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Thursday, October 15, 2009

stupid autumn

hello blogsville, im back agen (razz much? lol allow the razzness)

how is erryone doing???

i am freezing IN MY ROOM as i'm blogging right now...i swear, in my room! i can barely feel my toes, my hands are just abt falling off, i'm just freezing.

i think it rained all over the world yesterday...if it didn't rain where u are, raise your hand one?? i thought so. it rained EVERYWHERE, it was frigging cold, i swear it snowed here, in october! i dont even want to think how cold december will be.

so, everyone in my class ended up preparing for the wrong class lol, it was so funny...imagine the shock we got when the teacher told us!
But the day was still fun, in fact, we talked and laughed about almost everything...actually about everything...ranging from superstitions to movies...speaking of movies...who has seen the preview of heart of men?? no, not an american movie, a ghanaian one...i dont really watch homevideos like that oh, but a friend of mine was talking about it, and i youtubed it.
The thing is PORN! i swear, what are they, wanna-bes?? its terrible really *smh* the lengths some people will go! haba!

so, apparently i'm weird because i like to drink garri with milk and milo, and frozen fried fish! i mean, have u guys tried it?? its delicious really...
and rice and irish potatoes, you know?? come oh, u guys shouldn't judge me lol...

its my friend's birthday tomorrow! this one...
ok i know his face isnt really clear but that's him...and yep that's me!

no, no, no he's NOT my bf! we're just FRIENDS!

He'll be 20 :) big boy, isn't he?? but i'm really happy for him...

Happy birthday deary...if u ever read this, which i know you won't,...sooo happy birthday anyway!

Dont you just hate it when people step really up close to u with their stanky-ass breath, and start to talk loudly and then spit in your face??!! you wont know how to, like subtly wipe it off, and the person'll still be talking and talking, haba, dude, dont be sptting in my face, u can like to get your nasty-ass, spitty spitty mouth out of my face! lol...

i tried to change my blogger template and ended up losing all my widgets LOL i still dont know what happened...and the page still looks funny to me...or is it just me??

that's it then, later tweethearts :)


7 CerebrallyEndowed views:

Myne Whitman said...

Happy birthday to your friend, you guys look cute together, sure he's not your bf? OK OK LOL.

I like drinking gari with milk and a chocolate drink but with fried fish too? Nooo...

CerebrallyBusy said...

lol, he's NOT!

try it with fishhhhh, u'l so enjoy it!

iphyigbogurl said...

happy buffday to ur friend!!
wait oh...... soaking garri and frozen fish?
shuo.......anyway i willl experiment it..if it doesnt taste good ehn...i go swear 4

CerebrallyBusy said...

thank you!

lol, dont swear 4 me oh biko!

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

that's you?
HAHAHA!!!'s not what you are thinking
you look cute in that that's all
silly...and it's snowed here more that three times already
twice in september and twice last week...

CerebrallyBusy said...

lol, thank you david favorit boga nomer odin

juiceegal said...

Hmmm garri and fried fish is tres delicious and i love garri with milo and milk too but all 3 2geda..neva tried it.
Happy bday 2 ur friend and ndo bout d snow..blame it on global warming...hehee..just felt like saying global warming..peace