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Monday, July 27, 2009

in the face of Boredom

yo, what's up blogsville, i'm back bigger bolder badder n b****er loll.
oh, and bored tew.

as in, this boredom is killin me softly lol.

ok, enough small talk.

i really really feel like blogging right now...

But i dont gat nuthn ta say :( ... and that's saying a lot coz mii is very...verbose.

so, maybe i should take my boredom out on fb...ya, great idea dontchu fink??

many folks on fb use that status thingy as a ploy to gain attention. Its pathetic really lol

''i don't know what i did, she just left me, i'm so sad''

like wth??? don't dudes have like, any shred of dignity left?? announcing to the world that ur gf left u! jeeeeez...although we babes aren't exactly blame-free tho'...but i'm not willing to open our ''yanshes'' out in public lol...oh wth.

''please tell me what to do o, he asked me to be his girlfriend *blush*''

lollll, i know i exaggerate sometimes, but this is real.
honestly, what the helll???

she's already blushing (a black person,i might add) on her status, and she wants fb, fb for cryin' out loud, to tell her if she should go out with tha guy??

let's admit it, she wanted people to know and comment lolll.

and the irritating thing is if u just make a comment, just one tiny little inconspicuous itty bitty comment, u start getting crazy notifications ehn!

is it just me that stuff drives crazy??

and don't even get me started on the quizzes!!!
honestly those things are quite...enigmatic; not to mention a total waste of time...oh don't get me wrong, i do take the quizzes...when i'm absolutely bored.
some quizzes really get me thinkin' i said, they are quite enigmatic. some are absolutely stupid...but some...some leave you wondering...

once i took a test that was supposed to analyze my closest friends...and analyze them it did. From the closest one to the...well, least closest, and it was so accurate it was eerie.
that was one of the few...eerily correct quizzes.

But some i tell you, are unbelievably stupid; like one ''what month were u born''
honestly have you tried that quiz??

one of the questions was... ''what month were you born?"!!! lolll, did they think we wouldn't notice or what??

Have you heard of the harvard guy who started fb?? mark something-or-other, i can't really remember, i tend to delete...irrelevant stuff from ma maind lol, anyway what really struck me was how young he is...and kwaite a handsome chap too.
kind of reminded me of those young kids of age 4 or 5 who can sing ehn! honestly very soon, newborns will be able to build complex softwares; and i won't be surprised.


have u ever come to a point in ur life when you suddenly begin to analyze erry single thing you do??...and then wonder if you could fastforward thru ur life to see what happens at the end??
yeah well...sometimes i wonder if i'm doing anything right at all...can u imagine i don't even know how to break an egg without spilling it lolll. Even when i study, my mind wanders so fast its annoying. its like i think of somn...then i suddenly remember ''temi, aren't you supposed to be studying?'' (i talk to me sometimes ;D) then i answer myself ''oh yeah, how did my mind even get here sef?'' then i remember ''that's right, i was thinkin about how...''
you know how one thought leads to another?? yeah, imagine urself retracing the thoughts, right back to the first i making any sense?? guess not. i bera stop, i confuse even maiself sometimes. :-S

The worst of all these...''wrongs'' is questioning myself about what i'm doing in a science class, in med school for that mara. I obviously love the arts, you know, music (there's no life without it, it even broke down the wall of jericho ;D),drawing, writing(i'm not much good at that tho), history too, i luv those dates u know??and damn, i love acting so much!
Time and again,i wonder what my skinny ass is doin in MED school, ehn TEMI, ki lo n she nibi??
ki lo wa de bi ni tori Olorun??? loolll
But i know i'l be a great doctor sha,its not like i don't like med, cos i love it...finding out names of different parts of the body, finding out how each and erry part of the body is important, and hw they work together to keep you alive...well except the vermiform appendix lolll...i don't mean it doesnt keep u alive i mean its not really important.
And saving lives. And being called Doctor. Aaaand the big bucks ;D
sometimes i wonder how my brain even keeps up wif me and my love for arts and science...but then, it is a...''multipurpose'' brain...and a great one too :P
i really should check out what's burning right now:-S...i wonder??


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Anonymous said...

we're buddies on fb...didnt even know u were a blogger too...

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!!!! hahahahaha! see the way ur bashing on fb oh!!! chei!

music broke down the walls of jericho? Last I heard it was bad breath oh...a whole nation strollin around a wall every morning...everyone with dragon breath...ahnahn the wall was gonna fall pretty soon joo

CerebrallyBusy said...

really? yeah i just joined a few days ago :D

lollll, bad breath!!, i haven't heard that theory yet o, but LMAO its funny!!!

Anonymous said...

ur welcome here then!

the bad breath theory is ma story and I am sticking to it thank you!