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Monday, September 7, 2009

hello people, its me again...y'all are prolly tired of me?? eeyah, epele oh.

well, happy sunday to you all :) hope y'all had a great day?

my day was so wonderful i wish i could relive it all over again...minus, of course, the match of the ''super'' eagles.

they should be called ''loser'' eagles, seriously...HOW could they draw THAT match! HOW??!!!

ok i take that back, they are not losers, they r just lost kids that need, not
but still!
there are some teams we should be able to beat without even stepping on the field to play! i mean, we should just hear the names and win them, sharp sharp. we even drew with mozambique! MOZAMBIQUE!! really, as in seriously???

that's how man utd lost to BURNLEY!!! did u hear the name of the team?? BURNLEY oh, i said burnley! sounds like boli to me lol :)

arrrrggghhhh, sometimes i hate that i love football so much...but will i sadden myself this beautiful day because of that?? heck to the N-O i wont.

LOL there was this yeye dude that was watchin the match with my buddies and i...he was seriously vexing me. ..please in case we ever watch a match together, dont be acting like you know it all, abeg. saying nonsense about the players, talkin 'bout how we'll never make it and ish like that.

if you feel so strongly that the players are useless, and they will never win any game, then WHY, for goodness' sake are you watching the game??! WHY? seems to me you have a whole bunch of other things you'd rather be doing...than irritate a room full of people with your presence.

Sha, this dude kept saying them tunisian people could not score, even when the ball was right in front of iyanma! until they scored...even tho i was sad that they scored, i was at least happy that it shut him up!
those tunisians were just scoring right before we even finished celebrating our goals...the first one was like, what? a minute??

btw did u see my osazie??? damn, that boy is fine! he's so fyn! i swear he's the main reason i watch nigerian football, only him...just seeing his face brightens any dull match lol *sigh*

another thing i noticed, the nigerian jerseys didn't have the names of the players on them!! haba! are we THAT poor?? no name??? how can u have intl jerseys without names??

plus i loved the tunisian uniforms...they were beauriful...but then, im partial to red soooo...
ahh, but the keeper's yellow sneakers!! i'd love to have 'em! they were gorgeous!

i still can't believe the super eagles couldn't beat a bunch of hungry, fasting men!

but, that's life.
congrats to gh on becoming the first african nation to qualify for the world cup.

and now, i'm off to study like never before...its necessary.

so, goodnight ol of yhu...and dream ov me ohhh

food for thought of the week: you cannot affect your life positively until you at least make an effort to change a negativity around you that seems unchangeable.

what God did for me today: he gave my broke ass food to eat...after squandering 150 dolls in less than a week!

so....toodles pple.


11 CerebrallyEndowed views:

Emmymillion said...

The man u ish... Now thats 4nee
Lol.. A bunch of hungry fasting men !! I didnt even knw nigeria had a match... Oh well, gud nyt

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

chai!!! that's one of the reasons why i am happy where i am...i don't get to see those games

but i' really disappointed.

sweet dreamzzzzzzzz of MOI!!!

RocNaija said...

It's probably more annoying that they'll make the same mistakes the next time round as well..

CerebrallyBusy said...

@emmy: we did ohh n we botched it!

@david: lol, i go dream ov u oh

@roc: very true, u r soo ryt.

miss.fab said...

Ah those bad-ass Tunisians... They deserved it jare! And they were even fasting too so double shame to us for losing that match. Did I say lose? Or, er... drawing I guess. Lol

Buttercup said...

Lmao @ Burnley sounding like boli! Mehn, that match almost killed me..sigh. As for the naija team..I don't even know what to say!

CerebrallyBusy said...

miss fab: yeah the tunisians were bad-ass, i luvd 'em :)

BC lol, the only match that can bother me so much like that is a man utd match :) all others are...

Ms. SpicyTee said...

LOL.. Me I call them Super Chickens..
WHat a match? Abegi let dem carry jo..
Anyway thx for ur comment/advice on my blog. I'm keeeping a tab on urs too..

CerebrallyBusy said...

:) you're welcome, and thanx too

Anonymous said...

im sorry ive been bad in commenting but im back

CerebrallyBusy said...

LOL welcome back!