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Friday, November 20, 2009

RE: a trip down memory lane

hello good people of blogville, how have you all been??

So, i was thinking of my mom today and how she babies me now that i'm not home,and how come i slept till 11 am today(my mom couldnt call me because my battery is dead)...and somehow Progressive Thinking began lol...that thinkin way of mine i explained to u guys recently...or tried to. Anyway i took a trip down memory lane, Lagos to the house of mr and mrs.O and their three rambunctious kids :)(don't tell them that,my mom might punch u). Sha i just remembered this day when we stole.Meat. From the cooking pot. loll, before you judge, we were kids...we were between the ages of 8 and 11. and the meat was soooo...well u know how mums cook now. it was so oooh-la-la-cious.
I looked into the pot, and looked away...looked back again, and took to my heels,i didn't want to be tempted. I went to tell my brother the news.

''Tobi, mommy fried meat today''

''so? is this the first time?"

"no but this one is different, it looks... different''

''hmmn, leave it o, i'm going to play ball, u wanna come?"

i hurried after him, he took a detour and went into the kitchen for a drink of water...and ran into the meat. i could tell the moment he noticed the pot. he froze, looked into it, looked away,looked back again, then he shook his head and gave me a rueful smile lolll it was like he was sayin "we are doomed".
That's not the moment we succumbed, no people, it wasnt. we went on to play ball...but our minds kept wandering back to the pot haha.

when we sat down to take a break, we looked at each other. That's the moment i think we both knew we were gonah break the 8th commandment.
it was like a movie, we walked quietly back into the kitchen, looked solemnly into the pot and reached for it, lmao.

Tobi said '' let's take the smallest''
as if that would justify our actions hehe

of course i agreed. "she will never know, she doesnt count her meat"
so we took the first and shared, and honourable people of blogville, i tell you, it tasted way better than it smelled. yep, i said better.

so we took the second. shared again.

Then we took one piece each :) and went to our rooms. my sister was in mine. i showed her the meat and even let her have a bite--kind of reminds me of how eve convinced adam to eat. so of course, she was also hooked.

we went back...sha sha, all in all we took 10 pieces of meat that night. yes people,i said 10.

unfortunately for us, the meat was for the Landlord's Association of the estate where we live, my parents were hosting the meeting that month, and the meat was the item 7 lollll so of course she had fried the meat per head-there were 57 pieces, 28 people were supposed to be present, two for each,and an extra just for...i donno,u get sha :).

when the bomb dropped, we were in the library studying like good children,feeling so so guilty that we couldn't talk to each other and that's weird coz we r very verbose.My mother opened the door, planted her hands on her hips and glared at us (she takes that stance when she's really mad)
" esu kan fe so n'ile yi loni'' (hmmn, the devil is about to come into this house(i dont think that's the correct translation :-/))
my heart stopped, then took off in a sprint. cold sweat broke out all over my body, and my hands became ice. i can't tell how my sibling-partners in crime reacted, cos i was too busy praying for my life.
She was going to flog us, she had even taken my brother's belt, but then she sat down on the couch, and tears silently coursed down her face...

''i was child-less for ten years, and all that time, while i was begging God for children, i didnt ask him to give me children who would be thieves, why are you doing this? don't i do enough for you? what have u asked for that i haven't given you?''

i'm telling you, i've never ever ever ever felt worse than i did at that moment, not even when i broke my treasured music player or wasted 400 dollars loll.
sha, that was the last time i ever stole :) my mother was so sad it was heartbreaking,and i never want that to happen again.

yeah, i just thought i'd share that :)
p.s. it was even worse when i found out she had kept our own fried meat in a separate pot!
ahh, the Joys Of Motherhood :) me love ma mama to bits :).
And that's the end of my story :D, now i'm waiting for a danfo bus to take me back(away from memory lane) before i start typing again.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bye Bye...

She waited in the shadows, at the right hand corner of the airport, and looked around for the one person who would make her smile on that miserable day…she hoped he would at least show up before he left, so she would have another chance to commit him to her memory, the scent of him, his single-dimpled smile, and his extremely white eyes…not that she would ever forget, but…just one last chance…once more…

He stood to the other corner and watched her as she looked for him, and just put all of her in his head, in that photographic memory of his that never ever forgot things…her hair, soft, full, natural, her very white eyes, her nose with the little mole on the side that looked like a very cute pimple, her lips, a natural shade of black and red…actually the only red part was the upper part of her lower lip…he had always dreamed of tasting them, surely they had to taste as delicious as they looked. He shook his head to dispel the thought and continued capturing her with his eyes…her eyes again, her brow-less eyes with the short, full lashes…he remembered when she had cut them off, claiming she wanted them to grow longer…he hadn’t told her then that he loved them short and very full…until they grew again the second time, short and full. At once those black-brown eyes of hers swiveled to him and caught him by full force. He would have blushed if he hadn’t had so much melanin in his skin. As it so happened, all he could do was smile sheepishly, embarrassed at being caught staring. Slowly he made his way through the throng of people, all the while keeping his eyes on her till he stood right in front of her.

''Hi'' he said.

''Hi'' she replied.

Then they just stood looking at each other, each thinking his own thoughts.

''Ahh, your folks?'' he asked

''Ditched them''

He laughed, and she committed it to memory too, that sweet, booming laugh.

''Mine too.''

