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Thursday, October 1, 2009

october 1st


boy, have i missed this place...


Happy Independence Dayyyyy Nigeria :))))

and what is this i hear about Chari leaving town?? it cant be true can it?? (yayy, i just learnt the link thingy!)

so, we made independence day shirts :)

pleasssee kindly do NOT comment on my dress sense, or lack thereof :) i had to wear something inside it, it was so cold!

..i thinkmy anonymity is decreasing soooo fast!

the other day i wanted to say somn about a guy...but i couldnt, cos he now reads my blog :(

but anyway, i have now caught the tweebug,like officially.
anytime i switch on my laptop, its the first site i visit! it has pushed fb to, you can even update ur fb status from twitter :) makes my job easier...the only downside...i cant play mafia wars!

n.b: i really have to go for my independence day parry.

so there's this thing i bought yesterday (i know i'm rambling, but please bear with me), its called.

..wait for it...
..wait for it...

Chicken Popcorn.

yes, you heard me oh! i will again get you guys pictures...i really need my own camera.,how weird is that?? but it tastes soooo good *emphasis on the good*

n.b: my friend is pulling me awayyyyyyyy

10 mins later, after a lot of begging

im back again...but not for long oh, i really have to dress up.

i saw this hot man yesterday. i almost peed in my pants.

darn, he's so hot, i dont even mind the forest under his arms...i usually do.
i think its a sin to be this hot...because you can make a woman do all sorts of things *emphasis on the all*

i have just been given a choice...get up now or die, lol :)

i cant proof-read, so just bear with ur homegirl

later, u guys.


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