever after.

p.s again: i should add that this is fiction! it just popped up in my head. :) thank you.