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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

bagppes from baghdad, the warning...obsession...hehe.

Hai blogville :)

eminem versus mc/nick cannon :))

Playing on youtube right now is the warning by eminem, and i'm luvn the song! Now, eminem and i have never...clicked, i mean i've always detested the guy since i was a kid :)it's not my fault i jus have an aversion to idiots :), and with him wanting to be black too :-/ like wth??...but even i have to admit he owned mc, lol serzli, have you listened to the lyrics...not that u can exactly hear errything he said(cuz he was frigging mad as hell even in the studio),buh the parts you do comment. she musta really pissed him off...''hell hath no fury like an eminem scorned'' hehe.

now, mc, mc, mc...i love that old woman lol but that song called 'obsessed'? its ridiculous to say the least, a diva like her could have done way better like wth? look how blessed she is :)

and with a voice too! How could she let an idiot like eminem get the best of her??

i wonder, now that eminem has warned her, will she back the hell off or will she fight back?? i especially like the part where he said "mariah it ever occur to you that i still have pictures?"
haha, anyway that aside...

about books and movie adaptations...i think it might be better to first watch the movie before u actually read the book...i used to love twilight...until i read the book. Now i'm just wondering how they could have messed such a good story up...oh it was ok i guess. still luv rob pattinson by the way :P


The countdown has just begun :( in exactly 26 days, i'l be waking up at 7am and looking at the insides of a classroom...and i'm not even almost remotely ready...but what can i do?? hmmn, second year medical student. has kwaite a nice ring to it, doesnt it?

yesterday, in the not-so-subtly boring confines of my room (roommate was out on an escapade lol), i imagined what this world would be like if it was men who walked down the aisle. its crazy i know, but what if they did?? and on their mother's arms too...boy, would it be funny!

''here comes the groom, here comes the groom''

ahh nature calls, and i must answer...sorry this blog is so...jagajaga, proper blog the mean time, enjoy my most recent best song (as of 3 seconds ago :D)

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Anonymous said...

omo cool down with the ten thousand dollar blessings naa...she got those jugz augmented oh...

as per their beef...I jus think its pointless to even nose I am huggin the sidelines on this one sha...