She smiled, and he captured that moment too, there was no poetic sunlight framing her face, or wind blowing at her hair, but he thought she had never looked more beautiful.

Then without speaking, he stretched out his hands to her, and she sighed and went into them, resting her head on his teenage, gangly chest, as his head came to rest on her hair. He stood a good foot above her 5'3. There were no poetic abs, his chest wasn't so strong, but there wasn’t any place she'd rather be.

''Oh Ben, what are we gonna do?? It's not fair, it's not fair at all''

He turned his nose into her hair and inhaled, the smell of her apple hair cream, and the texture of the hair, he captured them all.

''I know. I also know we were meant to be together. We're gonna work this out, I promise''

She nodded and clutched at him as tightly as she could, all the while thinking about the different planes they would board in less than an hour. And she clutched tighter. He tightened his own hold too and they just stood there…an hour, a week, a year, it didn’t seem to matter. Just that they were together.

Then he drew her back and untangled himself. He removed his blue and grey coat and handed it to her.

''Here, keep this.''


''I want you to have it…I want you to have something of mine, ok?? Just keep it for me, I'll come for it''

She took it and held it gingerly, then gave up and buried her face in it. His scent, oh goodness, it had his scent.

Then she looked at him while she struggled to hold the burning tears behind her lids at bay, because she knew it broke his heart when she cried.

She smiled at him again, and he felt his heart slowly roll over. He lifted his hand out to her.

''Walk with me??'' he asked

''Sure'' and she took his hand.

Together they left the shadows and walked down the corridor until they had to go their separate ways. Their phones rang at the same time, and still holding hands, they answered, spoke for some time and hung up.

''Your folks??''

''Yeah'' he answered ''you too??''

''Yeah'' she said.

Time to go, they both said in their minds, and their hearts broke together, as one.

His hands moved to her face, and the light touch sent her nerves into frenzy.

He swallowed deeply and looked at her.

''I need…I have to do something, I need something to keep you inside me…I need…'' he was having trouble putting his feelings into words, so he simply lowered his head slowly, very slowly, until their lips were just a whisper of air apart. Then he closed his eyes and caught her lower lip between his lips.

It was a kiss as soft as air, and as achingly sweet as…as…

She opened her eyes and looked at him, wondering why he had decided to shatter her already broken heart…, the kiss affected him so bad, and his heart broke into a million pieces. He reached for her again, this time their lips moved leisurely over each other, no tongue involved…

Then they broke apart and just looked at each other, each just simply drinking the other up, never wanting the moment to end…and the tears slowly flowed unbidden down her cheeks. He wiped them away as quickly as they fell.

''Please don’t, you know it breaks my heart to see you cry'' then he wondered how a shattered heart could be broken again.

She nodded mutely. Their phones rang again, and they slowly started moving again…a hug, a soft kiss, another hug…

They slowly released each other until only their fingers were brushing. She blew him a kiss and ran, never looking back.

He rubbed the dull ache in his chest, mildly surprised his heart was still there, as he watched his princess go, Remi, the girl who had made his 18-year old heart fall in love. Then he turned and left, to board his plane to Canada.

She slept in his coat that night, in her room in the United States; and dreamt of him. Ben, the tall, gangly boy who had given her her first kiss in the middle of an airport…the boy who had made her 17-year old heart fall in love.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

chronicles of pictures!

eiiiiiiiii. oya, eyin ara blogville ewa nibi oooooooooooo, i say all of you come and rejoice with me ooooooooooo.

it has happened.

i have learnt it at last oooooooooo, i have learnt!!!!!!

after about 3 years and a lot of sweat, i have learnt it ooooooooooo, yes!!!

*stops to take a breath*

ehen, i said i have learnt it. i have don learn am(pardon my pidgin),

finally, i can edit a picture!!!!

wait wait don't hiss nowww, no no dont click that red x on the top right hand corner of the page, hear me out first biko...

first, about 3 years ago, my papa got a nu camera, and he tried to teach me how to do it...i just kept deleting pictures lol

the last year, my mother got a new camera...and my brother tried to teach me again and again, but the thing was just entering my left ear and coming out of the wasnt my fault jo, that time i wasnt used to modern those days there were only black and white cameras lol, and where will you find effects??? so leave me jo!

now how did i learn it??? yes, some days ago i borrowed a friend's camera...yes yes i be borrow pose, i aint got mine yet, but you just wait!

anyway, i borrowed his camera and started to fiddle with was boredom i guess, i told y'all school was down till 23rd...sha sha, i stumbled upon options...i swear the only ''options'' i knew was delete...then i saw effects, and i was like 'whaaaaa''

sha sha, i kept at it until, hmmmn, until my patience through all these years paid offfffff, yessssss, i can now edit picturesssssssss

and that, is the story of my picture-editing abilities...and the best part is i taught myself!!!

so yessssss, i have a right to be happy abi???

ok here are a couple o' pics....

i put blings on my top!!! lol, i'm razz i know!
and i blurred the edges, but didn't blur the image!!! aren't i a genius???

p.s. ok i am now officially apologising to soyombo-omoyele ...guess what for?? lol, for knowing who he was while i remained anonymous to, i realize laughing makes the apology seem insincere but hahahaaaa, im sorry youngie, i luv you ok???

pps: did i really spend a whole post on my new ability?? smh

ok toodles people, have a fab rest-of-the-week...

yours sincerely
the busy brains

haha, always wanted to say that! BYEEEE