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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what do you do in the toilet??

And so hello my people, i really really missed you guys. i love my blog, for real.

and gosh i really really really love y'all for your feedback on my last post, thanks a lot :)

today, i want to talk about faeces, otherwise known as poo-poo...or simply as poo by the aje-butters :)

i was thinking today. What if we'd been created without the ability...or should i say the need to poo-poo??

seriously what would it be like??

imma tell y'all the advantages i get:

look at me now, i rarely use the toilet myself...maybe once every 3 days...hey don't tell me the danger of not poopoo-ing jare, i know them all...but if the poopoo is not coming, what do u want me to do?? just sit there and wait for it?? #please

but when i go to the toilet, here's what i do:

I either go with my laptop and watch a movie, or i go with a novel and read...or if i'm feeling very studious, i might even take a textbook and read :)

my mother will never ever understand why i do that though lol...

other times though, i just sit there and daydream lol X_X

and until i finish my dream, i won't stand up o!
so basically, it gives me some alone time.

Now about eating:
if we'd been created without the need to eat...hmmn. hmmmmmn. like for real, hmmn.

where would mcdonald's be?? where would kfc be?? or mr bigg's? or sweet sensation?? or even iya basira sef! ahhh my mother's cooking!

i would soooo miss rice,even though i'm tired of it!

and that purely sinful chocolate cake! ooooooh subway cookies, chocolate chip cookies...gummy bears, okro soup...efo riro,i would miss them all...

#ugh amala! ewww. semovita, double ewww...well let's just say some will be missed more than others lol.

There are really many things we take for granted in this life. Honestly. I think we should all sit and think for 5 minutes about how blessed we are, and then appreciate even the littlest things that come our way.

so what do y'all do in the toilet? like for real i'd like to know *batting lashes adorably* tell me please? please please please :)

yours-in-poopoo thoughts.
The Busy Brains.

p.s: toilet and bathroom are NOT the same. so when you want to pee, quit saying 'i need to go to the bathroom' , the bathroom is where you have your bath, the toilet is where you poo #getitright #kthanksbye

20 CerebrallyEndowed views:

neefemi said...

roftlmao...omygosh i burst out laughing @ work o....ummm so yea i'm like u have to beg me to go to the toilet, i hate it...i think God should have found another way to recycle our mess jo...but yea i'm like you - i read , watch shows everything but talk on th phone

leggy said...

i cant take my laptop cos people sometimes use it...i take novels and magazines..sometimes i'd be so pressed but i wont go into the toilet if i dont find something to read in there.
i love food.i love food.everyone around knows that i love food.
i hate it when i meet people and they see how thin i am then they conclude that i dont eat.i eat...A LOT!!

blogoratti said...

Wow. Shout out to y'all for handling business in the toilet-and still be watching dvd collections n eating popcorn all at the same time.
Talk about multi-tasking...hehe!

..Moyo said...

Lmao I take my laptop or a really interesting novel I'm reading to the toilet too. Ha and then when you've finished, you're stuck there like glue and people need the toilet oh, but you'd be doing one thing one thing there.

But the bathroom is a whole. Bath and room. The toilet is in the bathroom. The bath is the place you bath.
Haha, i just wanted to come back at you for that.

CerebrallyBusy said...

neefemi: i dont talk on the phone either,lmaooo glad i made u smile :)

leggy: people dont even make an issue out of my own thinness lol X

bloggorati: LOL!

moyo: i know right!!! looool i will get you for that comeback!

JuaNita said...

You asked for it..when I get to my el casa mansion(a.k.a my toilet)i sit..brace myself....and count the number of tiles in thought I was gona write sumin nasty.
The occasional day (toilet)dream happens too..tehehe

shorty said...

Lol,how on earth did you think of this post.

I daydream when i'm in the toilet i don't read or take laptop in there.

Lady X said...

I chat, watch movies on my laptop or listen to music. Or I take a novel and read it or take my phone and play a game on it. Mehn I take this poo poo business very seriously. Constipation made me cry once.

Myne Whitman said...

CB, only you sha, lol...I usually day dream or think. I don't usually stay for long. In and out, that's me.

CerebrallyBusy said...

Juanita: lol! you're not serious!

shorty: i have no idea ooo it just came lol

LadyX: lol constipation made u cry? gosh hehe

MW: only me ooo,wow ur own is even good sef

Mr.Funnyhoneymoney said...

lmao what do i do when im in the toilet i shit lol well i used to read novels,chat on my phone and browse the net but that was when i was at home but in school the toilet aint no place to get comfy;my ass has hardly touched the toilet bowl before im done no one wants to spend even an extra sec in that toilet

CerebrallyBusy said...

lmaoooooo sorry!

beautiful said...

i gist on the phone, read novels, toiletdream and sometimes write poems in my pinky ur post so hits home right now.

Tye said...

LMAO! We have pretty much the same toilet and eating habits....I still can't figure out how you managed to pull off talking about poo-pooing and eating in the same post without totally grossing me out! Kudos :)

NikkiSho said...

lol @ the pic
i take my powder or any makeup and i also take my ipod to the toilet

CerebrallyBusy said...

beautiful: lol pinky book??

Tye: Thanks! :)

NS: make-up?? wow that is new :)

Dekky said...

I could not stop laughing for me ...I read in the toilet this days.. but before then i used to take my phone to text or call I could even remember stealing my dad's phone those days to call in the toilet...Until one day i bought a new phone o....and 2hrs later it was in the toilet amidst the smelling feaces(Regreted it though,i cudnt tell my parents my new exp phone i spent all my pocket money replacing it).....Then i knew i had to change my plans of using the wc. my new Tactics is reading(Comics is more interesting then,believe me) and writing in the

CerebrallyBusy said...

lmaooooo your phone fell in the toilet??? omdaizzzz sorry lol

Anonymous said...

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CerebrallyBusy said...

*clears throat* assignment??