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Saturday, October 31, 2009

random post...arent they all??

hello blogville.

how's erryone doing? what's popping??

nothing is popping in my life oh.

  • there's swine flu here, as i said earlier...but now it has spread to other cities, and the federal ministry of health has closed all universities for 3 weeks.
  • as of yesterday, over 30 people have died. that should scare me right?? WRONG!! homegurl isn't even worried arrall *shrugs* momc is more worried than i am...she has every reason to be sha, she's a mom...i feel sorry for those that died tho', may their souls RIP.
  • i have finally moved to a nu room, a two-sitter...on 9th floor...with a girl...a very nice girl i might add...and we are on good terms...i hope it stays that way.
  • we were advised to stay indoors...but i just cant...its not like there's a snowstorm or anything, how can i just stay cooped up in my room?? abeg jo, swine who??
  • i am broke,as in broke. by the end of this month,my account balance will be o.oo. yeah. that's why xmas cant come early enough.
  • i just noticed today that i'm a really small person. as in really small. i'm 5'3 and i weigh 42 kg.
  • people owe me $3oo...but even with that...i know im still in i dont know when they're gonah pay back...
  • man utd won their match today:) like, i love that club, and im gonah die a united fan...
  • i'm going to give writing a whole book a try...u never know...all those childish ones i wrote when i was btw 8 and 12...well, let's just say my mother wanted, im trying.
  • my head is currently full, which confuses me as hell!, and i just wanna scream, like SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
  • between monday and today, i have eaten a whole chocolate cake, half of another one, and half of one vanilla one...well 3/4 really...i dont know where this sudden craving came from...and i'm not pregnant,i'm pretty sure.
  • i have to stop blogging now...cos i have to send some picshures to BBC...before midnight cos my internet cable goes off at midnight.
  • here are some pictures of people going around ternopil in masks...

without our masks...or at least us (we) ladies...that's me on the right...please ignore the totally crazy and white wool, smh, i'm crazy like that.

a friend...

poor girl didn't get a mask to buy...yes, they are out of masks in ternopil...we're supposed to change them every two hours.
a man who sells spices at the MEAT market...that's my black scarf at the corner, i had to pretend to be in the picture before he agreed to it lol.

fellow blacks...the girl is my roommate...dont ask me why she doesnt have her mask!

in a shopping mall...3 jolly friends...or maybe not so jolly.

p.s the pictures are actually supposed to be in ascending order...i wonder how blogger messed that up...well, it's all good.

that's it for me, CB loves y'all...

pps: no church service tomorrow...yeah, its that bad :(

later tweethearts.