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Monday, August 31, 2009


hello blogville, how's erryone doing??

today is my last free summer day :(,
the first day of the rest of my life.
school starts tomorrow...its hard to believe...
90 days
over so fast...
as in 90 days!!! well, time does fly...dont knw why it cant fly so fast to my 18th birthday though, i cant wait to be 18.

well, i have taken a shower and dressed up :) im going for a party right now...a good, jejely party... iv decided that if i'm going down, i might as well go down in flame and glory...enjoy the last day to the fullest :) cos, hmmn, i dont think i'l have the chance again before december.

i love my new roomie btw, she's great...but i'm switching in a triple right now and i want a double...its more comfy that way.

well, i think that's i just have to search harder for that my mischievously elusive labcoat of mine that wants to get me in trouble, ehn, on first day! kilode gan??

food for thought of the week: if you can't fix it, don't loosen it!!!

fallacy: heaven helps those who help themselves
fact: heaven helps those who CANNOT help themselves

remember, Jesus loves us ol :)) have a fab week people, im x-ing :))