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Monday, September 21, 2009

no naija next summer.

well, hello everyone! its been another long while, and while im still blocked, the main reason this time is school. honestly i've been busy. Between juggling biochem, anatomy and physiology classes, and hustling around trying to get a new room, studying, trying to get closer to God and tweeting, i really haven't had a chance to breathe...but i have put everything on hold and come here to take a deeeeppp breath.

i did say i have been tweeting right?? yep, that not-so-new site is my new addiction...i got so addicted i started RS "restatus''-izing'' on facebook :( prolly the only human alive without a BB... which i want very badly by the way...along with a nu ipod, a customized man utd jersey, a guitar and a nu camera :), but oh, that's by the way.

i got some bad news maternal uncle called me ( i'l bet my skinny lil ass my mom put him up to it) and told me i might not be able to go home next summer. :(

of course i asked why...he told me Ribadu (that police IG) came into the country (he's been wanted for over a year), went for Gani's funeral and went back out, and the inspector general of police did not notice, like he didn't notice at all, and the mumu had the guts to say it out loud in public!
Then Britain issued some statement about not believing our security level...seriously i don't believe it either! how can someone who's been wanted for over a year come in, go for a freakingly eminent funeral (not that gani's funeral was freaking or anything, may his soul RIP) and leave, without anyone knowing? not even the police...the man is either extremely crafty or the security is extremely BAD!
And america also issued another statement about not believing in our they told their citizens not to visit the Niger delta or the north! i know its bad, but LOL!

sooo,my point is, he thinks the govt may decide to close the he doesnt mind if they lock me out but he doesnt want me to be locked in.  i have toadit i see his point but...i still feel terrible :( the only thing that was keeping me going all this time was the thought of going home in the summer *sob* now, there's nothing! no incentive, no relaxing thought, nothing!

u guys should check that story out!
LOL like seriously?? they want to invoke spirits when their daughter is in the wrong ?? that thunder go backfire, straight!
btw, whatever happened to Soludo?? i thought he was the CBN governor??? was he impeached too??

n.b: there's a stupid fly buzzing round my head! i will commit a murder now!

ok this is where i have to stop, i have another big class tomorrow :)
in case u notice problems with my 'm', its not my fault oh, i donno why it's so stiff...and i didnt proof-read oh.

*what lies in BEHIND us, and what lies AHEAD of us, are tiny matters compared to what lies WITHIN us*

have a fab week people...see u when next i see you.
p.s: the fly is DEAD! *evil laugh*

Monday, September 14, 2009

blogger's block

ok...its been over a week...and i have no other excuses apart from the fact that i had 'blogger's block' :( yep...david can bear me witness, i have been commenting...i just havent had the...urge to no, i had things to blog about...just didnt to put them in words...
oh well, let's not live in the here now lol :)

so, my internet is messing up. AGAIN...and that's why im in a friend's room, writing you guys :).
what to say??what to say?? my hands are poised over the keyboard, but for the life of me, i have nothing whatsoever to say :( guess im still blocked...

n.b: i'm murmuring to friend is stealing glances at me. he thinks i've gone nuts...

maybe a trip dowm memory lane will do?? no?? a try...
once, when i was eight, my very...bear in mind i aint just talkin very, here, im talkin' VERY...bad friend told me my parents had had sex.
i vehemently denied it, as in i told her that my folks were virgins :)

temi: ''my mother would never do a thing like that, she's a virgin!''

very bad girl: ''oh, and where do you think you came from??''

temi: ''my mother said i was/am a gift! watch what you say about my mother o, big head!''

very bad girl laughed so hard i thought she would die...she threw her coconut-head back and laughed till tears ran down her cheeks and her sides ached...she was 13, so she was VERY experienced...for primary 3...then she explained sex to me. Thoroughly.

of course i dint believe i asked my grandma. mistake no:1. she told me so many stories i forgot the main reason why i went there.

but when i was 10, i was sadly disillusioned...i read somewhere that two people, a man and a woman had to have sex for a baby to be formed...i think it was my brother's science book.

I started looking at my folks somehow LOL, they'd be watching tv and laughing and i'd be thinking...'' hmmn, so these people too have done it.'' LOL i thought it was a i called my mom and told her i knew what had been going on and God didnt like it, and so it had to stop.
That was when she gave me the sex talk :) and made me take a celibacy vow.

''ask your father, he disvirgined me, that's why he still has that respect for me today''

would you believe i asked my father?? yep yep, and he laughed sooooo hard, but he told me it was true sha :)

ok that was boring *sigh*, sorry i'm still blocked :(

happy belated birthday to Skinnylegs...i cant put that link thingy...i've tried so hard to learn it.*shrug*

oh btw, does anyone know how to unfollow someone?? info needed please...i followed this one blog...but i realise now that i dont like it :( its depressing.

Aha! all man utd haters, where are y'all now, ehn??? i ask again, where are you??? yes, you better go and hide oh, because we are going to the top, and we are staying there babayyyyyy, ahh i got mad love for that club mehn :)

yes, now somebody tell me, is Kanye Omari West mad??? no no lemme rephrase that...Kanye Omari West is MAD!!!!
i dont know why i still love him sef, but i do!!!

why wont he be mad when he'll be carrying that bald saggy-breasted woman everywhere, *hiss*
did u see what she wore to the vma??? her boobs were so sad :(

and that gaga with the nest on her head! *smh*

oh well, its time to go :) i leave y'all with a very very nice song...''good morning by chamillionaire''...havent learnt that youtube thingy either, im hopeless i know :)

well sweet dreams of me. have a fab week.

food for thought of the week: do not tell God how big a problem is, tell the problem how big God is.

