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Friday, November 20, 2009

RE: a trip down memory lane

hello good people of blogville, how have you all been??

So, i was thinking of my mom today and how she babies me now that i'm not home,and how come i slept till 11 am today(my mom couldnt call me because my battery is dead)...and somehow Progressive Thinking began lol...that thinkin way of mine i explained to u guys recently...or tried to. Anyway i took a trip down memory lane, Lagos to the house of mr and mrs.O and their three rambunctious kids :)(don't tell them that,my mom might punch u). Sha i just remembered this day when we stole.Meat. From the cooking pot. loll, before you judge, we were kids...we were between the ages of 8 and 11. and the meat was soooo...well u know how mums cook now. it was so oooh-la-la-cious.
I looked into the pot, and looked away...looked back again, and took to my heels,i didn't want to be tempted. I went to tell my brother the news.

''Tobi, mommy fried meat today''

''so? is this the first time?"

"no but this one is different, it looks... different''

''hmmn, leave it o, i'm going to play ball, u wanna come?"

i hurried after him, he took a detour and went into the kitchen for a drink of water...and ran into the meat. i could tell the moment he noticed the pot. he froze, looked into it, looked away,looked back again, then he shook his head and gave me a rueful smile lolll it was like he was sayin "we are doomed".
That's not the moment we succumbed, no people, it wasnt. we went on to play ball...but our minds kept wandering back to the pot haha.

when we sat down to take a break, we looked at each other. That's the moment i think we both knew we were gonah break the 8th commandment.
it was like a movie, we walked quietly back into the kitchen, looked solemnly into the pot and reached for it, lmao.

Tobi said '' let's take the smallest''
as if that would justify our actions hehe

of course i agreed. "she will never know, she doesnt count her meat"
so we took the first and shared, and honourable people of blogville, i tell you, it tasted way better than it smelled. yep, i said better.

so we took the second. shared again.

Then we took one piece each :) and went to our rooms. my sister was in mine. i showed her the meat and even let her have a bite--kind of reminds me of how eve convinced adam to eat. so of course, she was also hooked.

we went back...sha sha, all in all we took 10 pieces of meat that night. yes people,i said 10.

unfortunately for us, the meat was for the Landlord's Association of the estate where we live, my parents were hosting the meeting that month, and the meat was the item 7 lollll so of course she had fried the meat per head-there were 57 pieces, 28 people were supposed to be present, two for each,and an extra just for...i donno,u get sha :).

when the bomb dropped, we were in the library studying like good children,feeling so so guilty that we couldn't talk to each other and that's weird coz we r very verbose.My mother opened the door, planted her hands on her hips and glared at us (she takes that stance when she's really mad)
" esu kan fe so n'ile yi loni'' (hmmn, the devil is about to come into this house(i dont think that's the correct translation :-/))
my heart stopped, then took off in a sprint. cold sweat broke out all over my body, and my hands became ice. i can't tell how my sibling-partners in crime reacted, cos i was too busy praying for my life.
She was going to flog us, she had even taken my brother's belt, but then she sat down on the couch, and tears silently coursed down her face...

''i was child-less for ten years, and all that time, while i was begging God for children, i didnt ask him to give me children who would be thieves, why are you doing this? don't i do enough for you? what have u asked for that i haven't given you?''

i'm telling you, i've never ever ever ever felt worse than i did at that moment, not even when i broke my treasured music player or wasted 400 dollars loll.
sha, that was the last time i ever stole :) my mother was so sad it was heartbreaking,and i never want that to happen again.

yeah, i just thought i'd share that :)
p.s. it was even worse when i found out she had kept our own fried meat in a separate pot!
ahh, the Joys Of Motherhood :) me love ma mama to bits :).
And that's the end of my story :D, now i'm waiting for a danfo bus to take me back(away from memory lane) before i start typing again.