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Tuesday, August 18, 2009



been gone for so long it feels good to be back...even though im back with boring sturrvs :(

how has erryone been??? im gud too, thanx 4 askin.

i had a dream last night...i usually have crazy dreams, once i had a dream that my mom was my daughter and the guy i had a crush on was her boyfriend! boy was i glad when i woke up...anyway i had a dreammmmm, michael jackson, yes, our dead legend, was a teacher of mine, and he was so boring erryone slept( he wasnt a superstar in my dream) as he droned on and onnnn...then he started to cry!! because erryone was sleeping lol, it was so 4nny the man was crying like a baby!

so in 13 days, summer will be officially wasnt that much of a summer anyway, when it wasnt raining, it was a bit chilly...sometimes smoldering hot sha, but thats not the point. the point is school!
now i love school and all (my nose just grew) but i fink this summer drilled a hole in my head and my brain slowly oozed out with all the knowledge i had! i mean, it isnt completely empty, i still know songs and lyrics lol, but almost nufn of school, and that's comin from a med student.
i tried to read one physiology textbook like that...a beautiful one i might add, i really tried, but it just wasnt entering! i know im in trouble.

Well, my sister has gone on a trip to abuja(an excursion!!!) when i was home ehn, excursion??which nonsense excursion?? i almost wasn't allowed to even visit my friends who lived outside the estate! i remember the one time my mother left me in school when i was in ss3...she didn't do it on purpose, i told them to leave, that i was gonah follow our neighbours...unfortunately for me, they had left! so i was stranded, and one stupid, idiotic woman, who was my teacher, and my mom's student, told me she wasn't gonna let me go home alone, so she made me choose between my best friend's house and hers, to spend the night (this is a woman who flogged the living daylights out of me in jss1 for smelling perf in class, and gave that same best friend of mine, and i, the okada punishment...who knows that punishment? i couldn't bend for two weeks)

Anyway, of course i chose my best friend's house! i didn't need flogging in the middle of the night, prolly because...i donno, maybe i left a plate in the kitchen or somn.
sha, i called my mom with the only ten naira i had left and told her i was gonna spend the night at bestie's. she didn't say anything, she just gave a detached 'ok'.
i knew she wasn't pleased, so i asked her if she could come back for me. she couldn't of course,the traffic was terrible and she was too close to home, so i went to bestie's house.

her mom was so glad to see me(we had been besties since js1), when i got to her house, i almost couldn't breathe. it was GORGEOUS, if a house could be...seriously it was breathtaking, so beautiful and big, i tell u, u can get lost in that house.
when i got to the house, i called my mom to tell her i had arrievd safely...she asked some questions "is her mom home?is her dad home?''...and so on, even bestie's mom called her and told her not to worry(they're friends), this woman didn't say anything then o.

i enjoyed my stay in that house even though i knew i was in trouble. the next day at school, my mom sent for me and asked me why i slept over in someone else's house.

what did she want me to do, biko? sleep in school? so i told her everything. AGAIN.

can u believe what she said? 'temi, u have joined a bad gang,u were not like this before...' and so on. that stupid teacher of mine, i wonder if she was trying to pay me back for nt choosing her house, or she wanted to get in my mother's good graces, i donno, but she told my mom that the reason i got left behind by my neighbours is because i was talking to my friends!

sha, i told my mom it was a lie, and i asked her to ask the teacher which friends i ws talking to. the people she mentioned didn't even wait for the extension classes that made me late in the first place. but of course my mom had to report me to my dad...mistake no. 1: my dad is too soft, he couldn't hurt a fly if he tried :), and he told her i wasn't a liar, and the woman was prolly tryna make a good impression as her student, i laughed so hard (inside oh, or my mom would have backhanded me quick-quick), and then he asked her why she was believing a stranger instead of her own daughter, she felt so bad...but not bad enough to forget about it completely. she never let me live it down...whenever i told her i was gonah follow our neighbours, she would say

''are you sure they won't leave you behind again?''
what she really meant was"are u sure it's not just another ruse to cover up goin to bestie's house again?''
or any other thing of the sort.

anyway, my dad is thinking of going to law school for a year(he's a chartered accountant oh, don't think he's not educated, and a damned good one if i might add:D), i pray he gets a spot in Jesus' name. then he can be an accountant, a banker and a lawyer :)))

well, that's that about that. i need to relax my hair,its almost all natural now. :)

p.s: i might post later-on. i just want u guys to know its completely fiction even if i write it in first person...some peeps thought the previous one was real :)) i'll try to write it in third person sha.


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Sassy Trends said...


Sassy Trends said...

First time in though, let me go off to read.

Sassy Trends said...

Nice blog though, and so many random
lol at Michael Jackson being your teacher, and lol at ur dream of your mama being ur daughter..

You dey dream ooo!lol

miss.fab said...

Lol @ your dream. That was hilarious. How do dreams just have a life of their own even? How I wish we could control our dreams. Oh the things I would dream about.

Hahhaa at your teacher. Too many people like that exist, and it's funny because the things they do/say just don't make sense! Ahahn your dad is too much o... 3-in-1? Mad sturvs!

CerebrallyBusy said...

@sassy trends :)) lol i dey dreammm

@miss.fab! my dad is da best! :))

Anonymous said...

lol at your malaria?lmao

Rene said...

lol @ ur dreams...kai! only u?

RocNaija said...

And I thought I was random..

CerebrallyBusy said...

@leggy and rene :)))

roc: am i soooo random??didnt notice oh...

Anonymous said...

babes na wa o...where did you go b4 na?

welcome at ur dream...been havin the craziest dreams lately too mehn

lmao! I feel the same way too abt ma brain mehN! shit!

lol at ur story mehhh!!! ma mother would KILL me!

hey is it our fault? the previous one felt so real!!

how far na?

CerebrallyBusy said...


chari the dude :)

still hard to swalow.

chari :)) dude:))