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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a stupid day shopping!

so today, a couple of friends dragged my scrawny butt around the city.
Actually i wasn't invited oooo, i was the attache-is-my-hobby...can u believe they said me, a whole me, would slow them down!!!! they said emi, emi ooo, i usually got tired too easily!!!
but was I gonna sit in my room and look at my stupid laptop while they roamed the city and drank coke and ate candy?????
so of course i tagged along ooo, hoping they would see how feisty and fun i was, and walk, we did.
we walked.

and walked

and walkeddddd

seriously oo, we walked ehn, we stopped at practicli every shop, we bought almost errything...or they did....its not like they ignored me o, but i'm really not a great shopping buddy :(
so we walked o, until...*i hate to admit* i got tired.

but in my defence, that was after like 5 hours o!!!

and at the end , u'll never guess what i got to take home...

a skirt!

a stupid, flimsy skirt(which is tres gorgeous by the way), after scouring shops and boutiques!!!

can u feel my pain people??

i didn't know i was that small o, if u knew hw many things i tried on ehn, u'd feel sori 4 me! there was this gawjus yellow dress o, it was beauriful, simply fab!, but of course it was too big, every damn thing was too big!
there's only one solution, i've gat to eat up. :((

well, that's that about that.

so, i've been watchin the bill cosby show. yep yep, the one that premiered 25 years ago,
and its been crackin me up ehn...apart from the fact that the guy talks too much sometimes, haba...he's a worthy rival lol, so the point is, hmmn, that little girl that looked like she could be my lil sis ehn, she's now a big woman o, she was in that queen latifah movie, can't rily rem, i think its called BEAUTY SHOP...or so sha. all of them are big now.
how time flies!

so i heard a riddle sha: mr smith and his son arthur were driving in a car, there was a car crash and mr smith died instantly. bt little arthur was rushed to the hospital for treatment. the old surgeon said
"i can't treat him, cuz he's my son''.

ahh i prolly jus made a silly mistake, u guys are so smart :)

but anyways u guys should listen to that stupid rap song chris breezy did with lil wayne, i fink he shuld stick to his singing!

that's it then! have a lovely time y'all


7 CerebrallyEndowed views:

Naija bad boi.... said...

hey...welcome to blogsville....umm...ummm....
ehn so u walked...u asked for it
nice blog...just stopped by to say hi....

Suru said...

you don't need to eat up as long as you're healthy and not starving yourself

CerebrallyBusy said...

ahh naija bad boi, thnx o :)

and suru, i know ryt?

RocNaija said...

It'll be hard to gain weight, if you keep walking around burning the calories..

Ice cream every night works a treat though.. :D

CerebrallyBusy said...

abi oooo
haha, i already do that!

SkinnyLegs said...

please please!!none of that gain weight nonsense!
when ure fat now ull be wishing u cld change bak

miss.fab said...

lol, i feel you on the skinny tip. embrace it o jare. you'll come to love it soon. promise!

@ roc - incorrect, ice cream every night does not work for everybody! speaking from experience, haha

i can't believe no one answered that riddle yet! the surgeon is his mom! lol...