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Friday, July 31, 2009


nigeria, a promise land
africa is a large continent
we are marching on
to take our place
among all the nations of the world

lol, u prolly know that song if u went to staff school Akoka...buh then, how many pips did? *sigh* those were the days. Honestly, that world seems so far away now...and yet, so near. At least in those days there used to be light!! not frequent i know, but it was there. that seems so so so far away, but these days its so bad, that even though im not home, the comments-complaints travelled far and wide, across the seven oceans and seas to find me...its gotta be bad. i dont even know what to say, Nigeria is going downhill very fast, and there are no brakes to stop her.

What's all that shit going on in the north??? people killing each other anyhow...killing, yes people i said killing. How on this green earth can you take someone's life? how is it possible that you can just snuff the life outta someone?? To be so deranged?? and without a shred of guilt too, damn! bothers me, more than i care to admit, its highly unthinkable, unfathomable, how canyou have the gut, the effrontery??? what is this world turning into??? The front page of newspapers these days are filled with humans-dead humans like animals in the slaughter house...even animals are killed with more dignity! i would blame the reporters on being vultures feeding on bad news, but they are only just doing their jobs.
And the crime rate! it was recently brought to my notice that area boys of Lagos were rated no 10 on the list of the world's most notorious gangs. yep, i said world. we really need a change, and i don't think yar'adua can give it us, really the man should just step down.

''our president has fled
cos the country has gone red
oh, he's gonna be back
when the north has burned black''

everyone is going on strike, even our president is fleeing the country(personal strike i you ask me), there's poverty, poor health facilities, depressing state of infrastructure, education has gone downhill so fast that people are taking loans to send their wards abroad to study.

the united states has declared that by the year 2020, nigeria as a state will be in pieces. The federal government however has declared that by 2020, Nigeria will be one o the leading economies in the world. Two predictions, one nation, which is it gonna be?

we know what's wrong, we even have solutions to these myriad of problems, the question is, will we do what is right? will our pocket-driven, money-laden leaders do right by Nigeria? we can only hope and pray, people, for what else can we do?? hopefully, out of these selfish and self centered leaders will emerge a people-centered and service-oriented government...but everyone has to do their part.

on a much lighter note...the movie industries really crack me up. really, firstly as tired as i am of seeing the same faces of gennie, omotola, desmond and the rest of em, the new...what should i call them sef...maybe amateurs, are so zombie-ish they irritate me, kai! They'll just stand there and be talking without putting any action into it,its disgusting, plain disgusting i tell ya.
secondly, have you heard the adverts???!!! especially on AIT, one man with a heavy igbo accent will just come and say ''fight of blessing, fight of blessing'' then the effect(naija effects ehn! they can give you a heart attack)will be like thunder lolllll,
''come see as one man come take im brother wife! then come take im blessing, come kill am! fight of blessing, fight of blessing. the wife they seek revenge, e carry im pikin go obodo oyinbo, wetin go happen at the end?'' lollll
''this film na must watch o! na who day distrbute am?? film-land distributors, no 3 edidi lane, idumota Lagos, also available at no 15, toyin street,ikeja Lagos. fight of blessing, grab your copy, NOW'' LOOOLLLLL, hilarious i tell ya...those things used to irritate me when i was home,but now...they jus crack me up.

The music industry is not so bad sha, that guy called m.i...people that guy is somn else...and sasha is good too, buh some people. hmmn, some people. take eedris abdul-wetinsef for instance, whoever told that guy he was destined to be in the music industry must not have been his friend...aside from the fact that he has a horrible voice and has no entertaining skills whatsoever, the kind of songs he sings! ''nigeria jagajaga, everything scatter scatter'' i know he meant well, but honestly, nigeria jagajaga??!!! that song is boring mehn.

There's this other guy called gt the guitar man...nowpersonally, i feel that name is too long, but oh wth? the guy sings GEWD!(by the way, my friend looks exactly like him :D). but i have a tiny, itty bitty problem wiv one of his songs...''i don't wanna''.
if he doesnt want to say what's on his mind(which,in my opinion, he spent the whole song doing), then why is he telling us??
''its time to say what's on my mind again, but i don't wanna"
then shut the hell up
but besides that, the song is excellent...i've always liked cute boys ;)

just before i go, i'd like to say somn about koko mansion. you might have heard of it...its that pathetic attempt of a tv reality show by d'banj-full of girls!! he says he is trying to make nigeria a better place...but is he indirectly saying only girls can do that?!that and the girls too! from the razzest parts of know, in a way, i'm quite...what's the word??ahh...i wonder...ambivalent should do, i'm kwaite ambivalent about the a way, i like it because it cracks me up! h3h3h3, its mean, i know, but that girl called rita!, she just keeps my old muscles contracting n relaxing as i laugh!!! on the other hand, that show is just a waste of valuable tv time, and money...but since it's not mine, then who am i to talk?? i'l just keep laughing and laughing ;)

o-ok that's it for today i guess...cheers


5 CerebrallyEndowed views:

rayo said...

''our president has fled
cos the country has gone red
oh, he's gonna be back
when the north has burned black''

i just rili luuuurrrve these lyns. dang.
its crazy wats hapnin in dis country, i dnt understand it, its sad, its maddening nd plain unnecessary. all these killings. jst so painful...

SkinnyLegs said...

im totally with rayo

btw...I know a temilolu in ternopil who's 17 and went to staff school too
wat r d odds??lol

Anonymous said...

Lol mehn...blogville is becoming a smaller places by the day mehn!!! gggeeezzz

Mehn i cant lie I see all the bullshieet in naija but still I am a firm believer in this country and I know I will see and be a partaker of this country's getting better by the grace of God...

CerebrallyBusy said...

@rayo-the lyrics :)
naija-i know, right?

@skinnylegs(shall i call u that, or the name we both know?) haha lollll, guilty as sin! but btw, u dint know i was in ternopil!

@chari: amen amen i hope so too :-S

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.