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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Raise your glasses.

Hey dears!

This may be belated, but Happy New Year!!

Yeah, I'm aware I didn't do a new year post, but that was because I wasn't really feeling the new year.
Last year was not all that great for me, and the end was even worse, but that's all old news now...water under the bridge

*raises glass* here's hoping this year is a million times's not looking up yet, but i hope it does very soon.

I'm down with the flu. Yeah, so early in the new year, i know.

The devil is a liar.

So recently on twitter i was talking about Tonto Dike and the ban i hear they want to impose on her...

I think it's bullshit.

First of all, don't get me wrong, i hate Tonto. I think she puts too much...well, for lack of a better word...gra-gra in her acting...she annoys me on screen..


i believe her job is to act, so why in the hell should she be banned for doing her job?? :s

They pay her, she likes the job, she does it. End of story, contract terminated. Why should she be banned for that? Is she the one who wrote the script?

It doesn't matter how bad her role is, is she complaining?

Oh al-right then, let's ban all the bankers in Nigeria, and while we're at it, let's ban the bus conductors, teachers and engineers as well, for doing their job, because some of us don't like the way they do it.

And what is this about it spoiling children? If you allow your underage kids to watch something rated 18, don't complain about it spoiling them.

And if they watch it without you knowing...well...they should be ready to accept responsibility for their actions, after all you won't always be there for them.

Well, that's my own Two Cents. You can take it or leave it.


The Busy Brains.