Toodles people.


Monday, September 7, 2009

hello people, its me again...y'all are prolly tired of me?? eeyah, epele oh.

well, happy sunday to you all :) hope y'all had a great day?

my day was so wonderful i wish i could relive it all over again...minus, of course, the match of the ''super'' eagles.

they should be called ''loser'' eagles, seriously...HOW could they draw THAT match! HOW??!!!

ok i take that back, they are not losers, they r just lost kids that need, not
but still!
there are some teams we should be able to beat without even stepping on the field to play! i mean, we should just hear the names and win them, sharp sharp. we even drew with mozambique! MOZAMBIQUE!! really, as in seriously???

that's how man utd lost to BURNLEY!!! did u hear the name of the team?? BURNLEY oh, i said burnley! sounds like boli to me lol :)

arrrrggghhhh, sometimes i hate that i love football so much...but will i sadden myself this beautiful day because of that?? heck to the N-O i wont.

LOL there was this yeye dude that was watchin the match with my buddies and i...he was seriously vexing me. ..please in case we ever watch a match together, dont be acting like you know it all, abeg. saying nonsense about the players, talkin 'bout how we'll never make it and ish like that.

if you feel so strongly that the players are useless, and they will never win any game, then WHY, for goodness' sake are you watching the game??! WHY? seems to me you have a whole bunch of other things you'd rather be doing...than irritate a room full of people with your presence.

Sha, this dude kept saying them tunisian people could not score, even when the ball was right in front of iyanma! until they scored...even tho i was sad that they scored, i was at least happy that it shut him up!
those tunisians were just scoring right before we even finished celebrating our goals...the first one was like, what? a minute??

btw did u see my osazie??? damn, that boy is fine! he's so fyn! i swear he's the main reason i watch nigerian football, only him...just seeing his face brightens any dull match lol *sigh*

another thing i noticed, the nigerian jerseys didn't have the names of the players on them!! haba! are we THAT poor?? no name??? how can u have intl jerseys without names??

plus i loved the tunisian uniforms...they were beauriful...but then, im partial to red soooo...
ahh, but the keeper's yellow sneakers!! i'd love to have 'em! they were gorgeous!

i still can't believe the super eagles couldn't beat a bunch of hungry, fasting men!

but, that's life.
congrats to gh on becoming the first african nation to qualify for the world cup.

and now, i'm off to study like never before...its necessary.

so, goodnight ol of yhu...and dream ov me ohhh

food for thought of the week: you cannot affect your life positively until you at least make an effort to change a negativity around you that seems unchangeable.

what God did for me today: he gave my broke ass food to eat...after squandering 150 dolls in less than a week!

so....toodles pple.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

dont coment on my wall post!!!

PLEASE, if u are my friend on facebook, and i write on your wall, have the decency to write back on my wall or DO NOT reply at all!!! don't freaking comment on my wall post, it irks me!!! if i, a whole me, can carry my ego which is very big by the way, and come to your page and write on your wall, and you're there commenting on my wall post, ehn!!! please oh, write on my wall back or dont reply at all!!!

*sigh* there! i feel all better now :), ranting feels good!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Saliva Story

Hello people, how are y'all doin??? i hope school isnt kickin' anyone's butt yet?


i had my first class in biochem today...and i can safely say, i LOVE it! at least for now, cos that's how i loved anatomy after my first class...honestly, those my seniors deserve cane! they can scare you unneccessarily! before anatomy started, they were all like 'hmmn anatomy this, anatomy that, this teacher is this, this one is that, anatomy is soo hard'

wth?? and i'm like 'what? are u saying you're more intelligent than i am, because even after all the fuss you freaking passed it soo well!'

and that's how they started for biochem and physiology too...even tho i havent done physiology yet, the biochem class has given me can't be OL that bad.

A funny thing happened in class today LOL, we were studying enzymes ( i have to hurry my play time is almost over), and i'm telling you there was saliva errywhere, it was soo gross...we were supposed to do experiments on our know, effect of ph, temp and ish like that sha, so erryone had to donate their saliva...yuck, it was disgusting, there were several types of saliva...foamy, white, you name it!

so sha, we had all finished the procedure, and it was time to boil in the water bath,
the temperature wasn't supposed to go above 42 degrees so the enzymes wouldn't denature...denature, that's the word my roomie kept repeating over and over again (she's also my classmate).

any little thing, she'd say "so you want your enzymes to denature??'' or ''the enzymes will denature!'' or ''i'm sure the enzymes will denature'', everything denature, denature this, denature that...until this my busybody ugandan friend did...guess what??

wait for it...
wait for it...

she poured all the test-tubes away!!

yes people, she poured my two hours of hard work away, she poured all my sweat away, she poured all my marks for practical away, she poured all the saliva mixtures AWAY!!! she hit the water-bath and all of them came tumbling down, like jack tumbled down the hill.

There was saliva everywhere mehn! as in, all types of saliva rolled into one gross slimy mess! yuck! the things i see! *shakes head*

and to think people french kiss!! ewww, i swear b4 i kiss a guy ehn, i will do a total inspection of his saliva first! i dont want foamy foamy liquid in my mouth LOL i totally just grossed myself out!

ok ok this is where we say our goodbyes.

Jesus loves you...y'all know that right???